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RA1 - Squaresv1(2-8) - WIP


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Hello, i am new here and would like to share my first mp map.





Megamap 126x126


Snow (not sure if i should choose temperate)


My goal is to make a clean tournament style map like the popular P4 map.



-Up to 8 players without shared starting positions


-Water and a possibility for using transports and a navy.

-Ore dynamic, forcing players to keep map control.

-Clean, with the focus on gameplay


I created this map using the terrain editor included with the game. I have no experience with RA-ED but if i can improve my map with it i am willing to learn :)


A lot of people that submit c&c95 have a screenshot of the complete map. How do i create this for a ra1 map?


Thanks  :)




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it's kinda... unnatural looking though.


As for full screenshots, you're fresh out of luck there, that's just XCC Editor that allows saving a map you open as BMP file. Since XCC Editor is just a C&C1 map editor, that won't help you in any way for RA maps.

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