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What units/structures would you nerf/buff and why?

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The manual says the MLRS is an attack-only unit and acts as a long-range support for your armor as they sit behind and throw rockets at everything. 5 medium tanks + 2 MLRS can do more damage than 7 medium tanks, especially if the enemy has lots of infantry and it also helps against aircrafts. Same goes with light tanks + artilleries/MLRS (though I myself never use them, hadn't played for a long time). The problem is they are too easily destroyed and smart players will target them first and take them out quickly before they could contribute any damage, so if people had 5 tanks & 2 MLRS, it's easily down to only 5 tanks and they regret not buying 7 tanks instead.

I'm not asking for armor or speed increase for them since they are meant to be fragile and slow sitting ducks but with great firepower and range. Maybe a range increase (not too much, I want the SSML to remain superior in range) could give them more time to damage enemies and slightly put them at a safer spot when engaging. Maybe increasing damage too so even if they did get destroyed, at least they put a lot of damage to its attackers. After all, it's a late tech unit, I like it if people fear them like when they see a SCUD Launcher or Nuke Cannon in C&C Generals (except they shouldn't be able to destroy 9 tanks in 1 hit).

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Well. I am not a programmer.

And the reason for it going into circles is because there are no testing.

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