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What Version Do you have?


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Hello guys,

I am just wondering what version do you have? I receive many comments to my videos for the map which they seem not to have. I haven't downloaded or added anything extra to my game, just a clean installation so can someone enlighten me?

Thank you.






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But more realistically, going by CnCNet's updates over the years which is now up to version 4.07, the version numbers for RA2/YR should also be incremented by +4.07. Therefore the current official versions of each game should be:

RA2 v1.006 ==> RA2 v5.076

YR v1.O01 ==> YR v5.071

for multiplayer anyway. Someone should also fix the single player campaigns' bugs and unintentional short-cuts (and make speedrunners mad :P) so that the update is complete for both single and multiplayer.

I started this reply as a joke, but now I'm kinda serious :D. (I wanted to stop at the first line but my brain kept going)


*EDIT - Maybe version 4.07 actually started from the official version, 1.001, and continued on from it? if so then forget what I just said :D

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7 hours ago, ExcaliburTg said:


Thank you both. I see that I am at 1.001 so basically I am up to date, right?

I haven't played a single game online so is there anything else I need to do?

I think yes. you have to download CNCnet client. not sure what it exactly does. its either server you connect to or it tricks your PC to think other are connected to your lan. I forgot whre I got it from though lol. 


but when you download him, he will ask you where is your red alert 2 directory, just tell him where your game is and you are good to go.  



its at the top of this page (downloads up there)

Edit: do you want to play with me?

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