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CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog


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  • 3 weeks later...

Version 3.0.10 (Release notes below by @tomsons26)

  • Finally fixed the mode names, Meatgrind is now Meat Grinder,Navalwar Naval War.
  • Various fixes for the Game Modes.
  • Removed the Tech Level dropdown. Maybe Tech levels will make a return in the future but it requires a bit of work, as it stands this is completely broken.
  • Aligned the Ready checkboxes.
  • Added original checkbox tooltip for some descriptions. Tooltips will be added to the client in the future.
  • Changed the default to match the original game for
    • Starting Units to 0.
    • Multi Engineer to False.
    • Destroyable Bridges to True.
    • Game Speed default is now Faster.
    • Crates to True.
    • Build Off Ally to True.
  • Fixed No Spawn Previews.
  • Introduced the two missing game modes, Battle and Free For All.
    Battle replaces Standard. In Free For All you are not allowed to ally with anyone, right now the Team dropdown works but in the future it will be disabled.
  • Fixed Coop, renamed the Coop mission names.
    Sadly that's the best that can be done as the missions have no names in the game files.
  • Fixed game setting saving and reading.
  • Removed a lot of obsolete INI code.
  • Removed the main menu button sound.
  • Possible fix for font issues.
  • Added a profanity filter.

Note on Ingame Allying, i reverted the change and it stays on by default. After i sorted out and fixed the modes i could then see what is what and what should and shouldn't be. In the original game is on by default, its disabled only in Free For All and Team Alliance.

Note on the setting fix.

We were using the wrong ini to store settings, Settings.ini which DTA uses instead of RA2MD.ini, this is now fixed but due to the change the client will act as if it was ran for the first time.

By default the client currently runs in fullscreen, you can toggle this in the settings.

After updating click on Options, in the Display tab uncheck Fullscreen Client and select the Client Resolution above it, 1280x768 is the last resolution that doesn't get automatically scaled, all resolutions below that get scaled down automatically.


- First look at re-implementing Map rendering

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Version 3.0.40 - 3.0.42

  • Rampastring: Client no longer crashes when extracting a map thumbnail
  • Rampastring: "Search map" box is now also hidden for non-host players
  • Rampastring: Prevented crash if the client can't access the game error log files
  • Rampastring: Made loading of custom maps roughly twice as fast
  • New comers message will tell the person to configure their client options before playing
  • New update notification tweaked to trigger to everyone who is not in a game
  • Discord link added to CnCNet Lobby

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  • Rampastring, Tomsons26: - Support for lower resolutions - https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7018.0
  • Rampastring: - Bug fix for private messaging - https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7016.0
  • Rampastring: - Tunnel list no longer overlaps the maximum players dropdown in Create Game window
  • Rampastring: - Message input box is now automatically focused when the PM is opened.
  • Rampastring: - Potential fix for a crash in rare situations where the game host had sent a player options message that had 8 players on it despite the channel actually having only 7 players on it. Also improved game broadcasting code.

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  • Dkeeton, Tomsons26: Easter egg in-game. To remove - go to Client Options -> Game -> Remove easter egg
  • Rampastring: Game creation window is now re-centered on screen when Advanced Options is clicked
  • Added more debug info for Map rendering upon transfering

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  • 3 weeks later...


  • Rampastring: Automatically focus on chat input after joining a game
  • Rampastring: Fixed selected map switching to the default map for non-host players
  • Rampastring: Cursor improvements. Client performance improvements
  • Popular Team Alliance maps also added back to Battle mode


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  • 3 weeks later...


  • Tomsons26: Enabled LAN mode
  • Rampastring: Players no longer attempt to download official maps that they lack, and the selected game mode and map is now refreshed in the UI once a player hosts a new game.
  • FunkyFr3sh: Fix tunnel versioning in client

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Big thanks to Aro for the Map Updates!  :cncsmirk:

Client updates

- First pass at Red Alert 2 mode in game creation menu.

- Misc bug fixes

New map updates

- Alphabetized entire map list for easier menu navigation

- Fixed some bugs in map listings

- Corrected some typos in map descriptions

- Enabled the following game-mode only maps for use in Default Mode

----- [2] Alaskan Oil Spill

----- [3] Top of the Hill

----- [4] Depth Charge

----- [4] Double Trouble

----- [4] Death Valley Girl

----- [4] Austin TX

----- [4] Offense Defense

----- [4] Sea of Isolation

----- [4] Turf War

----- [5] Mount Rush More

- Added several new multiplayer maps

----- [2] Amazonas Delta

----- [2] Arden River

----- [2] Little Big Bay

----- [3] Frigid Triangle

----- [4] Bull Run

----- [4] Eventide

----- [4] Little Piece of Island

----- [4] Morningtide

----- [4] Yin-Yang

----- [6] Field and Stream

- Fixed spawn preview bugs on the following maps

----- [2] Alaskan Oil Spill

----- [2] River Rampage

----- [4] The Spirit of Mojo One

----- [6] Unrepentant

----- [6] Islands on the Land


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Many thanks to @Aro again for this map update.

  • Fixed location markers on several map previews
    Added fixed version of [4] Snow Valley that removes known movement bugs
    Added several new maps
    [2] Pirate Bay
    [2] Reconcile
    [2] Strobe
    [2] Thin Ice
    [4] Alaskan Outback
    [4] Caverns of Siberia
    [4] Coldest Peak
    [4] Divide and Conquer
    [4] Golden State Valley
    [4] Jungle of Vietnam
    [4] Lakeside Plateaus
    [4] Lowlands
    [4] North Waves
    [6] Magma
    [8] Clover
    [8] Hex Bay
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  • 3 weeks later...
This update is scheduled to be released on 07/05/2017 - Morning (BST)

  • Map updates from @Aro
  • Game update - blocking an opponents warfactory by repeated use of the alt key, will no longer prevent tanks from exiting the warfactory. The tanks will be allowed to exit the warfactory.  Credit for patch: @dkeeton
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  • Client improvements/fixes maintenance provided by Rampastring
  • RA2 Mode is forced on if you have created a game as "Red Alert 2" in the game creation popup.
  • New users installing should not encounter broken Single Player with existing installations. (Installer also updated).
  • Game update: recording statistics again.
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  • 3 weeks later...

  • Client improvements/fixes maintenance provided by Rampastring.
  • Missing maps (clover, mag, and hexbay) now added back to Multiplayer.
  • Custom maps show map preview from map if not yet rendered instead of a black screen.
  • Alpha Login for ladder testers.
  • Protocol change - this means you will not see peoples games on an earlier version than the version
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  • 2 weeks later...
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