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Problems with Mouse sensitive



Hiho... I'm new here.

I've got a problem with the speed, well, everytime I move  my mouse to an egde to scroll around, it happens way to fast.

In the options I putted it to the slowest speed... but it doesn't really change it...


I tried to fix it via using a higher resolution, but then those bugs with savegames and little maps...




Vista home Premium, 64bit

4 GB Ram,

ATI HD 5230 512mb,

Pentium  Dual-Core E5200 2x 2,50 GHz.

A Laser Mouse, dont know how much DPI it got...


If I forgot something, tell it.

I start the game always with Adminrights.

And I looked in the Conquer.ini for the scroll speed (I thought the game won't save it).


Currently using resolution: 640x480


Hope you can help^^





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Thanks, it helped me.


Edit 1: Well, i got a new problem.

I can't see anyone in the lobby (yes, i looked for the player numbers, an hour ago there was a dude so I joined^^)

I couldn't see him. I checked (both that guy and me were in) and i couldn't see him...


Edit 2:

Nvm, i can see them now...

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