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Why do people hate it so much? I can understand that Yuri's Genetics Mutator is a little broken, but Iron Curtain is extremely essential, Soviet player struggle to win against ally late game, they either have to rush early or turtle for super in case the rush fails. Every time I see a room like "TOE 20 min no rush" or big maps with the 30K credits head start I have no clue how this game is balance and why people love it so much. What did I miss?

*new to the forum, 1st post, pls don't kill me ?

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It boils down to different styles of play.

In ranked games, SW's have always been on or at the very least random as we all have recognized the need for SW's to be on for most situations (lengthy discussions on that all over the board). So, the good news is -- you are right in your logic here. 

However, in most 'fun for all games' SW's become an annoyance for players as it forces games to end quicker than many intend. Many players enjoy playing big team battles and don't want that ruined by a 5 minute iron curtain rush of 8 invincible tanks. Instead, they'd like to build an army of 30 elite battle fortresses and play a massive game. 

There's really nothing wrong with that, but your logic based balance thinking is correct -- most of the time the soviet players get the shaft in the long games. 

Most of the very best players I've seen on CNCNet still are playing their FFG's with SW's on as to avoid camping games, but to each their own. That's the beauty of being the Host. 

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In mirror matchups it's not so important if SW are on or not (except some maps). The problem are the different match ups.

Allied vs Yuri --> Without SW i guess yuri is in early games a lot stronger and in late game allied gets better and better

Allied vs Sovs --> Without SW i guess Sovs is much better in eraly/mid game (especially not so error-prone in handling) , but also highly behind in the late game.

SW brings more variety into this static basics. SW for Sovs gives them a chance against late allieds.
SW for SOVS gives them a chance against yuri except the very eraly game. In the mid-late game yuri is otherwise unbeatable without sw's for sovs.
In Allied vs Yuri, SW have not that impact as for the sov matchups. Its more an additional opportunity.

So why people hate SW? In my oppinion the answer is very easy: The most new or medium players like Allied more than Sovs. Because Allied have cool Prismas, Mirages, BFs and with their units AI's can be beaten a lot easier. Allied is strong in the late game, has strong defense, strong offense, strong range, strong splash and direct damage. But the problem on Allied is the handling, especially against human players. You have to deal with constant pressure in the beginning and also in the mid game. The only thing a SOV player has to do is building tanks tanks tanks and harass you permanently. Even for an experienced player its very hard to deal with this constant pressure of a SOV. Also yuri can pressure you at the beginning so much. This mean a lot of stress, a lot of defeats and NO fun for the player. So why should i give away my advantage as Allied in the late game, when i have to deal with this early disadvantage? The poeple like to play Allied and want to enjoy their advantage. Finally, Allied without SW is highly more prefered than Sovs and thats the simple reason for avoiding SW.

This circumstance changes with the experience and skill of players. But i guess, this is not part of the topic.

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