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Return of the Dawn .exe Hex Edits

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I was trying to figure out how to edit ts-spawn.exe to work with RotD for CnCNet (using a vanilla TS GAME.EXE), and besides the file name changes, icon changes, NoCD and a few edits that I found with LKO's executable modifier I had two differences left between the vanilla .exe and the RTD.exe, and was wondering if anyone knew if they had any important effects.

At 0x148 3A 4E 35 gets changed to 61 ED 34, but since it was close to the beginning of the file I don't think it changes any functions and probably has to do with the icon data. The second is at 0x874C where 75 07 BD 0A is changed to 75 0A BD 10. I haven't been able to find any other TS .exes that have this edit, which makes it confusing.

The .exe from RTD 2.8.5 and the edited GAME.exe are in the attached .7z. The file names haven't been changed yet in the GAME.exe, and the icon data was removed to make comparison simpler.


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