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I want to Support you on CnCBattle

Guest neogrant

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Hi everyone,


I'm interested in supporting you as I've just seen a tournament posted up. I can no doubt get more players to sign up for you if we can get clear instructions to sign up.


http://cncbattle.com/  If you check out the forums, under Mods/Standalone currently we have OPENRA, but I would like to support you guys as-well as them.  I'd need at least one of you *from cncnet staff*to sign up and become a moderator of the forum. From there you can post any news related to CnCNet as freely as you like.


Let me know,



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I guess I need to digg up a rule I haven't used in ages.


-Do not post in topics that are more than 2 weeks old. (updates to mods, maps or other projects are exempt from this rule)


Please read the forum rules. Though the enforcing of the rules have changed the basic framework stays the same, the rules will be updated soon.



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