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Non/slow depleting tiberium patches? Any hack possible?


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A tiberium tile where the tiberium has been hacked to last much longer b4 its depleted, that way the already small maps could use space more efficiently opening up lots more freedom in design, without turning it into a fast rush/ money map or overgrowth map  like with the infinite ore on ra1. Frankly anything any hack that would allow less space to be used for tiberium would be so awesome for map makers, esp when it comes to making 6 player maps .


Is there anyway to hack this in like the fast planes, advanced ai harvesters etc ?





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48 minutes ago, Ferret said:


Many years ago, I requested this from Nyer. Short answer is that it isn't possible at the moment, in terms of tiberium regrowth speed.

Hi Ferret awesome thanks bro :) hmm that sounds like he can do it and that it is possible just that he has more urgent things to attend to

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