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Just some fun bits of TS history and community from ages passed.


Found one of the older forums that we used when xwis was active, lots of entertaining and nostalgic reads there:



This was one of the earliest forums that European players used before xwis:




The others we used that I don't think are active anymore were:


(This was the primary forum after stefor shut down champ-site.)


(This was where we all migrated to after cncgamer shut down.)


(If I remember correctly, this was the site that hosted the WUU server, which was used during one of the earlier times that xwis crashed, but people stopped using it because it was rumored that a player by the name of Revolt was hacking people who used it. This was when I was like 12, so I can't remember if this was true or not.)


(I believe about half of the players began using tibfields while the other half of the community used gamerwarzone after cncgamer shut down.)


(One of the earliest created by stefor. It kept getting hacked and he eventually got tired of it and decided to shut it down.)


If any of the older players have any others that I'm missing, feel free to drop them in. I think dan3157 had some nuggets that he pulled from waybackmachine or something to find old pages.

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Nice post corps :) Though I haven't played for years, and haven't played seriously for even more years than that, I do still like to come on here and read topics from some of the older players. In fact, this has inspired me to start sorting through my collection of random screenshots, and even look up a few old sites on the internet achive! 

So to start with, I thought I'd show you all something from the long distant past, c.2003, back when I was on Firestorm (where all the good players were :p), and where TRZ wished he was as cool as me and Pinball and used to troll our forums a bit. This is a screenshot from ggaming.co.uk / freestyle-gaming:






OK, so next up we have something from Tibfields 2005. FS was on the way out at this point, and this was just as I was starting to move over to TS and real life started to take over for me. Check out Wuss (Reid):



Next up it's cncgamer, 2006. I've tried to pick screenshots that show a selection of old players. Here are exile, t1tanrush and Ste_J: 



Then we've got cncwarzone 2008:



Oh, and here's a good quality screenshot I actually took at the time of you giving me a compliment corps! :D



Followed by gamerwarzone 2008 (I still don't know why Petter [the site owner and webmaster] thought it was a good idea to make the from cncwarzone to gamerwarzone. Considering I was an admin there for many years, I barely had more than a handful of conversations with him...):



And then finally I've got an early screenshot of the cncevo project 2010. It was a good venture while it started, but lack of player uptake led to us not proceeding with it:








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^Yes, he's up there with sonjc ? 

If I get a chance I might write up some rough background info as a lot has happened over the years, and for one reason or another, I seem to have found myself at the heart of it. 

Here's my old profile page from gamerwarzone, with almost 5k posts(!)



If only I had that much free time nowadays...

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