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Import .mpr-Map in TS


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Hello all!

I downloaded one of the maps here and put the .mpr into my folder ".../TiberianSun/maps/custom". Also tried only /maps. I can choose it neither in skirmish nor in an online lobby. Map list just looks like always.

TS is from Origin with CNCnet TSpatch installed.


Need help!


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Until my content was approved, I figured it out by myself. ?‍♂️


For everyone with the same problem: Just put the map into ".../Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun/" and thats it. Don't touch the "/maps"-folder at all. Just put it into the main folder. I know it doesn't make sense, but it works! CNCnet Launcher will now recognize the map in its list and lets you choose it in skirmish or online lobby.


Have a good one and see you ingame!


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