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How can I play the campaign by myself?

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Hi. I downloaded the game(C&C95), I can play multiplayer but when I try to play single game it doesnt work. Is there a way to work around this issue?

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I downloaded the two files you kindly linked above, and the install went OK. I was able to run the config util with no problems. But when I try to run the game, I get a memory error with the address consisting of all zeroes. I am running Win10/64.

Is the problem because I have a 64-bit OS?

I bought C&C back in like 1994, when it was new, and loved it so much I bought a second copy for a friend so we could play. I have such fond memories of this game. I own C&C 3 and RA 3 on Steam, but they are too fast-paced and I just can't keep up. The campaigns are sadly unplayable for me after the first couple scenarios. Thanks for all your hard work on this project.

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