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Hi Everyone, so I know most of you don't even know that in the last decades, there have been dozens of MODS created and released, and played for years. There are really good ones out there. Also not sure if anyone ever done this, but I've created a pack of 5 mods into 1, all on a CnCnet platform. Please read the instructions after you downloaded it, for you have to create a (second) normal TS installation and drag files into the directory.

This pack includes the following mods:
-True Power
-Tiberium future: A dying world
-The 2nd War
-Crystallized Doom (older version)
and a small part of Dusk

Hope nobody gets mad for me doing this, cuz i'm just a fan and hate to see these great mods dead. I am not the creator of any of these mods and just provided this pack, for you to enjoy. There are a bunch of other mods that i love too, but i kept it minimal for now.

The biggest reason for me making this pack is because i noticed many people are trying to play the mod, but its all out dated on moddb, and at least there is a way now to just check them out a little bit, and even play online, just make sure you have a friend download the same files. And so far CnCnet is the only client that reads all the mods without any crash, because its so great! just read the instructions i provided in the pack, and peek a little.

Anyway, perhaps this might bring some ideas for yall client makers ( bittah, rampa, funky, etc. ) If not, i understand. :D


If you want a different provider, lemme know




tib future nod.gif

true power cabal.gif

true power forgotten.gif

true power scrin.gif

tib future cabal2.gif


dusk nod.gif

dusk gdi.gif

dusk creatures.gif


See other comments below for more gifs

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Used this comment to upload more gifs

Few more gifs below



On 3/25/2019 at 8:35 PM, c0rpsmakr said:

What makes these "official" mods? Just curious, and 3 extra factions with a decent amount of extra units, wow.

They're actually really good bro, i'd love to play online with any of them. Yeah they've been labeled as official ready for play on ppmsite. Its been years ago tho lol

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Used this comment to upload more gifs


Oh my bad, i mistaked "released"  for official. Who cares about a word? come on, download and play :D

I'll host a game for anyone that installed this... i'll be on this week alot to try it out!!

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because the word "official" means that it was released by/directly associated with the entities that have ownership of the franchise, which makes people actually want to try and play them, rather than some random people making what they think will be good alterations. it's a very important word.

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Good point lol. Yes these are definitly alterations. Its definitly worth trying them out tho. Its not like 1 person made this. To my understanding each mod had an entire team from ppmforum helping on the mod. And since ts has been patched and updated, its definitly a great time now to bring some of them back to the surface, theyre just totally worth it ?

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On 12/11/2019 at 11:10 AM, Agrathore said:

It would be wonderful if you could use the content here in maps for cncnet TS just like you can with expand11

yeah man, that would be really cool.  Too bad we need permission, but we might get cabal and forgotten faction

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