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Stack overflow error Windows 7 x86

Big Damo

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Just to confirm, you did download RA from http://redalert1.com/ right?


This is an issue I've never heard about, it works just fine for me.


Moved to the repair bay


Yeah, now it just doesn't do anything. The same files work on my two other Windows 7 PCs just fine, except one won't connect to the lobby in Lan even though Windows Firewall is off and all the PCs are through the same router (which has been port forwarded).




There we go.


Also Nyerguds, any idea on what happened to the RATC? ;)

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Ohhhh, the Tech Center. I though that with "TC" you were referring to some Total Conversion mod project :P


Well, long story short, the original reason it was shut down was because some hacker broke into the account and used it for spamming, which promptly made GameSpy (our host) take it offline for safety reasons. However, no matter how much PuMa asked about it, they never put it back up... which was pretty weird. you'd expect it to just be a password reset, but no. A few years later though, it all became moot, as the crisis hit, and GameSpy ended all their free hosting, shutting down the domain name permanently.


This site is pretty much the successor-in-spirit of the old C&C Techcenter, so yeah, didn't take me long to find my way here. Especially since it's focused more on C&C1 than on RA.


I still got PuMa on MSN, but like so many others, he moved on to other interests. A real pity, imo. I still got most of the mod projects from those days on my hard disk though, and the C&C2SW project has a brand-new home over at ppmsite:



My main focus these days is the project in my signature though; the 1.06 patch for C&C95.

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