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Tiberian dawn- computer AI getting distracted


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So I've been screwing around making missions and noticed if I attack a neutral structure, the computer's teams just move to the next waypoint and stop instead of proceeding to 'attack base.'  I've tried messing with the 'x key' and 'alt key' bits and nothing seems to keep them on task.  Also, if I have a transport chopper it seems the computers units want to attack that, regardless of it's position on the map.

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Ah, found it. It was one again Lin Kuei Ominae who gave some brilliant insight into this:




In my recent mission SandScorpio, there is a Patrol made by a Nod BGGY + BIKE.

When I set the parameter to "7", the patrol is unpredictable, or if preferred, undisciplined.

When I set to "20" it makes a perfect patrol regarding the waypoints, but doesn't engage when atttacked.


So I left it on "7".

Relying on foot or APC's tracks to cross the central part of the map became a dangerous enterprise within the mission.

I'm working in two other missions, and I'm always testing this parameter.

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I understand what you mean.

I've sticked with the "7" parameter set because the unpredictability behaviour of the path's patrol was more convenient.


This is the final PTRL teamtype:



I just didn't use "Area Guard" because I'm  in doubt if it really works for teamtypes.

But I didn't have time to test and research about it.

In one of Mr Kiltt mission's thread we brought up this issue. Since then, I'm not sure.

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