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Red Alert1 - M2 coop map for new/casual/pro players - 1-4players


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Since my last cooperation maps were for experienced players only I decided to create a cooperation map for everyone!

The cool thing about this map is that you start with your buddies at the same location, so you can build a base together and instantly help them if they get attacked  :)




Name: schmuudi's M2 coop [3.0] | 2,3,4,5 Player version


The map works best with 0 starting units





The map can be played by new/casual/experienced players, I suggest the following setups:


New Players:


3human players VS 1 Computer(AI) players

4human players VS 1-2 Computer(AI) players

5human players VS 2-3 Computer(AI) players


Casual Players:


2human players VS 2 Computer(AI) players

3human players VS 3 Computer(AI) players

4human players VS 4 Computer(AI) players


Experienced Players:


2human players VS 3-4 Computer(AI) players

3human players VS 4 Computer(AI) players




Always use the correct amount of human players, else the map won't work properly because all humans need to start on the same location for better cooperation


2 Player version can only be played with 2humans and 1-4 Computer(AI)

3 Player version can only be played with 3humans and 1-4 Computer(AI)

4 Player version can only be played with 4humans and 1-4 Computer(AI)

5 Player version can only be played with 5humans and 1-3 Computer(AI)




Here's a screenshot of the starting locations in the 4 player version:




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On 10/1/2011 at 8:16 PM, Nyerguds said:

I personally hate this kind of map... I mean, there's literally nothing on it ?


well, it's the only way to create a good working coop map for up to 4 players.


In standard maps you can easily beat 7 computers alone because they can't handle all the stuff on the map and they will get stuck and stop building/attacking.

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  • 2 years later...

This is my very favorite for playing vs the ai all the main problems with the ai not being smart are fixed on this map

There is no choke point with small opening for attack unlike other defense maps where players just block path ai get stuck tanks

Ai tanks don't get stuck also ai has been tricked into working as a team that i really like a lot 

Ai plays much like a tank rusher attacks ore trucks or base most often good rush attacks happen and timings of the attacks are not all the same making the ai play more fun 

I challange tanja beat This map here are the videos 


i have also beaten the map vs 2 hard ai same pro settings but blind without specs had 0 help sadly i didn't video it got a few wins but its rare i win 

Anyways tanja gameplay was very high level and just as impressive my advice too tanja was too tank as tanja very good at muti tasking and has good q 

I know how good tanja was from the games replayed tanja was maybe the best player of 2020 in the world 

it's very hard to win often lose so a few trys too win is needed 

unlike other defense maps this map great for practice too each game is different ai don't aways rush same place or at same time 

learning too tank rush the ai is hard then defend the tank rush the ai does back is need react fast have and have quick thinking at all times 

q blocking and q-ing the ai tanks slow them down for defense too hold has a high skill ceiling 

anyways for any normal players / pros might be best play with team vs team of ai number too your own level 

Thanks for the maps  FunkyFr3sh

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