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correct me if im wrong, but doesnt  destroying the enemies construction yard and war factory pretty much guarantee you a win?

I mean using bombers, ion cannon, cluster missile, hunter seeker pretty much guarantees killing one of these buildings.  or even just using a subterranean apc packed with engineers.

i love tiberian sun but max tech level or allowing AI to use said units/superweapons ruins the game for me.

And as for online play or against a friend etc, it kinda makes other units/ strategies redundant if i know the best way to win is simply destroying Construction yard. (which i can accomplish without even bothering to kill the enemies units/ or assaulting their base)  

i havnt played tib sun for years and i was never a pro or even close, so any advice, suggestions would be welcome.

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the above game was hard to watch. why risk 1 shot missle over and over and not have a ban or 2 to finish the job. also at the end could have easily charged bans to kill tits, sell sams that were not needed at all....dunno y stealth tanks and obelisks were even made at all. -_- . and bad defense at the end. should have def sold all sams, obelisk for cash and pump stuff, use bans on titans even sell cy if necessary to make d. 


how not to play nod in that video

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TRZ, number one- this video was clearly just an example of what i stated. when were you asked for your two cents on how you would have played vs a good bl gdi in long game, especially when i'm not the one to be needing tips, much less from you.

you have to try and twist and talk negatively about whatever you can and it's rather old, so how about chime in on what the original poster actually asked or don't spiral this thread into another one of your toxic vortexes.

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Yea mate that's pretty much correct if you know what your doing. 


It can go wrong if you don't have the experience or make some mistakes bad decisions in what you do after you have gone for the K.O. 

generally a big disadvantage for them losing these main buildings and you should be able to capitalise. 

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