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i made a mod map over the last week for multiplay, and its convoluted. the players each start with an mcv, spysat, radar, and one use of a chronosphere to pick a starting point; after a timer the map then shrouds and the game starts. heres the catch. the mcv's deploy into barracks and the map is littered with tech buildings and player buildings. 

 - no base building
 - no ore
 - up to six players
 - over 80 randomly generated buildings to capture for a base
 - heavily detailed with hundreds of more randomly generated objects

a few extra tech buildings to capture:
- capturing the tech einstiens lab lets players build tesla coils and pillboxes. (the only buildable structures on the map)
- capturing the tech time machine gives force shield 
- capturing tech civ radars just gives radar at no power cost

if one were to render the map it would look barren, but its thickly detailed with endless combinations of buildings across almost 300 waypoints and 50-ish triggers
heres the map preview i used to dev the thing, bear in mind the players start on the edges of the map (atop the water) with just their mcvs
posted image
i usually just make campaign maps but i thought this could be a fun idea. i know people here dont leave a lot of feedback, but since its an experimental concept and all, id appreciate peoples thoughts on it. especially if theres any balancing adjustments to be made.

McP RandomestMap.map

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