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  1. LOL! i just have to say: nobody of EA will frickin' that.. it is a died-out game.. and we hope we can reborn it again EA hasnt put SS into TFD for example, cuz "nobody" played it in 1998 - 2008... well and EA thinks SS was/is a flop ... so i dont care to share these links hf anyway!
  2. EDIT2: WARNING SOLE SURVIVOR IS INFECTED WITH A STRONG VIRUS !! DONT DOWNLOAD SS VIA RAPIDSHARE ANYMORE !! DOWNLOAD A CLEAN VERSION FROM: http://n3trunn3r.red-alert.net/solesurvivor/ greetings guys! nice to know that C&C: SS will reborn ^^ ... After 10 long years ... im going to provide u with some download links to get sole survivor !! CNC Sole Survivor Lives Again! << click me! or just read this here down below: Dear CNC Community, dear XCC Admins, i found Sole Survivor on the net... Very rare, because u cannot get this game anymore... here r the download links to C&C: SoleSurvivor CNC:SS v1.0 to 1.05 Patch is included! it is an ISO file after extracting.. if u have got NERO Burnin ROM, double click on this ISO file and it will burn perfectly CNC: SS I burned and tested it -> it works! I searched very long for this game and i found it, DAMN IM GOOD... Very Happy 1 thing is missin bad... no online support, neither on WCHAT nor on GameSpy/Kali... and so on... :_( can u help me to play this "died-out" game via online/LAN ? U can just play the "Practise Offline" mode.. it's quiet fun. CNC: Sole Survivor will reborn ^^ Anyway, hf & cya again. Best regards N3tRunn3r EDIT: set the compatibility mode to win95 for XP - win98/me for VISTA hf
  3. great news, indeed! and i wait in suspense for the Sole Survivor server BEST REGARDS N3tRunn3r
  4. TD: Commando, Mammoth Tank, AGT Commando, Stealth Tank, Obli SS: Reacon Bike RA: Tanya, MedTank, CY, Gap Gen/Chrono Tanya, HeavyTnk, CY, NukeSilo TS: Stalker, Disruptor, Ion Cannon CyCommando, Arty, Stealth Gen RA2: Tanya, Chrono, Weather Gen Nuke well, ra2 really sucks! Renegade: Havok, Mammy, Orca, Ion Cannon Beam Beacon <<< muahahaha (nice animation) Havok's ex-gf ^^ (Sakura), Stealth Tank, Apache, Nuke Beacon <<< hehehe RA: APB (mod) <<< BEST GAME EVER!!!!! TANYA/Sniper/Engy, errrm... ARTY/Nuke Truck, DESTROYER, HELI, Nuke Beacon VOLKOV/Sniper/Engy, MAMMY/Nuke Truck, MISSILE SUB, HELI, Nuke Beacon ..whats next?? aah yes... Generals: Laser General__ Laser Tanks, Anti-Rocket Tank, Laser Tower (damn u need lots of power), Money Depot, Ion Cannon Stealth General/ ..... Scud Storm (fully upgraded) Nuke General .... Nuke Warhead (fully upgraded) ..after Generals, TW right?! C&C3: MARKED OF KANE__ EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY THE F***ING GREAT TEMPLE OF NOD GDI__ good, Ion Cannon scrin__ havent played them yet " I LIVE FOR KANE - AND I DIE FOR KANE " - [i:2mwbjgzx]Anton Slavik[/i:2mwbjgzx] " I TERMINATE THE BITCH " - [i:2mwbjgzx]Oxanna Kristos[/i:2mwbjgzx] <<< damn, i love her RA3: Frank Klepacki is back !!! (sorry modders, great job but simply like RA2) i wish for the great modders of RA: APB... BEST REGARDS !!! KEEP GOING !!! great textures are comin soon
  5. i tried everything to mod the nuke with the flash like in the single player missions for the multiuplayer games... but no result! well... u can set a higher damage for the nuke to get a full filled atomic range. but to get a bigger range for the nuke, hummm, dont know. u know, the normal nuke doesnt fill out the whole range with damages. the middle point is filled, the 2nd ring not... the rest is filled as well.
  6. [u:1rywbr6m]Well... my favourite game goes to EA!!!![/size:1rywbr6m][/u:1rywbr6m] [u:1rywbr6m]Red Alert Online[/u:1rywbr6m] Welcome to the Second Cold War. Russia is in shambles. Stalin is dead and buried. The people of former Russia are split, looking for a new Premier. All the while, civil war is breaking out between the Soviet bloc nations, and the Allies look to deliver the final blow from their newfound seat of power in Moscow. Tensions are rising as the Soviets give their final defense against the incurring Allied forces. Choose a class, customize your equipment and help your compatriots dominate the globe in this Massively-Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter of epic proportions. There's only one question: Whose side are you on? * Players can pledge allegiance to ten different Allied nations and ten different Soviet bloc territories, including Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Siberia, and Korea; each has its own racial bonuses. * Over 10 basic character classes to select from, but crosstraining is possible and there are "veteran" classes, providing many potential skill paths for your unique military career. * Players can either directly travel to adjacent territory, or queue up for paradrop farther behind enemy lines or closer to the rear * That's right, you can build permanent defenses and bases! Compared to the RTS though, this is a slow process, and buildings are very vulnerable while under construction. [ed. construct a forward command post, then go from there] * This is a heavily team-oriented game on a large scale; your country's success depends on you! Form an organized battallion [ed. player guild] or team up with another to form a brigade [ed. alliance]. * Earn medals and awards [ed. Just like APB] for access to upgraded equipment and munitions suited to your play style. [u:1rywbr6m]Red Dawn[/u:1rywbr6m] The war isn't quite over yet, comrade. The Reds are retreating, unified in defeat, but the Soviet bloc still has a few tricks up its sleeve, and this time, they're not alone. Time to get back in the action again, soldier! * New Allied and Soviet nations to play as, including Japan, Korea, and Egypt! * Now less walking! More classic vehicles from the Red alert timeline, including extended air forces * Practice with your friends on the all-new Skirmish server! [ed. think private server, but legit] * Mount your enemies' heads on your wall with our whole new Dogtag-camâ„¢! Take your picture and carry it with you throughout the war! * More regions to wage war in, including Africa, East Asia, and even some special areas! Can you say, "Comrade Cosmonaut"? * Improved squad system keeps the ranks in check, adding even more tactical possibilities to the ongoing battles. * New unlockable weapons and ranks![/color:1rywbr6m] my dreams come true!!! u will be able to build structures like in battlezone... OMG 1st i wanted to mod it but EA will do it, hehehe! READ MORE HERE: A PATH BEYOND FORUM
  7. well, i think the servers are online again...
  8. Today i want to try out a multiplayer game for C&C95 via the kali network. I am already hosting a channel in kali under game lobbies. 6 player game, map will be selected in the LAN lobby of C&C95. Yesterday i played 2 games via hamachi. The 1st game (1on1) with RA168UK and the 2nd game (1on1) with Killa57. Well... This game with RA168UK was very fast cuz he lives in Europe like me. This game with Killa57 very slow cuz he lives in the USA. I hope i am allowed to say this ... What i want to say is: Creating networks over the world via hamachi can slowdown a game cuz hamachi creates a LAN connection between PCs which are connected in an especially hamachi channel! Kali just does the same, but i/you know that kali is going faster if u play games over a network across the world. Greetings to all Kali: Red Alert gamers! I try to get some informations about kali, why it is faster than hamachi... or u can try to tell it to me. What do u prefer? Kali or Hamachi?! Hamachi is easy to use, no account needed to login to hamachi Kali: u need an email address to get an account to join kali... >>> UPDATE: We didnt get C&C95 run with kali... maybe tomorrow - lately on next weekend >>> UPDATE AFTER UPDATE: Seems Kali doesnt run C&C95, [u:2cayuqxy]neither[/u:2cayuqxy] with the 1.05a patch or the ccoptions.exe (with and without 6 player lan patch) [u:2cayuqxy]nor[/u:2cayuqxy] with the normally standard 1.04a version.... play a fast 1on1 game with WWCHAT or a multiplayer game via hamachi !!! can be slowly or pretty fast with hamachi... it depends to the connection to each player in the VPN hamachi channel. btw: im hoping that AWOS can support a multiplayer game (up to 6 players) in WWCHAT in future.
  9. msn was stable for 2 hours, logged in to hamachi to play C&C95 finally and was kicked out again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. many years ago i disabled all the bib in red alert, too... i want to tell u that the AI in the skirmish mode place/build structures in middle of the refinery, so the harvs cannot unload the ore and gems, if the bib is disabled for the refinery... well... good to know for all humans, but the AI is there stupid... humans will know that u can place/build structures in middle of the refinery, so they dont build any structures in middle of the ref... but the AI does... so be careful if u play this mod in skirmish, u will win easily cuz the ai will not get ore/gems... or enable the bib again for the refinery... bye
  11. 25 mins ago i was kicked out of MSN!!! WTF!!! cannot login ... what to do? waiting till the severs are online again? WTH!!! im really angry rite now!!!
  12. Map made by N3tRunn3r Up to 16 Player This map is my 3rd-ever-map-made-with-mapster!!! Damn! Im loving it! Hint: Platinum includes 5 secrets and a lot of armory. COME GET SOME! [ looks like only 1 room --- but there are 4 wings ] btw: lol, someone thinks this map is a retail map... so u can see how the dukesters are ****
  13. N3tRunn3r


    ========================================================================== veeeeery sexy this girlie... damn i like her... great body, great suit and a weapon... that is what i want on a girl !!! ========================================================================== got it
  14. so what to do? should i create a new minira? if yes, should the counterstrike and aftermath missions (.mix files) be included as well?
  15. nice to hear killa so what msn account would u like to prefer?
  16. hmmm, they describe to download and install westwood chat 4.221... [i:238wsauw]To Sign up and participate: 1) Click Yes on the poll 2) Go to: http://www.myleague.com/ra1/ and join the league for free. 3) Go to: http://cgi6.igl.net/tourney/ra1/5744011/ and join the tournament for free. 4) Visit this posting 3 days before to make sure the tournament is a go ahead. 5) Download Westwood Chat from: http://xwis.net/downloads/Westwood_Chat-4.221.exe 6) Show up in the Red Alert lobby by 3 pm EST on March[/i:238wsauw] ...so u have to play red alert with the 1.08 version via westwood chat, not with the 3.03 version with the integrated internet menu of ra... is that right? and i think that u need a ra cd or dvd (TFD) to play it, especially for those ones who dont have a no-cd-crack (fix) for 1.08 or 2.00, maybe also for 1.04 or 1.07... well forget about the cd/dvd for ra... [u:238wsauw]in fact:[/u:238wsauw] if they want to play red alert (v1.08/v2.00) via westwood chat not with the red alert (v3.03) internet menu, should i create a new minira/fullra with the 1.08 version (maybe v2.00) <well, these versions what u need on westwood chat> so u can just play without cd/dvd and via westwood chat? because the most online/lan players play red alert with the 3.03 version, only 5 <max. 10 people> play red alert with the 1.08 version with westwood chat !!! did u see my display case? i got red alert 1.08, so it will be not a problem to create a minira/fullra with the 1.08 version... ...especially for that tournament! minira (v1.08/v2.00) ~10mb fullra (v1.08/v2.00) ~ 150mb [i:238wsauw]...requesting orders... ...requesting informations... ...update complete![/i:238wsauw]
  17. I hope u like it :D Many many thx!!! btw: i spent 2 days to create them hehehe, my fonts are now added to DaFont.com!!! 8) Visit now!!! http://www.dafont.com/bitmap.php
  18. looooooooooooool, killaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (it happens sometimes) i added you, waiting to be accepted
  19. Maybe a new bug found: if i am logged in to the forums, click near the bottom of the main page of the forums "DELETE ALL BOARD COOKIES", i will be automatically logged off from the forums. Rejoining the forums, am not logged in. Now the bug. My name stands online in the WHOS ONLINE SECTION. and an other issue: it stands at the barracks forum that tore has last posted on it! the "AWOS Status?" topic has been moved. and sys has posted at last there... stands right in the AWOS Support section but not in the barracks, where this post has been posted at first.
  20. great job j4m3sb0nd! nice colors as well.
  21. The games themselves (C&C95, Red Alert, TibSun...) are accessing the files with names which are in the MIX files included. So try to create a new MIX file with your "MIX Editor" (copy an existing MIX file, open it with MIX Editor and delete all included files! Rename/Save it to TEMPERAT or SNOW.mix, maybe better to rename it to SC-001.mix!!! There u have a new MIX file ). Open with XCC Mixer the DESERT.MIX from C&C95 and the TEMPERAT.MIX or SNOW.MIX from Red Alert! Notice all names (!!!) either from the TEMPERAT.mix or SNOW.mix! Make comparisons with the DESERT and TEMPERAT/SNOW.mix, which names are the same in the DESERT and TEMPERAT/SNOW.mix and which names have to be renamed... u understand... Extract all files from the DESERT.mix into a new folder. Rename all the files, as the files exist in the TEMPERAT/SNOW.mix from Red Alert. Make comparisons with C&C95 and RA via XCC Mixer!!! It takes a while... After renaming them all, put the new renamed files into your new MIX file with the MIX Editor. EXAMPLE: C&C95 - DESERT.mix - includes clear1.des extract it to a new folder >>>>> rename it to clear1.tem, as shown in Red Alert's TEMPARAT.mix or into clear1.sno as shown in SNOW.mix of Red Alert. Put the modified file into the SC-001.mix. I hope this small guide helps u.
  22. There are many chat commands for Red Alert. But they only work in the 3.03 version and only in the Internet lobby of Red Alert. At 1st i gonna show u the commands At 2nd how to enter them At 3rd a pic for better understanding And here we go: groans, groaning, dies, dying, groan, died, whines, whining, bitching, whine, shoots, shooting, shoot, shot, explodes, exploding, explode, exploded, boom, nukes, aye, ok, yes, yeah, incredible, adam, Adam, coming, on my way, moving out, water, charging, powering, zap, zaps, torpedo, torpedoes, appears, surfaces, emerges, bark, barks, growl, growls, chronoshift, disappears, crumble, crumbles, collapse, collapses, sell, sells, cash, money, heal, heals, missile ...you see, there are 57 commands and in my opinion these commands "replace" smileys in the Internet lobby of Red Alert... hope u understand... well, lets go to the 2nd step: how to enter them. i just give u an example with 1 command. The other commands are similar to be entered in the INET lobby: it is important to add "2 less" and "2 greater" symbols before and after the command. Looks like this: <<bark>> After typing a command click the "Action" button at the right corner on the bottom of the Chat Menu. Click with your mouse the Action button and your command is sent.... And now a picture to better understand this all:
  23. I was drunk when I made that post. hahaha, ur funny aro If i am getting drunk, i do play my favourite games online. But this happens sometimes...
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