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  1. Electronic Arts announced yesterday it would be eliminating 1,500 jobs, cutting a dozen in-development games and closing "several facilities." According to multiple sources, those cutbacks include studios like Pandemic, Maxis and nearly the entire Command & Conquer team. Sources tell Kotaku that the team working on Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was warned of its fate today, with almost the entire team expected to be let go after the real-time strategy game ships some time in 2010. Also said to be affected heavily are Spore and former-Sims studio EA Maxis, social network gaming acquisition Rupture Studios, and Mercenaries and The Saboteur creators Pandemic Studios LA. Those development studios are said to be hit with substantial layoffs, according to a source, with remaining employees relocated to EA headquarters in Los Angeles and Redwood Shores. EA is rumored to have already laid off staff at Tiburon, Mythic Entertainment and Black Box, reports which the company has yet to confirm.
  2. N3tRunn3r


    http://redalert.cncxs.com/guides/howto catch it here
  3. lol bullet i guess you misunderstood a few things... this topic explains everything. at least as i explained thruogh msn as well. this topic is closed.
  4. @godly-cheese you will see screenshots of the winner's map. or just go here! we still need Revo's results. hes gone to his holidays, he will be back soon. @ Irony yeah.. i ever wanted to create a guide or tutorial for C&C editors too, etc. but it is much work tho.
  5. Our 1st C&C1 Multiplayer Map Competition ends. We had 4 maps to rate: SCM14EA, by Unknown? SCM47EA, by Crimsonum SCM66EA, by pichorra SCM67EA, by ronco The judges were: - Revolutionary - N3tRunn3r Our rating system was: [-D] 25 for detail [-P] 20 for playability [-L] 20 for Layout [-B] 15 for Bonus Here are my results: All we need are the results of Revolutionary, calculate the points together and mention out the winner of this 1st Mapping Competition.
  6. *cough* EA + C&C = :ranting: *cough* but im going to buy C&C4 of course !! havent buoght RA3 yet, and i am going to buy it when its prize is about $2 !!
  7. Alrighty... I am really happy to mention this out: My CSS Server has been opened for the public today. It is a [Dust2/Office|FF-on|AWP-off|Tick-100] -Server. It took a bit of time to configure this CSS Server but it is stable and really fast. I am getting a ping of ~60, so a friend does. It is just awesome! Servers IP: .. if you are interested to play some CSS. In future i am searching for moderators for this CSS Server. This Server has just been opened so it can take a bit of time until it is active. Here a screeenshot before i opened it to the public and how it looks like now!
  8. Over the weekend we were upgrading the machine which was housing the CnCNet server, which went along well. Unfortunately; the same evening: it fell victim to a botnet (undetected by virus scanner) and thus infected the rest of the network it was connected to. I have spent most of the weekend and today repairing the network. Due to the exploits craftyness I am forced to move the server side development and hosting to a linux based platform. A ported version of the cncNetServer program will be under work for the next few days to replace the old system. The client will not require any changes/etc, so just sit tight for now. Thanks again and apologies for the downtime. Written by: CnCNet Admin - Goto Main Thread _
  9. correctly nyerguds! if you guys want to play C&C1 thruogh Westwood Chat there will be only 2 players at max. also for any other games except Sole Survivor (which should be resurrected soon...).
  10. Westwood Chat = 2 players only i disagree.
  11. nice, i see Europe. but where are the player spawns?
  12. hehe, this is a nice idea. but you can perform it: instead that your spawned MCVs are getting destroyed by Guard Towers, let them be killed by Turrets or anything else with a less annoying sound.
  13. i recommend to DONT use C&C1 and/or RA1 out of the TFD !! <<< Over and Out >>>
  14. nice, i already asked myself when this nice "fixed" proggy will be hosted here! good job nyer, as usually.
  15. i guess, RED-ALERT.net will not return.
  16. Hello Cuteflower. You have exactly started to collect C&C related stuff as i did in my past as a C&C collector. Especially C&C1 and RA1 realted stuff. Doesnt it rock? i created a Red Alert 1 Font, updated it 2 times. this font package includes an exactly font of the LAN Lobby and an exactly font of the Internet Lobby (tool tip/sidebar instrcutions etc). My font is already worldwide in use i have got many emails of users who want to get my consent to may use my fonts for their own big projects. Well the simpliest thing is to Google for it: red alert font DaFont.com it was on rank 1 once and dafont is the officially download section of my font. i did not upload it anywhere else. click on this DaFont link. Link 1 Link 2 well, at least there are many links to my fonts i have already seen. everyone wants them. but notice: i uploaded an older version of my fonts last year. the actually version hasnt been uploaded yet. im going to provide you with my latest version of the C&C Red Alert 1 font right now! get it thruogh this attachment. i host it as a rar-archive and as a zip-archive. please read included README's inside those files. here we go: to install those fonts into your system just open your FONTS-Directory in Windows and drag and drop them all into this fonts-directory. have fun. btw: i wanted to start my C&C1 fonts project but i still have no time for this. oh well, but the times have changed already. i think i am going to start the C&C1 fonts project soon, because i want them as well. Now download the Fonts below or click this link! CC_Red_Alert_Fonts.rar CC_Red_Alert_Fonts.zip
  17. oh wow, this actually screenshot/map is kinda perfect. *cough* trees *cough* rocks *cough*
  18. at 1st, call me just N3 or N3t at 2nd, those screenshots can be made thruogh the XCC Editor. (the better Editor for C&C1)
  19. N3tRunn3r

    wtf, a cheater?

    Red Alert 1: ; sandbag wall [sBAG] Strength=1 Armor=none TechLevel=2 Sight=0 Owner=allies Cost=25 Points=1 Repairable=false Adjacent=1 (BaseNormal=no) <- regulary! ; ship yard [sYRD] Prerequisite=powr Strength=1000 Armor=light TechLevel=3 Sight=4 Owner=allies Cost=650 Points=80 Power=-30 Adjacent=8 WaterBound=yes Capturable=true BaseNormal=no Command & Conquer 1: Sandbags have -> BaseNormal=yes, so concrete walls and any other "walls" or "wires"!! i dont know exactly the code. so it is not cheating if you "expand" your base thruogh sandbags, barb wires or concrete walls. it is just lame if you "rush" to your enemy's base thruogh sandbags, build up an obelisk for example and really harass your opponent.. this sux, eliminates fun in gameplay!!! It was more cheating into: end-C&C1-process-thruogh-task-manager-to-stop-current-online-gameplay-to-win-but-you-dont! THIS IS REALLY: FUCK OFF YOU DAMN BASTERD!! YOU FOOL!!! YOU BRAGGER!!! YOU - I DONT WANT TO LOSE BUT YOU DO-SUCKER!!! YOU - I AM AN EA GAMER - CHEATER - SUCKER!!! YOU - I AM BETTER THAN THE BIG NYERGUDS (-BUT I FAILED, I N00B-PLAYER) !!! ..god damn it, i hate those players, really! you can expand your base with sandbags to the near Tiberium Fields, to build up there a refinery or two and a secondary base, if you have got money. but harassing your opponent still stinks to hell. you can do that in red alert 1. instead of building sandbags you build up power plants and spam tesla coils. this sux too but is normal gameplay for the red alert 1 pro gamers, i was one of them. C&C1 is really different to Red Alert 1, you have just to notice. did i forget anything to announce?! ah yes: FUCK OFF ALL CHEATERS AROUND THE WORLD!!! have a nice day you poor crappy whatever.
  20. CnCNet Online Gameplay 2009-05-29 (1 of 3) CnCNet Online Gameplay 2009-05-29 (2 of 3) CnCNet Online Gameplay 2009-05-29 (3 of 3) Thx for testing these Crate maps Deadthank! As you all know, those are the very 1st Crate maps which had been ever played and maybe created in and for C&C1, so thruogh the CnCNet Client Online! They rock. Was my very 1st online game on Crate maps as well, in C&C1. To read how those crate maps are being played & to get those maps, so please check this link!
  21. did you start to map in temperate mode then changed into winter? or anything like this processing?
  22. uh nice, but why should we add the conquer.mix file into XCC's directory? files are missing? if yes, maybe thats why i see some pink-only tiles in the Editor.
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