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  1. the 1.05 patch for C&C95 is inofficial and i made the FullC&C95 with the official 1.04a patch, i think it is the latest official patch out there. 1.04a is XP compatible as well The games will be incompatible, if someone has the 1.04a patch and an other one the 1.05 patch, just for an example. The most players use 1.04a, also in future. The HRP (high resolution patch) added! Go back to 1st post: http://www.cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=113 You will find it at the bottom of the 1st post
  2. oh, this should be updated in the next update for phpBB3, i guess.
  3. Well, i think i found a bug, lol. when u sent a post u will be automatically referred to your post when u change/update your profile u will be automatically referred back to your user control panel if u change/update your signature under your user control panel it is standing at the referrer bug?
  4. N3tRunn3r

    Router problems?

    I gonna tell u what ports have to be opened if u have got a router and if u r wireless as well. Open UDP & TCP C&C Tiberian Dawn & The Covert Operations: 3840, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995, 5009 C&C Red Alert & Counterstrike & The Aftermath: 3840, 4000, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995, 5009, 5400 1234 - 1237 C&C Tiberian Sun & Firestorm: 3840, 4000, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995, 5400 C&C Renegade: 3840, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995 C&C Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge: 3840, 4005, 4808, 4810, 4995 C&C Generals & Zero Hour: 80, 4321, 6667, 27900, 28910, 29900, 29920 C&C3 Tiberium Wars: 13139, 27900, 28910, 65000 C&C3 Kane's Wrath coming soon .... If u dont know how to access to your router and how to open ports CLICK HERE! After reaching the routers section, select your router, then your game! Informations are next...
  5. yeah, indeed! Interior is really a great theater, but an interior map needs a lot of work to create... so i gonna try to create more of them ..be updated
  6. it is also interesting me... (.. i was just a lil bit kidding .. ) (.. but he wrote, only for a month ..) i nvm, >forgot it btw: if i had offended you viking, i excuse
  7. okay, great to know aro i gonna do this soon and thank you again, especially for "You know the spotlight limits." announcement.
  8. fraps: thats exactly what i use ... and i gonna post screenies soon of a nice base which ive made ... and, soon, some movie uploads to youtube of some ingames, of course
  9. U didnt get it, right? viking? ..if u write this.... u can now download C&C95 on everywhere on the WWW!!! it is FREEware ..... u werent be at the official website of EA with that announcement, if u write this. [u:]Here is the originally announcement of the C&C Team of EA:[/u] We were excited to giveaway the original Command & Conquer to all C&C fans around the world during this celebration. We will no longer be hosting the files here on our official site but if you wish to download it, we strongly encourage you visit any of our fans sites in the links section on our official site here, or such as sites as FILEPLANET.com, to obtain the files. We look forward to the 13th anniversary of Command & Conquer, thank you for your undying support! The Command & Conquer Team And a screenshot, if u want: im sry.. if u think so - u got a wrong information or am i wrong ? ___________________________________________________ >> to the admins: im sry, i worked with 2 tabs in firefox, thats why i double-posted. :roll:
  10. Many thx Aro. Do u mean an online-mappack just with maps which are "perfect" for online play? (... sth like that...)
  11. [u:2lf4o7g2]Notice[/u:2lf4o7g2] If u like to play this map via the Internet lobby of Red Alert be sure to apply the patchfix. Get the patchfix here: http://n3trunn3r.red-alert.net/downloads/tools/patchfix.rar >> patch the "ra95.dat" Up to 8 players Hint: Unlimited Ore... have fun Map made by N3tRunn3r >> Update: Please re-download this map (v1.0) >> Update: Some bugs fixed in v1.1 Growth of Ore at maximum speed BailCount of the Harvs reduced Notice: v1.1 is a Kali.net edition, hf EDIT: v1.2 added! fixed some bugs ...
  12. Hi SXxiaolou, can u translate this for us pleeeaasse http://www.cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=52 >>> http://www.ra95.net anyway.... hf at AWOS
  13. great news!!! No, really!!! ...but the RA server is still offline
  14. Check these 3 links out to get some information about the freeware license And well.... i uploaded my FullC&C95. You'll find the download link at the 1st post above. << Back to top! >>
  15. Looks interesting... nice details... good job Aro
  16. oh, and i thought creating a FULL-game is modding as well
  17. At 1st to the admins: i havent known where to place this topic on the forums :roll: well... here we go: Have u known that the 1st part of Command & Conquer is freeware? No?! Yes! It is! You can nearly download C&C95 from everywhere on the WWW. I'll show u some links to the official freeware releasing of C&C95 from EA, some informations about the freeware releasing of C&C95, one of thousand download links to C&C95 and "a better choice" ... hehehe Well, i dont know if u have known that C&C95 is freeware... It is since August 31, 2007!!! I downloaded the both full ISO images of the GDI and Nod from EA, burned it simplay with Nero Burning Rom and they work really fine! But EA is not more hosting these 2 ISO files of C&C95 cuz: SERVER OVERLOAD, lol. Here is the official site of EA where C&C95 was officially brought out as freeware: Get here the information about the 12th Anniversary of C&C and its freeware license. Here a small info about C&C95: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_&_Conquer_(video_game) and http://news.filefront.com/cc-12th-anniversary-download-cc-gold-for-free/ And here 2 links to GET C&C95, hosted by FILEPLANET.com Nod ISO << Click! GDI ISO << Click! You may need an account at FILEPLANET.com to download the both ISO files. Simply create an account there in few mins 4 free. U need only an active email and a pass for your account. Thats all... If u dont have the time to create an account, google the WEB for "Command & Conquer" Gold "NOD/GDI ISO" and download it from an other place ...but i think u have to get an account on all other places, too.... sooo... check FILEPLANET.com out, it is great. im also a member of fileplanet. XP COMPATIBLE ^^ An other information: so, hahaha..., i made a "FULLC&C95" !!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: It is maybe the 1st-ever-FULLC&C95... hehehe Its filesize is just about ~265mb, 400 if installed. I made it and tested it, successfully (this day)!!! So u dont need longer a CD or DVD to play C&C95, just play it from your HDD 8-) All the ingame music is included as well and some movies, but not all movies! Or do u want an installer with 1GB?! Dont you? I have just to upload it maybe this night. I will update this topic with a download link to my FullC&C95, if the admins agree with it And i gonna create a next website just for C&C95 (aka: C&C Tiberian Dawn), there ull find the download link nearly in future... Well...: I read on the www that MiniRA is legal, muahahaha... i also made MiniRA and FullRA (mini-red alert and full-red alert) u can get them here on my actually website: http://n3trunn3r.red-alert.net All my FULL and MINI releases of C&C95 and Red Alert are working great on XP, full compatible! HAVE MUCH FUN WITH THEM ALL AND ENJOY PLAYING & CHECK THIS POST OUT FOR UPDATES Best Regards N3tRunn3r >> Updated: Get FullC&C95 here: http://n3trunn3r.red-alert.net/downloads/td/FullCNC95.exe Please dont forget to read the readme file (READ1ST.txt) after installing! << important Its filesize is about ~300mb, get more informations here: http://n3trunn3r.red-alert.net/c&c95/full95.html And visit my little C&C Website N3tRunn3r.Red-Alert.net >> Updated This new updated FullCNC95 includes many new things to install
  18. okay, many thx for understanding... i think about it to make 2 seperate maps, 1 for online play and the 2nd for skirmish.
  19. sure i can, but i dont have the time.... maybe later to create INTERIOR maps, they need lots of lots of editing time, cuz u can only create and edit interior maps with the C&C-RAED tool... lil bit more informations here: http://cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=91 i gonna try to write a tutorial "how-to-create-maps-with-C&C-RAED-and-EDWIN-1st", later..
  20. @ Aro play my other maps, there is ore and gems which are looking less blocky. this one for example: http://cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=72 well i know what to do to create maps. if u play red alert on kali.net with more than 20 players every day u will see what kind of maps are actually. which designs are set, how the ore and gems are set and so on... i will show u an example of one of the most popular maps on kali: This map is called HJK6 (2v2). Only gems and i can tell u, u need lots of ore and/or gems on a map if u want to play professional against other players on Internet or LAN. But i gonna tell you also, that im only playing red alert for [i:pzixgos0]just for fun[/i:pzixgos0] !! Thats why less ore and gems are included on Volcano II. lol And there are other kinds of maps, maps with "unlimited" ore, like my map Oilfields. Ull find it here: http://cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=70 And sure... about the trees. trees will slow-down the game speed during Internet play or LAN play, especially on big maps like Volcano II. U cannot setup a bigger map than 126x126 fields. Trees are not really needed on Volcano II. But thank you for your advice.
  21. check this out: http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=91
  22. Go here: http://www.cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=66 There is the latest XCC Tool out there... and works really fine. why needing an older version? Only the latest XCC Mixer (v1.45) tool of the XCC Utilities doesnt work. U can get v1.44 of XCC Mixer here as well and be sure to have the XCC Utilities installed... the Mixer doesnt work without the Utilities, cuz 1.44 fix some bugs in XCC Mixer v1.45 by overwriting the 1.45 version. More informations and important tools and fixes for XCC Utilities at the 1st link above
  23. Looks nice great to see how cnc comm started.... it remembers me when i created my forums site with IPB and 2 websites for C&C a year ago.... and i know the great feeling to host some pages for a community, especially for a C&C Community!! But my sites are still down except my new Red Alert site Im happy to know the CNC COMM COMMUNITY btw and be a member of CNC COMM. Best Regards
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