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  1. if anybody wants a game against a bit of a n00b i can play, TD via hamachi, westwood chat and CnCNet TS via hamachi and the online servers TS:FS via hamachi and the online servers CnC3 via hamachi and the online servers CnC3:KW via hamachi and the online servers and CnC4 online via matchmaking (im not the best online but i will go down kicking) just pm, msn or xfire me if you want a game or wish to arrange one.
  2. cool, it was before my time so i never got the cd and its a pity no one ever got a working server up yet (some have tryed and others are trying) only problem for me is that i get graphical errors every so often on ra1 and ss but for cnc this was fixed by the 1.06b patch (looks at Nyerguds and Hyper) @Tore we should realy advertise the download better along with the others like RA1 and CnC (+ CnC Dos and dune 2 i have a soft spot for dos graphics )
  3. Hello Irony welcome to cnc-comms i might beable to play you in the future but dont expect any tank rushes or good CnC1 tactics
  4. my mod ill post some fraps pics/vids soon
  5. yes well i was in a hurry and wanted to post this news post before i forgot since it is important
  6. Nyerguds has released his CnC 1.06b patch Patch 1.06B includes you can find the patch on Nyerguds' site
  7. Banshee recently has announced some updates and new tools The new tool the Open Source Game Image Creator (or OSGIC for short) The idea behind the tool is that it is a all in one 2D and 3D file editor with the ability to allow you to create 2D shp or sprite files, 3D/2D voxel files and 3D files Full list of off the PPM Site But the beta is estimated to be out in 2010 so we may have to wait awile http://www.ppmsite.com/index.php?go=osgicinfo The updates Open Source BIG Editor Banshee is going to fix an error involving Petroglyph games and .meg files saved by the Big editor and is planning on giving the big editor the ability to read mix files as well. Open Source Voxel Viewer Banshee has decided to create a new version with a bullet emulator to help modders and voxel artists figure out the best FLH Primary Fire settings for there unit. Voxel Section Editor III a new version is going to include updated auto normals and the ability to export voxel as models made up of triangles. and if your thinking O_o about the technical stuff dont worry your not alone.
  8. is this what you are lookin for (you will have to rename them)
  9. lots has being happening recently in the modding world so here are just a few of the updates and Releases, For Tiberian sun TS Retro SMIFFGIG has posted his Trailer for TS:Retro on ModDB http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-retro/videos/tiberian-sun-retro-121 Even though Retro is getting old its still a great respected mod which tried to recreate Beta TS based on information at the time. TS Squared blubb has posted a updated version of his 2009 Releases of TS² http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=303859#303859 This is a great mod which needs ETS to run which tried to fix what was wrong with Tiberian Sun For Command and conquer 3 Tiberium Essence Carnius has Released a new version of Tiberium Essence http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22745 This mod is a conversion for CnC3 turning it in to TS with better 3D Graphics For Warcraft 3 Tiberian Dawn XxpeddyxX has Released a 2 mission Demo for his new mod Tiberian Dawn http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=303810#303810 I cant say much about this mod other than it will a Total Conversion for WC3 turning WC3 in to Command and Conquer 1 (In other news i got promoted to News poster )
  10. I thought id post this after someone had this problem, Thanks to hyper for identifying the problem when i was editing my Best of Beta exe. How to fix play Lan play Simple visit this site and download the lan patch http://www.understorm.net/cnc/lan/ts_ra2.php You should now be able to play TS and some TS Mods over Lan but not all Mods will work. How to play a Mod with a custom exe With the lan fix You should find the mod dosnt work There are 3 ways to fix this 1) remove the Lan patch (wsock32.dll) This will fix the problem but stop lan play from working. 2) Rename the mods exe from what it is (eg Dawn.exe or Best of Beta v1.2.exe) to gamemd.exe This allows you to play lan via that mods exe however limits you to 1 mod with a custom exe 3) This is more for the modders/hackers that have made the mod with the custom exe You can search the wsock32.dll using a hex editor and replace Gamemd with any 6 symbols and if you call youre mods exe what you renamed the Gamemd.exe it should work. (there are ways to extend it so you have space for more than 6 symbols but i currently do not know how to do that) There is a complet turtorial on option 3 by Nyerguds here Explaining how to allow longer exe names. Why The wsock32.dll is set up only to work with a exe file called game (used by RA2 and TS) and one called gamemd (used by RA2:YR) if the exe being run has any other name the dll will not recognise it and the game will send out an error. Originally posted by Revolutionary (me) on Project Perfect Mod
  11. David Booth Scotland/UK (starting a Revolution :laugh:) My Favorite game is Tiberian Sun I play online once in a while and have online setup I make maps and mods for TS, RA1 and maps for CnC I dont know how to make a website but (if i have time) would like to try to learn My time on the computer per day varys from say 5 min to a few hours but im usually on once a day My email Address is [email protected] (i should realy get one for Revolutionary)
  12. looks great for a tournamentesque map It would make a good online map only its to detailed compaired to the other online maps
  13. you may beable to make maps that way, ill try soon and post the results (the main problem is with out a server you have to hope the game picks youre map) I dougth the game was set up to read alternative mix files so graphic replacements may onlty be possible via stook file editing.
  14. I was wondering if any one knows if it is possible to, make Map sole survivor or mod the game (both graphical changes and full force hex hacking)?
  15. cool ill stay and i will try to promote the site.
  16. Tore i have no experience but if there is any thing i could help with i would be happy to help.
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