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  1. Ah thanks for the link I'll see how easy it is to get ingame. Remember who did this? You know the poles on the side of your bridge remind me of foundations from AoE1 too
  2. I like! :D I was thinking of reimplementing some beta stuff too, like the crashed A10 there.
  3. Alright thank you guys :) I'll go ahead with the barrel change, I did the recolours today, tomorrow I'll do the shading touchups.
  4. Yeah, sorry to bring up the bad news I guess I decided to give the cool grey barrel a try! I added a few pixels of shadow too.
  5. Thanks for the feedback White. Yes the turret's locked. Currently that gold colour's being used for all the tear gas stuff--both the handheld thrower weapon that the infantry have and the turret here. Maybe the barrel could be another colour, I'm just concerned about contrast as Japan's the owner of the vehicle. I originally tried a black barrel but it got lost in the dozer blade. The shadow's a nice idea though!
  6. To celebrate the cringe EA mobile C&C game I've finished off the Tear Gas APC. Sorry for a slow month, work took a lot out of me. I would love some feedback on this one. I did the turret by hand and I feel it is like... 95% right? The rotations aren't really perfect but it's probably good enough, I would just like some confirmation
  7. Had a quick go today with three designs. I'm feeling that a turret might indeed be the way forward, as the amount of space I have for gas tanks is pretty miniscule.
  8. Some early work on the Tear gas APC. This is the Red Alert APC fused with the Mine layer's dozer blade. I do agree that having some gas tanks will help it be more distinct. The Tank Hunter icon is also new--I wanted it to look less like the Light Tank now that the Light Tank's back in the game. Ignore the radar logo, it's cut content that might come later EDIT: Could somebody let me know what is the best ddraw to try? I've been having massive issues with videos and I'm wondering if it's my old ddraw version (circa 2012)
  9. Whoa everything's White :O What have you done White? :P Thanks for the offer Messiah :) I had a look through and nothing really jumped out at me but I appreciate it. I've had some opportunity to try out the new units after taking some time to release a shimeji update. Turns out the missile crawler was pretty OP, haha. I've pushed it up to $1500 instead of $1000 to help slow down mass missile crawler spam. Thanks also to all the suggestions on how to make the tear gas APC look good. I'm thinking of going with trying to make two small gas tanks and strapping them on the back of the existing APC.
  10. The Tear Gas APC is basically a fusion of a flame tank (that fires chem spray) and an APC... while the mortar would be realistic it isn't what the vehicle does. Basically, how would a cool flame/chem spray APC look?
  11. The missile crawler has now been added! Notice how it's actually now for Tomorrow--I decided to move the MRLS over to Japan as they have it in real life Next up will be Tear Gas APC--it's actually already implemented hex editing wise, I just need to come up with some graphics. I'm open to suggestions--currently thinking of the regular APC with some nozzles added to the front and two small tanks on top?
  12. I've managed to implement the Windmill Thanks to Nyer for letting me know the hex bit to change to allow additional frames. I've also re-implemented some of the buildings that have since been removed to use for regular buildings, in fact all the buildings above were not usable until today. Thanks to Inq's suggestion, I've added a new Russian light vehicle to replace the outgoing Rocket APC. It's called the Malyutka; equipped with a single bazooka rocket on a light and fairly quick chassis. I've gone with using White's sprite for this one: I'll be adding 2 more units, the Missile Crawler and the Tear-gas APC, soon Thanks for catching up and sharing your thoughts ^^ I appreciate getting some sweet feedback. Hope the above was in line with what you're thinking
  13. Yay a reply! Thanks Inq If I go ahead with the changes I'll give Russia a replacement unit as well then. The main thing is having enough shps to fill the various requirements. Anybody know why sprites.openra.net went down? I don't know of any other places for TD sprites other than here to be honest. If I can find suitable shps and not spend 6 months slowly making 3 more units that would be a smart call. Ultimately I just don't want to delay things too much longer. Maybe I can loot White's stuff again
  14. Well as there's been no reply, I thought I can share something that I was tinkering with Jungle. I love Tschokky's work with the theatre, but I was wondering if it would be possible to do some palette changes to make something more tropical. ... into... This is a bit closer to what I was thinking. Note that this is a very rough colourisation job so this isn't really representative of what the final product would be should I end up doing more. I would of course only want to proceed with Tschokky''s blessing. On balance, however, I feel that this is a bit too much work for this main release. This mod has already taken a decade of development off and on and it'd be nice to finish it this year. Maybe for a follow-up add on campaign?
  15. I've been thinking a bit more about the faction balance and had an open question for you all. Would it be a problem if Russia lost access to the Rocket APC? They already have SSM and Mammoth tanks to handle anti-air, and their infantry lineup is the worst in the game. If I do remove the Russian Rocket APC, I can then think about implementing the following ideas: Japan Move the APC functionality to the Tear Gas Tank, making a Teargas APC Japan Add a Missile Crawler, a long range missile launcher that is effective against aircraft, vehicles and buildings, but not infantry Remove Rocket APC from both Russia and Japan, making it a Tomorrow exclusive vehicle Food for thought Let me know what you think EDIT: http://kilkakon.com/c&c/russia.php#units and http://kilkakon.com/c&c/japan.php#units are the current arsenals
  16. Heh heh what can I say White? You're welcome~ Hit me up if you do make anything cool. I've started to go through the maps again and try to fix up the issues brought up in testing. About 6 maps will need to have their triggers or layout rearranged to some degree. Still feels good when my to do list went from over 2000 characters to under 2000 characters
  17. I am pleased to announce that I have updated my website with all the latest changes, especially the US stuff. I've also tried to fix spelling mistakes that Nyerguds spotted, but let me know if I missed anything. http://kilkakon.com/c&c/
  18. I hadn't flipped it as the shading would have then been in the wrong direction. If it reallly bothers you I can flip it and then reshade the unit Here's the buildup for the Machine Shop
  19. I'm back online! Here's a preview of what I've managed during my downtime. Can you spot all the changes? Finalised Machine Shop, including damage frame (I like the 2x2 bib ) Finalised APC icon Darkened Hum-vee windscreen so it fits with the Teal scheme better I also buffed the Artillery, although you can't really see that with a screenshot
  20. Yeah after having tried and implemented the 1x1 size, I feel that going wider just makes sense as the small one looks odd and too tiny. Power of experimentation! Might even be enough to centre the current building on a 2x2 bib with a few barrels around it (or even by itself) I don't actually have internet at my new place yet, so my posts will slow down for the next few days.
  21. Thank you! The ruined frame is a combination effort: all the damage to the airstrip itself is done by hand. The control tower's frame is actually from the C&C one, as the control tower is the same in both RA and C&C.
  22. Hey thanks White If you guys think that I should try again or make it larger I'm happy to try. Could always make a little scrapyard arrangement around it and make it 1x2 with a bib. The icon is a bit of a combination actually. I removed the refinery from its icon to create that countryside, then rerendered the model at the appropriate angle and did a bunch of touchups to get to what you have here.
  23. I was inspired by addons from Starcraft , which are pretty small. I could have gone 2x1, but this is what I ended up landing on after moving blocks and objects around in 3D Studio. There was also the desire to have that L shape on the bib, but as you say it looked strange after the fact. I wanted something that looked Weapons-Factory-esque but not copy/pasted. I'll post an updated screenshot tonight once I've done the hex editing to make the refresh work. Without the bib players can build it behind the factory to make it look like a megafactory haha.
  24. I've thought about it more and I feel that it would be best to not bother with the concrete bib thing. Not only is it a bit strange for C&C, but the oddities it brought in aren't worth the effort. Have an icon
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