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  1. Typical Nyer blowing my brief advice out of the water with far more detailed instructions
  2. You'll need to use MIX Editor (NOT Mixer) to make a new C&C mix file. Make sure it's not encrypted and that it's TD format. Use the filename SCWonder.mix and put it in the C&C directory. Then Insert any of your new shps into that mix file Be sure to save and compact when you are done!
  3. If my mod and patreon take off I was thinking this terrain set might work for an expansion campaign. Got to finish the main thing first though haha
  4. Ah you are right, I see that now I've never tried putting numbers there. Heh, lose a mission and get "Error code: 2"?
  5. If the first mission in a "Start New Game" campaign (I haven't tested later missions) has a win or lose video and no intro, briefing or action video, this can occur: To fix this, be sure to set any video to occur before the mission starts!
  6. Not ANOTHER tool Nyer! You're hooked making extremely useful things for us all I will try to resist the urge to make a new font for my C&C game as scope creep is a leading cause of death among mod developers but even so, sweet work dude! Your 2 looks very Hotline Miami in that editor hehe
  7. Sweet! I will make a list with all the various stats and hit you up tonight There's 5 weeks until Christmas, my current deadline, I have to get cracking :laugh: Today I also fixed another obscure issue that came up while testing. While I plan to finish the videos before the campaign's done anyway, it was good to figure out what was wrong: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6813
  8. You'd have to do some resizing to make them look alright They are a different shape and size.
  9. Just to let you all know, the campaign transitions for the Tomorrow campaign have been completed. I'll need to work with Nyer as to fixing up the various country names (hopefully not too big a fix) but otherwise it's working 100% Things are moving along for sure There's a few teething issues here and there (all of a sudden, videos have started to not display palettes properly, but they were fine before... needs more testing) so will keep working on it. My goal for this coming week is to hire a voice over artist for Eva and to complete the Company of Answers campaign transitions!
  10. Thank you so much everyone :laugh: I'm glad you all like it. I got another mission's worth of frames done last night--4 more to go for Tomorrow, then I'll do CoA. Hopefully can crank them all out this week! I won't have any more to show of them as it is a bit of a spoiler to see who wins and who loses. Don't want to give the game away now do we? heh-heh And no I haven't seen Terminator 1 I've seen 3 though.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH4dNmNC99Y Mhmm... what's this now?
  12. Behold a fully functional campaign selection screen! The palette took a little while to formulate but the result is great. Thanks to both Nyer and Blade as their tools combined allowed me to create this. I'm aiming for Christmas! :laugh: All I have to do is dialogue, videos and campaign map transitions, although all of those are fairly involved. I'll be working on things as much as I can though, don't worry. As I have launched my site and my new Patreon, I am now obligated to work a lot more consistently. I'll post updates as more work gets done!
  13. Finally, after weeks of solid work, I am most pleased to announce I have finished my new website! Woo! Over the last month I have been slowly transitioning my online presence towards focusing on my mod work and gaming videos, which should hopefully help when C&C is released--I want to do everything I can so that every C&C fan can love it! http://kilkakon.com BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! :O I also have made a whole bunch of pages to show off C&C, the units and structures. http://kilkakon.com/c&c Would love to hear your feedback! I know Nyer wanted me to add superweapons--I'll do this soon--but everything else should be great!
  14. Oh wow, I didn't know Terminator had something similar (haven't seen it). Somewhat similar, I wouldn't have it anywhere near as space-agey. Not sure if it should slant in flight or not. I'll ask Nyer when I can to see how realistic an extra helicopter is.
  15. I like the dam, the downed A-10, and the graveyard
  16. I guess I just have to rule that my mod's arsenal is slightly fantasy in that while a lot of the technology exists, not all of it has come together in real life the same way it has in the mod. I imagine my Tank Hunter unit has a similar issue (very fast light tank with dual light cannons). Cool pic though, and thanks for the digging. It's fun! :laugh: If I could add a new helicopter I might make something up myself, sorta like the Osprey but with orca style enclosed rotors (mainly due to C&C only having the one option for helicopters). Depends if Nyer can work his magic or not I guess, haha~ *goes back to working on C&C thing he hopes he can show soon* EDIT: the Cobra's not bad either
  17. Hey thanks for the link. I thought all the RA sprites went away, I had no idea where they went, haha. Cool to know my helicopter isn't totally a silly concept. I think the suggestion you made isn't bad, just would be a little too large--those tubes are bigger than the mammoth tank barrels! I'll keep thinking about helicopters and see if there's more that can be done. Having a siege helicopter for Company would be great, if there was a way to make a new helicopter...
  18. I don't mind this one. Nice work The tower sliding during the buildup animation is a bit of a downer though, maybe tweak that. Ironically in my mod I turn the AGT back into being a control tower :laugh:
  19. Hopefully the tank cannon is recoil-less haha--otherwise might end up like the hover tank from Sergeant Bilko Thanks for the heads up. That image must have been sniped when I was cleaning up my junk folders. I'll restore it shortly.
  20. So after a surprising amount of work I can report that I've gone with the tank-shell option for the helicopter. I then had to rearrange both of them and swap the graphics to get the right helicopters on the right sides... factions can be such hard work haha! The end result is that US, Japan and Company will have the Longbow equipped with AP rockets and Russia (and Tomorrow if they get access to a helipad) will have the Hind equipped with tank shells. I've reduced the health of the Hind and made it marginally more expensive to try and balance things out, as it is more accurate. I did toy with the idea of having both helicopters available for CoA, and making one of them anti-infantry... but it would mean having to give Russia a pointless tech structure and I think it might have been a bit weird. Ah well I like what we have going for now.
  21. Thanks for checking out my vid guys and giving some feedback! I think we can rule out the first and fourth prototype designs, the 4th seems like a worse version of the regular Apache, and the first obsoletes the SSM launcher (which I'd rather not do). I'm leaning towards the tank shell one--Russia is obsessed with anti-tank, to a fault (their only anti-infantry is the SSM launcher). I think that's cool~ If you guys want I could do more video updates to show bits off of the mod as I move towards finishing the more obscure areas of the thing.
  22. Hi there guys--sorry to be out of touch. I've been working on the mod and a new site for it but I had to go dark for a bit while some nonsense blew over. But I'm fine and almost ready to unleash the new site complete with all the C&C pages you guys can geek over. While working on the pages today though I noticed a bug in the way I was assigning factions the various helicopters, which means I'll need to re-evaluate the Apache helicopter. I wanted to give it to Japan, USA and Russia, but looks like I can only give it to Russia. This gives me the opportunity to give it a more fitting name for Russia as well as try out something a bit... new. Thing is, I'm not sure what would be best! So I decided to make a few different tests and threw them together into a video for you guys to check out. Have a look and let me know what you think of each of them~ My hunch is the anti-tank shells or the ballistic charges, as the honest john missiles seem a tad overpowered and steal the role of the SSM Launcher, but figured it'd be a cool vid anyhow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElpWtJzYYX4 Enjoy boys! :laugh:
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