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  1. Funny enough I actually padded out my equivalent of "got a present for ya" out with some silence so the acknowledgement wouldn't play over it haha
  2. Fortunately there's ways around it, such as using a binary diff to create a patch that can be applied to the new exe. But well, if the changes are minor I can just copy/paste them into my one anyway.
  3. I missed this topic entirely I'll gladly take any upgrades you have to give Nyer, although I'm guessing at this point for my exe it's so mangled it's probably not worth the trouble
  4. Everybody's PM inboxes are full so I can't PM you I forgot ya email, mind hitting me up please?
  5. I am pleased to announce that I have completed all of the campaign intermissions. There's some string table work to go, but otherwise we're just down to videos and voice overs! The end is in sight! So that I don't leave you with nothing, I will leave here an early sketch of my female character, Eva. Let me know if you have any suggestions for her as I am not experienced drawing women.
  6. I like my power plant and radar better, although you did a pretty neat job on the lot of them really Those vehicles/guard towers are so dark and mysterious :O
  7. Finally, I feel the mod is in a good enough place to show you all some gameplay! Enjoy this hour-long preview of GoatMessiah's map that he submitted to my map contest a while back, featuring both Japanese and Tomorrow forces in some epic trench warfare action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIFisBPfMlE
  8. Actually not quite--SAMs have an insane range in C&C, even longer than SSM missiles :O Because of their long range, they take very wide circular approaches to their target, which makes them easy fodder for SAM Sites. Against SAMs, you need 6 to reliably destroy one, due to the heavy armour on the site. Against literally anything else though, these things rock pretty hard. They level base structures and most ground units. Here's the icon I just made for the unit
  9. Thanks so much White I'll try to get it ingame this weekend.
  10. You did ask for an actual scale Nyer I positioned the camera at the right angle and then rotated the model over 32 frames
  11. Here's a preview of the unit. It's not in C&C palette yet or touched up yet, but it's a start:
  12. I've done some more work on the helicopters and have a couple of alternatives to show, which ones do you like? The new helicopter is for the Company of Answers. And some good news--Nyer has made some tweaks which seem to have the new chopper working ingame! I'll have to keep working on it tomorrow as it's 2 AM but let me know what you think. Turbines as playercolours Turbines as grey No visible missiles, less visual clutter They are SSMs
  13. I remember all those pretty grid pngs you made The ini is probably more usable though.
  14. This is a bit unrealistic. It should start the animation, stop half way, then go back and start it again, and then complain that my password was incorrect with a little popup, ask for permissions, then restart from the beginning of the animation, right? :heady:
  15. I suppose. I am trying to save some things for my mod, it's the second thing this week that people are looting XD I'll ask you to come up with your own icon as mine is especially made for my Tank Hunter. Be sure to credit me~ Still looking for feedback on the chopper
  16. It's been a crazy month but I have a few things that I can announce. I've hired a voice actress and have all the Company of Answers dialogue recorded, including the EVA voice overs. I still have my issue with replicating Tomorrow's voice overs, hopefully I can find a solution to that one by posting on some forums or something. Nobody I know has any answers so I'm not sure what else to try. I've been talking off and on with Nyer trying to sort out some technical issues that I'll need to have fixed to allow me to finish off the mod, as well as one or two feature requests which I'm pretty hyped about should they be possible. Will keep you guys posted. Here's one of my feature requests, getting this ingame: This is a rough model so feel free to critique me on its design. I was trying to have something similar to the Osprey (which isn't possible in C&C) using turbines instead of tiltrotors. Also trying to not have it look like an Orca.
  17. Kilkakon


    I still can't parse it as an oil tanker. Looks like a pile of junk to me In my mod I replaced it with a different scenario building.
  18. Is it in a sc*.mix file? Have the right filename? With the .tem extension?
  19. You referring to me here? It is fairly straight forward to have 3 factions. If you set ownership of the various buildings carefully, you can make a faction using the Special house. Neutral also works fine, although you can only use that faction if you use engineers as playing as Neutral hardcodes you away from being able to build anything. I got up to 7 factions by being very very careful with prerequisites and tech levels. Note that units work differently. They are tied to the production structures, not who builds them. Weapons Factories always make GDI units, regardless of who builds the Weapons Factory.
  20. Hey folks! Time for an update! Thanks to Nyer's fancy new font editor and it's live preview functionality, I've been able to sidestep a tedious hurdle towards making my briefing videos. He might be unwell but he's still producing awesome stuff! Check out my spoiler free preview video! Combining my new animated mask clip and Nyer's tool means I can make any dialogue video quite easily. I still have to sprite up my main characters but hey, a great start huh? :laugh:
  21. I do love how faithful you guys have been with the C&C and RA structures :heady:
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