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  1. So the "official guide" is only in printed media, no online version? I'd gladly have a look at that document What other interesting stuff is there to be found? Some other thoughts/comments regarding that quote: I've never played C&C multiplayer, but I've always though the Nod Chem. Warriors and S.S.M. Launchers are still buildable in multiplayer games... In any case, they're both still in the game, and can be made available for production at certain technology level settings. (Or is this entire paragraph about singleplayer campaigns only?) This reminds me of the Soviet side in RA (9which is essentially GDI gameplay-style-wise), where they don't have Rocket Soldiers in the singleplayer missions.
  2. I'm sorry for posting a reply to a relatively old topic, but I find this info very interesting. I have always found it exciting to explore how a game would change during its development. Keep 'em coming! Erm... what?
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