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  1. I suppose you don't like Ultraq's mod, then? And any other possible game that would attempt to bridge the gap between RA and C&C? BTW, have you actually checked it out beyond the screenshot page?
  2. I quoted your post. :laugh: TBH, I did not download the 8MB package, only took a brief look at the levels that were bundled separately (cctcfull.zip), there are a few Soviet-era Russian propaganda posters on the walls in some levels, but one level also offered a glimpse at a TD-styled Refinery.
  3. Well, it's called Command & Conquer TC in the supplied documentation, so there's no reason to use a different name, unless you want to play Captain Obvious
  4. Hey guys, did you know there was a C&C total conversion for Duke3D in the works, but it got scrapped? A playable beta version can be downloaded here, and here are a few screenshots.
  5. I'm pretty sure MSPaint (XP) can save 256-colour PNGs...
  6. Well, every time I try to upload an image into my custom album, the procedure goes on as normal, but no image can be actually seen: the gallery shows a generic thumbnail images that looks like a computer monitor, and that's all. Of course I'm disappointed, everything used to work normally last year!
  7. Oh yes, DOSBox makes running DOS games without CD very simple. You need to use the MOUNT command with the -t cdrom key, for example: mount D C:\Games\RA\CD -t cdrom -label CD1 You need to put a label on your virtual CD though, CD1 and CD2 are for Allied and Soviet campaigns, CD3 and CD4 for Counterstrike and Aftermath.
  8. Sorry if I misunderstood you point. I guess I got caught in the "Soviets as bad guys" cliche from RA1 myself Still, I've got to say that the appeal of C&C to me is partly in the use of purely fictional sides like GDI and Nod, or the alternate timeline universe altogether.
  9. I'm afraid I'm also guilty of asking that question some time ago
  10. Yay, the new buttons work for me now! Hopefully the gallery works as well... [Edit] Nah, the gallery still does not display newly uploaded images XD What's wrong with it already! :ranting:
  11. Nyer, I think a list of "no-can-do's" where the limits of C&C improvement (like the impossibility of base-building AI implementation) were stated explicitly could help people avoid asking the same questions over and over again (or do you have one already? )
  12. That, sir, was John Carmack. Somehow I don't like the implications of yet another "bad Russians" storyline. Fictional (and hyperbolically cliche'd) Soviets from RA are one thing, "Russian Federation" is another.
  13. For some reason those don't show up for me... I've also tried to upload some images to my Dune 2 eXtended gallery, but they still don't get displayed
  14. It goes at ridiculous lengths sometimes in Renegade, with Chem Troopers wearing gas masks in addition to transparent protective helmets. Oh, and not to mention the Highly Conspicuous Uniforms worn by Nod troops :roll:
  15. Well, I actually considered the idea of giving all units gas masks, or at lest all the Soviet units as they are the "bad guys" (remember how all Nod units in Renegade always wear gas masks with ominous red eyes? Must be pretty hard going around like that all day )
  16. Possibly to increase the range of the flamethrower infantry. It would look odd if it was given the classic flame animation but kept its current range. Yes, this most probably was the reason behind the change - maybe not even because of the portable infantry version but of the Flame Turret that has an even greater range. Additionally, the flame jet in C&C damages everything in its path, including friendly units, while the RA fireball only does splash damage at impact. In general, I think the RA Flamethrower had become almost completely useless with its low movement speed, average HP (compared to its C&C counterpart) and high position on the tech tree.
  17. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It would be strange if video conversations were used everywhere in the 1950s Plus, none of the covert operations had FMV intros, unlike some Aftermath and secret ant missions in Retaliation. Well, I just pointed out the difference. The emphasis was on the fact that missions with alternate variants in C&C also have different briefing videos as well. Right. While oversized infantry can be more or less easily fixed, warhead explosions in RA are a mess, and I wonder why. They partially fixed that in the 3.03 patch: the grenade explosion is now identical to the one in C&C (and does not leave scorch marks), same with flamethrower infantry weapon explosion, which has correct animaton and scorches ground. However, the mammoth tusk explosion in v3.03 has the artillery shell explosion graphics (and a very loud sound effect to it), which looks weird when attacking air units, while the artillery and the cruiser retain their generic explosion graphic that was used with most things prior to v3.03. Oh, and I honestly don't like how they changed the flamethrower weapon to a "magic fireball" type in RA.
  18. Okay, let's do it! (BTW, I kinda don't like the section being called "Crap Forum" - maybe something more neutral, like "Nonsense Forum" or "Random Discussions Forum" could be used instead? Because if it's called "Crap Forum", then everything you post there is automatically defined as crap, no? And generally, I think this topic could have been well in "The Barracks" forum anyway ) Let's discuss C&C (and by C&C I mean TD ) vs. RA1. RA brought in a lot more features like skirmish, high resolution (it was high back then, that is ) and improved multiplayer. However, some of the unique C&C traits were dropped. An obvious example is the EVA interface, which has a "back story" behind it in C&C, is just an interface with vocal announcements in RA, with no in-game world justification. Another thing is the ore stuff I mentioned above, compared to Tiberium in C&C which comprises one of focal points of the game plot! It is also not immediately obvious that C&C is unique in the respect of mission variants (versions). In C&C, selectable variants of certain missions are not only different by terrain and base/unit locations, but also by mission objectives and even different video briefings. In RA, all available variants of all missions differ only by terrain and position of objects. Moreover, even though briefing videos are longer, some of the campaign missions only have text message briefings and no FMV briefings at all.
  19. Well, when doing it, I intended to make the in-game unit appearance match its icon, which has a gas mask (note that it's only true for the RA95 version, as the DOS version icon does shows the flamethrower soldier without a gas mask). The Shock Trooper, on the other hand, does not have a gas mask on the icon.
  20. You know what, there's enough truth to this Actually, I prefer C&C to everything else because it has a great balance of realism, sci-fi and mystery elements, while TS already shifted into a more dark science-fiction universe. Actually, RA2 is more close to the original C&C in this respect IMO
  21. I think EA "recycled" this concept either in Generals or its add-on, didn't they?
  22. There can be a reason though: no proper cloaking "shimmer" effect like in C&C (and also this weird ore thing that spreads over open ground all of itself... must be some side-effect of time travel )
  23. Judging by how some of the ideas for TD that did not go beyond concept sketches or videos were later implemented in TS, I guess the principle of the EMP weapon was akin to its namesake in TS. As for Nod EVA, I think the voice announcements could be "borrowed" from Renegade
  24. I think Frank mentioned he wrote it initially either for Covert Ops or for the potential sequel to C&C/"Next C&C game" before it was even determined what exactly it would be. BTW, I think it is no mistake/coincidence that on Frank's site Reload Fire is said to be the Covert Ops credits theme, I guess he really wrote it for Covert Ops and then it was switched to Red Alert. I wonder how many of Frank's songs written during that period were shelved. Luckily those made for C&C survived inside the game files
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