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  1. You may have noticed that after installing the 3.03 patch, the Aftermath Soviet mission "Situation Critical" gets nearly unplayable as all the subs you have at the beginning suddenly uncloak, exposing themselves to enemy Tesla coils. As I recently found out, this happens because in v3.03, a feature was built to uncloak all submarines if a player has no other units remaining, for the sake of multiplayer games. However, the devs somehow forgot this screws up a singleplayer mission (I hope only this one). Anyhow, the solution turned out to be really simple: I placed a player-owned Destroyer just outside the visible map area, so it can't be used, but its presence nixes out the auto-uncloak trigger for the subs. This change also does not affect win/lose triggers as the mission is lost only if all Missile Subs or Volkov and/or the scientist are destroyed. scu44ea.zip
  2. Great! If you find some rare pre-release RA sreenies showing considerable differences from the final release, post 'em here Sadly, many RA beta screens that display interesting stuff like Soviet-owned Rangers (at CnC Source, for example), are in very low resolution and quality.
  3. I've stumbled upon a very curious pre-release screenshot of Red Alert, scans of which have been uploaded by Siberian_GRemlin. I've never seen this screenshot before: http://planetcnc.ru/index.php?ind=gallery&op=section_view&idev=48
  4. I did not say FS takes place during TS (that's nonsense). I meant the add-ons before FS, namely Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath (now I doubt whether Aftermath takes place during or after RA, since it's called "Aftermath", after all). In any case, it unlikely EA will make a game the way I want it, so it seems that I gotta persuade someone to make a RA2 mod plus campaign about the unknown events of the first C&C
  5. In the meantime, you can take a look at various downloads at the Red Alert Archive. Under the New Units section, you might find something useful. In fact, there is a Commando sprite (to replace the GNRL one), but it looks like it's enlarged.
  6. According to RULES.INI, there is a 20% chance of a time quake when using the Chronosphere, and the chance of getting a time quake crate is the same as for parabombs, invulnerability or sonar pulse. However, I never observed a time quake actually, and IIRC editing RULES.INI to always get time quakes also gave no results, as described above (I have been able to get chrono vortex that way, but never a time quake).
  7. Sorry for bumping yet another old topic, but perhaps this info would be useful. In the German version, the Helicarrier SHP is seemingly corrupt. The English version can be found in EXPAND2.MIX provided in the 3.03 patch package, which can be downloaded here: http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/patches.html
  8. Sure thing. But my point is that a new installment in the series does not necessarily have to: - be a sequel - feature an entirely new setting and storyline Just for example, if we take the first war, there could be a Nod campaign taking place in Europe and a GDI campaign in Africa. The events of Renegade were "somehow completely unknown before", and all missions for add-on disks before Firestorm feature the events that happened during the same wars from the respective games. So generally, there exist no objections towards making a game that would be about the first war, or its aftermath. Another thing is that the developers are perhaps unwilling to create such a game, as they aim for a sequel set in a futuristic sci-fi atmosphere.
  9. There are two "blacks" actually: the "black" black and the "transparent" black. If you use the former, it works normally.
  10. Um, last time I checked (DEMO3), the Mentats were there. In fact, I personally provided Stefan with some of the Mentat descriptions (it was before SSTEditor could decompress MENTAT*.ENG files), and made the hi-res Mentat images.
  11. What could be wrong with a game about some events during the first war? Surely not everything was covered in the original C&C campaigns and/or add-on missions. Unless they introduce more time-travel or some other, equally crazy ideas (don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing RA1 here), everything should be fine.
  12. So you mean the explosions are too bright?
  13. I did not mean "time travel". I meant setting the next game's story before the events of the previous one. And I would not care of this game were called C&C4 or not (since the next numeral in the title usually means a sequel rather than a prequel).
  14. Be happy you were not inside that building
  15. A new version of Dune II The Maker, a Dune II recreation, has been released. The new version features skirmish mode and a random map generator. See the full list of changes below. Download Dune II The Maker DEMO 4: http://d2tm.duneii.com/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,29/func,selectcat/cat,1/ Screenshots: List of changes: [pre] DEMO 4 - DEMO 3 --------------- BALANCING: - Ornithopter rockets do more damage - Rockets from Troopers do a bit less damage - Rocket Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles - Normal Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles - Combat Tank does a bit more damage to infantry FIXED: - AI able to build multiple units from the same building at the same time (oops, cheating!) - Workaround for harvesters doing nothing. - Building troopers/etc for human player. - Bug where "order" button would be misplaced (too low) - Bug where you could select computer units via 'team' key's (ie, by pressing 1-5) - Able to 'repair' units when no repair facility is built. - Fixed bug Repair Facility. (Units always repair as if they were totally damaged) - Memory bug in loading INI file. (causing byte shifts, which *could* eventually screw things up) - Able to select enemy units when pressing group number CHANGED: - "Devided" -> "Divided" - Unit drawing , more accurate on cells. - Unit drawing , health bar and spice bar is different. - Unit drawing , selection box is changed - Unit variables a bit more efficient. - When buttons are unavailable, they are darkened instead of greyed out. - AI will now not walk over spice blooms, but shoot them. - Upgraded Allegro from version 4.0.3 to 4.2.0 - Upgraded Alfont from 1.19 to 2.10 - Source is now compiled under MSVC 7.0 - Dune 2 missions, briefings, etc is now centered in one "campaign" folder NEW: - More scenes added. - Very smooth fading for Windtraps now (instead of using 256 color palette Blue values, it uses 16 bit values) - Using some FBLEND routines for drawing transparant graphics and so on. - "easy on cpu" auto-code. Will try to give cpu some slack if fps is above "ideal fps" (can be set). Especially useful on laptops. - Skirmish mode, AI is primitive, but tough. - with totally new random map generator built in - able to create your own skirmish missions via INI files (up to 99 missions) - 4 players maximum (1 human, 3 CPU) - CPU can be Sardaukar * Able to see random created map by hovering mouse on the question mark. Default = invisible, so you can be really suprised to play (hit 'random map' and then 'play'). - Completely new written structures code (same functionaly as in demo 3 though): using true OOP. *NOTE: Bug detected, starport does not function 100% yet. * - Skirmish mode - maps are named as "map##.ini" , up to 99 maps supported. - RakNet library is compiled in project and will assist in network code in future releases. - MCV can be deployed with D now (select and press D). - Carry-Alls blow sand/spice when picking up unit on sandy/spicy terrain. - Structures graphics updates - Real shadow blending done - Structures show ground underneath, so if no fundament is built the building appears on rock, etc. - When infantry or troopers get 30% health; a single soldier/trooper appears with 100% health. The other 2 died (leaving bodies on the ground). - When not enough money, icons are a bit greyed out + a red cross is drawn over them. - Tanks are able to squish infantry (leaves big blood splatter for infantry and tiny for soldier, etc) - Shortkey B added to build last built icon on list (also applies for units) - Shortkey P added to place built structure - Shortkey U added to quick-upgrade - Units can gain experience: - no stars = no experience - yellow stars (max 3) - orange stars (max 3) - red stars (max 3) -> max experience: twice damage done (*) Stars are gained by kills; infantry kills give units 2.5/10th star experience. bigger units 4.5/10th star. Units with more experience will deliver bigger hits on enemy units. - Tech Tree changes: - Repair Facility & High Tech is available from level 5 now. - Ordos WOR available at level 5. - Force attack : Hold left control and click on cell to attack. - Units & Structures blink when targetted, etc. - Rally points can be assigned to buildings. Select structure , hold left control and click on map. NOTE: Do not give an invalid location or the paths will fail to that. When units are unable to deploy from starport, they are brought via Carry-All to the rallypoint. - Force move (ALT) - Force attack (CTRL) REMOVED: - 32/16 bit adjustment in windowed mode. (speed increasement was minimal)[/pre]
  16. The next installment doesn't have to chronologically follow the previous game (e.g. the storyline of Red Alert was supposed to take place before C&C). There could be a game about the events between TD and TS, for example. Or a game revisiting the first war, focusing on some events not covered the original campaigns.
  17. I'm not impressed. That pic looks StarWar-ish and reminded me of the StarWars: The Clone Wars CGI series I've watched recently. Honestly, I'd rather much prefer a C&C game that would not be a futuristic sci-fi stuff, but have a contemporary world/nearest future setting like in the original C&C.
  18. On MobyGames, you can read this "trivia" infro about C&C: Anyone ever encountered this? I think I've seen a box scan of this edition somewhere (on a French fansite or the like), which clearly showed a small Dune II image, however, I was since unable to find that site/box scan again.
  19. AFAIK, Westwood did not work on C&C Generals - EA did, they plain used the Westwood-created SAGE engine (Renegade, Emperor: The Battle for Dune) to make their own game, which they branded C&C simply because they got the rights for that name from Westwood.
  20. Yes, unless someone finds a bug in them (hopefully not). (Sorry if I posted in the wrong place) I wouldn't mind them being included in some sort of community-made mission pack, given that such might be released, since two missions are probably too few for a stand-alone release (or maybe not? I've no idea really).
  21. Thanks I thought I'd release it along with the GDI mission I did not bother to make public ever before. As for the other Nod mission, A Brotherhood Divided, I made several attempts at improving it, but with little success so far.
  22. Take a look at the C&C95 sidebar icons (which were made from colored renders), the SSM Launcher has the gold color of GDI, whereas the MLRS has the gray/urban camouflage of Nod. I guess this can be regarded as an indirect clue to what side each unit was supposed to be. BTW, that incomplete "MCV to ConYard" animation is altogether very different from the final version used in the game, not only by the GDI logo on the ConYard roof.
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