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  1. Wow. So I understand the frustration when people ask for little improvements here and there. I can only imagine the difficulty if variable names are not retained. So adding building frames should require finding the hospital offset or something, needle in a haystack!
  2. correct, its Allies vs Soviet but with Tiberium. Yeah I need kill the nod logo, I had it done in the draft but got lazy 2nd time around. I also.discovered one frame of the radar make was off by a pixel so I fixed it
  3. I just did a google image search for nod radar and I liked that one. I repeated the search and turns out its from a thus far TBD mod called the vortex for zero hour. Guess I should contact them about using the screen as a cameo.
  4. I made these yesterday for my mod. First time I attempted to convert from TS. I think I'll try some voxels next. download link at the bottom. The power plant shadow needs a little bit of work too, I'll get around to it. dome_powr.zip
  5. Owner= Tags wont make it crash, but too many Name= and Image= Tags will make it crash. You can typically getting away with the 3 name tags on the ants though, but anyway... I attached all pieces of the side bar for Allies and Soviet. You just need to convert them to .PNG with XCC or something, edit the colors the way you want, then convert back to .SHP with XCC again. If you are wondering, the Sidebar pieces are located in RedAlert.mix>Hires1.mix, so you can replace them their afterwards or make a new Mix file for them (which is easier). I didn't mind grabbing them because I need to make some new sidebars myself :laugh: Radar.zip
  6. Hmm, sorry I cant read Portuguese Pichorra, but I could recognize it was not Spanish :laugh: Nice website Matt, reading it now. So seems like I was right. So the Iran-Patch and Nyerguds C&C patch, that was all done with reverse engineering. Hex editing?
  7. Oh man... I dont think thats possible.
  8. So I'm afraid I may have missed my calling, I never really learned how to program other than a few classes here or there. I understand the basics, like binary, IF THEN logic, but I don't know any languages. I got wrapped up in something totally different. Lately I have been trying to figure out exactly what hexadecimal is. I think I got the basics of that down. When I look at topics such ashttp://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2456.0 and see the code there, it looks like just Hex editing. Is that correct? How do you guys even know what your looking at then? It seems like it could translate to almost anything, seems like shooting blind to me. Can anyone explain or clarify further? I'm not looking for lessons here just curious on how it works.
  9. Oh no I was just pointing out that if I can run ra fine without ddraw, then it should certainly work with it, red dawn has it by default.
  10. Yeah. Doesn't make sense, whether its old or new it should still work, I can still get regular RA to work without ddraw. It just seemed like it was getting ready to load a second video but it could not do it for some reason. I thought about looking in the mission files and changing videos to none to see if that is the problem.
  11. Pretty much a bump, check out the updates on my opening post. Lots to come!
  12. Seems like it is what it is then. I think Arda is unnoficial abandonware. Alex is innactive in cncnz now. I hit him up with a pm on the Ares forum about the future of Arda but got no response.
  13. But its standalone, I did not put the Iran-Patch on it.
  14. So apparently what you can tell submarines to do is very limited. I was attempting to set-up submarine patrols but they would just stop at the 1st waypoint. I was also attempting to have a submarine travel a series of waypoints, and eventually leave the map, but it just stops and sits at the 1st waypoint. I took a look at some Westwood RA missions, and they have no Sub patrols. The only command they have is hunt and/or attack-ships. Seems like subs only follow one command by default? Weird though because I'm pretty sure I have a submarine patrol in another level. However, that level only has one country in production making subs. This ne level has 2 countries making subs and sometimes weird things happen with multiple countries in production. Anyone ever ran into this? Thoughts?
  15. So I went to play the Red Dawn levels I keep hearing about. But they do not work. It barely plays the first briefing video then the screen goes black and nothing happpens. Happens with GDI and Nod campaign. Any ideas on fixing this? It might be my TV though, it has weird resolution issues sometimes.
  16. thats exactly what i was trying to get at. The selection bracket for the new shaped silo is still a square shape.
  17. So I have many mod missions in need of testing. An outside perspective would help to determine how difficult or easy they actually are. Of course they're all easy for me, I made them and know when every trigger will fire and exactly how to prepare. Who is interested?
  18. Thats the topic I was looking for. I tinkered with it a bit, trying to get the TD silo to replace the ore silo, and it kinda worked. I managed to increase the foundation to 2x1, but for some reason Red Alert recognized the right cell as the building anchor, and the left side of the silo kept having clipping errors and units could move right through it. To compensate I added a 24 pixel blank space (1 Cell) to the left of each building and make frame, so technically the silo and make are now 3 cells wide. The silo is situated correctly over the foundation, but the selection bracket and health bar bleed all over the place and it looks like crap. And i cant seem to get Ardas update cell thing to work. So now my thinking is, Arda CAN increase the building foundations, but Red Alert still expects a building graphic the size of the original. I wanted to experiment increases the size of civilian buildings and usung some TS civ building gfx for them, not sure if it will actually work.
  19. Really? I changed it to 4 so ai would replace hinds on their helipads, but they often replace them with helis. I guess thats why. Then how does ai replace helicopters in regular missions?
  20. Has anyone ever figured out how that system really works? I have had 0 success. I want to increase the size of the silo to 2 cells and several of the civilian buildings.
  21. it seemd like the new units were recruited for the attack tarcom command when they start in area guard mode. The ai will still make the team they are supposed to but it takes so much longer because they make teams and send them NW arbitrarily. Why would units starting in guard area mode even be an option if those same units need to be recruited for a team and they cant be in area guard mode?
  22. Hmm.. Maybe with a newer exe than what I am using. Cant use the Iran patch with Arda. Cant believe I did not think of that, ive sceen those settings in rules but never thought to mess with them.
  23. So the Mod itself is pretty much done... been working on the allied campaign and ran into something terrible. Arda just takes a shit when ever ever you try to load a saved game from a game being played... and... you cannot save a game anymore than once or it crashes. Save the game, close, load the game, try to save again and crash. This is with replacing RA missions. The add mission support with Arda is kinda buggy and weird too. Looks like AlexB is done with it Too. Never responded to a PM on the Ares forum he is active on, was just a general inquiry, nothing pushy.
  24. I was recently making a mission and ran into the age old bug of units produced by the enemy trying to get to the NW corner. I did a lot of experimenting and ... This may be old news, but I have determined there is some link between multiple AI's in production and new units starting in guard area mode, that make AI units go NW. Long story short, when I had AI=4 for a country, several teamtypes ignored a travel to waypoint command and went NW. On a hunch, I changed the Guardarea AI setting from 4 to 5 and the problem was solved. However, on another mission I had many APC's of an allied AI player trying to get NW, and the AI was set to 3, not 4 (which would have had new units starting in guardarea mode). This mission also has 3 AI players in production, all with IQ=3. So I rest my case. Looks like some strange bug burried deep within code that Westwoods finest (no sarcasm intended) have probably forgotten all knowledge of long ago Either that or an AI and mission creation system we do not fully understand.
  25. Red Alert and older C&C's really have developed quite a cult following over the years. They just done make em like they used to. Welcome!
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