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  1. okay, so..Ra95.exe works fine. But the CNCnet does not function through wine on Linux apparently, nor does the mod launcher, what ever that does. And needless to say the Mix files wont update with the new terrain files and w/e else there is. I think I have narrowed it down to needing a 32 bit wine installed which is not a straight forward process (surprise...) but im not entirely sure. I thought I had a specific Linux/RA topic but I cant find it.
  2. ROB

    Ubuntu error

    I think it needs a 32 bit version of Wine installed, im having a similar problem on Fedora, still researching
  3. ROB

    New Rules Entries

    I have further testing to do, but i'm not sure any of this works in Linux. All I have tried to do thus far is add new sounds but it totally ignored my entries. EDIT: Here we go found this https://github.com/Iran/ra303p-iran/blob/master/docs/features.md
  4. ROB

    New Rules Entries

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks. Now I seem to remember you may have given me that info in the past, damn my bad memory! XD
  5. ROB

    New Rules Entries

    I thought the Iran patch introduced some new rules entries that could be added to units and buildings but I cant find any documentation on what they actually are. Anyone have a link? Or maybe Im thinking of Arda?
  6. Since I keep loosing my mod files for the thing I was working on, I'm gonna update this old Armageddon mod originally released in 2002 or something. There was always more I wanted to do and I've learned a lot since then. There probably is a lot to fix up and red Alert has also been updated since then so I'll make it fully compatible with the modern release. It was always a a sci-fi kinda mod so i'll try to keep it like that. Id like to make missions also or at least modify the campaign for compatibility. We will see how this goes.
  7. ROB

    SHP Sub

    Didn't there used to be a sub for new unit and building SHPs? I thought I recalled uploading a few things there that I would like to have again. I believe it was the TS power, advanced power, nod radar, and maybe more converted to RA size and pallet. EDIT: I found it. Sorry. go ahead and delete this.
  8. I did a fresh install downloading both discs but half the music tracks are missing. Does anyone have a compete scores.mix I can replace it with or something?
  9. ROB


    I tried to install with wine, it actually installs but the game wont launch, unable to set video mode or something. Any ideas? NetFramework 2 should be installed already from RA.
  10. Turned off VPN and tried different mirror, Installed through wine and now it works great
  11. I tried RA1installer.exe through wine and chose full web install CD01 and CD02. It downloads and extracts the allied disc but fails extracting the soviet disc and gives this message: "7z.exe/7zip: Failed to extract the game files! Please check your permissions and make sure your anti-virus program does not block RA1installer/7zip (turn it off temporarily if you do not know how to configure it)...Would you like to retry the extraction process?" There is no anti-virus program installed. Any Ideas whats wrong?
  12. I'll have to look into that later. Never heard of PlayOnLinux but it looks like it fixes the NetFramework/RA problem on Linux. I already have wine Installed so my process might be slightly different than the video. That would be amazing if it was easy to add to a RPM package to a repository. (If that's the right thing to say, still transitioning)
  13. Is there a RPM package install? Im relatively new to Linux and it seems like Fedora does not handle .deb packages without some extra work.
  14. ROB

    Long Time

    Hello All, Just dropping by to check in and see whats going on with C&C, I used to be more involved in the past but seem to have moved on. Most of you probably don't even remember me Once again all my mod files I was working on over the years have disappeared so I'm just gonna call it quits. I also decided to switch completely to Linux and need to figure out the RA/TD situation here, since I am not really happy with OpenRA even if it has native support.
  15. You guys rock with all these new theaters! II gotta update all my RA apps and integrate the barren theater into my project. The Barren theater really reminds me of Oklahoma, USA, A place you drive through to get to where you're going.
  16. ROB

    RA Campaign

    I am sort of amused and feeling kinda dumb at the same time. I've been tinkering with making missions since 2001 when I was writing triggers by hand and using that horrible program R.A.C.K. Since I have been working on my new missions the last few weeks, I have learned more about RA triggers than in the entire past 14 years. A lot of the techniques I was trying were simply not working. although the triggers appeared to be set up correctly, RA would not accept them. I finally looked at some WW missions and saw they never set anything up like I was trying to. What really got me was controlling production for multiple countries, There appears to be a production issue when 2 houses have multiple factories each. I wanted to assign very specific teamtypes and attack loops for each country involving infantry, tanks, and submarines but teamtypes would not follow orders. I then finally figured out WW uses autocreate for this because RA seems limited with controlling production/teamtypes through multiple houses. I also noticed WW uses a "Force Trigger" for a destroy trigger action with no event attached, like a "Destroy Trigger" command wont work with an event. And I did experience this as well where RA ignored triggers to destroy other triggers when a global was set. Certain events/actions just were not meant to work together and no guide exists that outlines this. Overall, I gathered my trigger techniques were far too complicated and over-thought compared to how WW used them. I managed to reduce about 40 triggers to 25 with the same behavior.
  17. I have a similar issue: I want 3 reinforcement triggers (2 are shown here) destroyed when no factories are left. But its ignoring the destroy trigger and reinforcements keep coming. Its a very straight forward trigger I cant think of any reason. It was not working with a destroyed by anyone trigger attached to a factory either. Name: G3+ Owner: BadGuy Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: No Factories left Action 1: Global Set... 3 Action 2: Reinforcement (team)... Grd1 Name: K4 Owner: BadGuy Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Global is set... 3 Action 1: Destroy Trigger... R1+ Action 2: Destroy Trigger... R2+ Name: R1+ Owner: BadGuy Existence: constant (any linked event -> switch) Type: and (event1 && event2 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 80 Event 2: Global is set... 5 Action 1: Reinforcement (team)... Rpt1 Triggers: K4 Name: R2+ Owner: BadGuy Existence: constant (any linked event -> switch) Type: and (event1 && event2 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 80 Event 2: Global is set... 6 Action 1: Reinforcement (team)... Rpt2 Triggers: K4
  18. Just look at the thing Allen made, its easy to make them work New_List_Type_Rules.zip
  19. The GIF maker on github changed the green colors for some reason, does not appear in the SHP. I thought about the shadows, I might do it. There would be more buildings to do than shown here.
  20. Check these out. I plan to convert a lot more city buildings for the project I'm working on. TsRa_Bldgs.zip
  21. I have been tinkering with getting the un-hardcoded new units to work with the A.I. (E1, 2TNK) and have learned the following things. -The player can build new units in single player only if enabling aftermath units in the options. -The player can receive new units as reinforcements -Single Player A.I. and Skirmish A.I. will never build the new units, even if specifically told to do so. -A.I can receive new units as reinforcements and they will obey all orders. -A.I. will not use existing new units placed on the map to form a new teamtype. -Values must be editied manually in the triggers and teamtypes, RAED does not support new units -Use a place holder like ANT1 or GNRL in RAED then change the entries to the new units -NEVER load a map in RAED with new units/buildings....just dont, recommend back up copies
  22. Infantry can be cloaked. A really old mod I made had a OP stealth infantry with C4
  23. Well thanks for checking. I have started a new project, similar to this one without the use of ARDA. Probably wont hear anything about it until its done, if it gets done.
  24. ROB

    PortableRA Issue

    This helped me figure it out. I erroneously changed BuildUpTime=0 thinking it was for the actual ore growth animation you see, it is under income and production but I read it wrong XD Yet to test it but that has to be it. Interesting that Scatter, Retaliate, and Recruitable are related to build animations.
  25. Well that does make sense afterall I think I may have confused the tech level thing with assigning spy plane and paratroopers to the allies. I remember trying that and it never working.
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