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  1. Not that one. W/e that tfd unnofical patch is called. 1.03? I got it from this site.
  2. The only name tags I used we're in the ants that I remember unless I forgot to delete some cause I was using a few before I did conqer.eng. I haven't had any random crashes with those 3 tags.
  3. I just installed the complete TFD package, installed the unofficial 3.03 patch thinking: "what could possibly go wrong?". But sure enough it wont launch. Screen goes black and acts like it wants to but nothing happens, that was before I tinkered with compatibility settings, now absolutely nothing happens when I click. Any suggestions? I use Win 7.
  4. I had a feeling it was you who made that buildup. Yeah I don't think he(puma) has a site or anything for revolution. That was almost 10 years ago time flys. I meant to credit that radar dish in documentation, looking back I forgot quite a few things.
  5. Actually a retired red alert modder I knew years ago made it. Well I assume it was him, was in his mod. Don't know of it was exxos.
  6. I guess I should have stated, not compatible with single player due to drastic unit changes. Wouldent be right. Shojldent crash though. Must be arda cause that crashes on stock sinhle player for me often. To add fcom make is just fcommake.shp if you have the animation. Yes everything is more expensive, but you make more credits too. Oh I more releass note I forgot. The command center is a mobile command center for base expansion. You can build it very far from base but for a huge power cost.
  7. Weird, just tested it, works fine for me. Anyone else having problems?
  8. EDIT 8/7/2013 I'm in for the long haul on this one. 9 Missions are near completion for allied campaign. 12 or 14 will be the final count. Its a long process getting a mission to work as fully intended, Red Alert is very quirky sometimes. The Story line needs a bit of refinement and development. Thus far it involves an alternate timeline where Nod or GDI never came to be. Yet the Tiberium meteor still crashed in 1995 and became a valuable resource. The missions will involve a Allied/Soviet war in a Tiberium landscape. I only have the 1st Soviet mission complete and have to start from scratch for the rest. The Mod itself is probably 95% complete, a few things still need tweaking. I have a move coming up IRL in about 2 weeks so that will take some time to overcome. I also want to write a big user manual for it, also time consuming. I decided to keep game statistics mostly unchanged. I realized that people still play RA and C&C because something is preserved that modern games don't have, so why mess with a good thing too much? What I did do is give the Soviets a light armor class that's slightly inferior to Allied light armor, but Soviet heavy armor is still Superior. No ETA for release, but when it is, it will be a HUGE release. There will probably be no further updates in this topic. I'll open a new topic for the release. EDIT 7/30/2013 mod name chosen: tiberium flux. mission work progressing. 8 completed for allies. 2 started for Soviet. EDIT 7/26/2013 Re-covered tons of older missions I have made over the past 12 years, I plan to adapt them into a campaign. Mod rebalanced and statistics changed to be more like traditional RA and C&C. Since desert and winter terrain will not work with Arda, I may replace the temperate or snow theater with desert or winter tiles. Likely will replace snow with desert, if it works. EDIT 7/22/2013 7 Missions complete. Discovered Arda's "ability" to add mini campaigns is completely broken and I will have to overwrite the Red Alert missions. Story changed, Mod is now a Tiberium War involving Allies and Soviets, a new twist. EDIT 7/19/2013 Download link removed after 24 hours. 5 Allied solo missions complete. EDIT 7/18/2013 Mod framework complete. Beta testing begins before next phase. Standalone, download and play. Launch the Game through Arda titled Launcher.exe Please reply to this topic with feedback. Next Phase: Solo Mission Campaigns: Several missions created specifically for the mod. Many other missions are complete that need adjusted to work with the mod. Skirmish Maps: Making new maps to work better in skirmishes. More building area, more water, terrain advantages. EDIT 7/8/2013 Mod is in rework currently. Next release will be portable and standalone.
  9. I do think it could do a bit more damage, then again the original did about the same anyway. I like the green building tiles too, I might borrow that for my addon : p did you do any hex editing for this?
  10. I never could get the Ion Cannon to work properly in place of the spy plane, but you finally licked it!
  11. You sure did. I was just looking back through those mix files. We added a lot of stuff for that. Admittedly though playing ot again now I could have done a lot better job with things. But I ain't gonna work on that one anymore.
  12. Just tried red dawn 2012 and wanted to give some feedback. First of all its awsome mods and such are still being released given what year it is. And this is by far the best td ra conversion out there. I often attempted it myself but was never pleaed with th result amd was hindered by ra limitations. Veru excellent work.
  13. Well hello. I was never a main member here, I migrated from the now defunct ra tech center forums. I registered here in 09 to revive my 2003 RA mod Armageddon. Since then I have been out of the loop living life. Recently I became interested in game editing again after discovering things like FullRA and arza or w/e its called. Ra is now much more modable. I'm also glad to see a community does still exist for such a classic. Lately I reinstalled ra and began small mod just for my own entertainment. I'm thinking about making it a puploc release later on. This should be quite interesting given the extent of Ra editing now. Btw, hi to nyerguds, the only guy I knew back then who's name still appears all over c&c forums!
  14. I've been working on fixing wars extreme. Its about done, hopefully. I just dont have a lot of time anymore.
  15. ROB

    RA Mixer in XP?

    Can it work? I have not has any success. I thought maybe a DOS emulator like DosBox or something. But I hate that program.
  16. Sweet, I made front page news lol. I tested Wars Extreme and I think I want to update it. 1st of all it randomly crashes... I think I'll remake and organize the mix files with XCC, RA-Mix wont work for me anymore. It it seems very unfair for GDI starting with 6 mammoth tanks and Nod staring with 4 light tanks. Some buildings dont have shadows, and some cameos bleed through. Other than that it seemed enjoyable to me. Like I said earlier its basically C&C95 but added ion based weapons for GDI, bracnhed from the "Ion research Lab" and chemical and laser weapons for Nod. So hopefully I'll have that up and running shortly.
  17. Well this might be a large post. Got some screens. Also discovered I made some modifications to Armageddon for my own benefit after the final public release. At some point I apparently added an imperial star destroyer although I dont seem to remember doing it. Seems I managed to fix the AI a bit, they make large bases and a lot of units. Replaced a few units, small things. SO that final FINAL version has been uploaded with the link above. And I also at some point renamed Nemesis to "Command & Conquer Rising", says the title screen. 1st to screens are from C&C Rising. Rest are from Armageddon.
  18. Sure absolutely, wasn't sure if uploading them here would be allowed but i'll do that and add some screen shots as soon as im home from work.
  19. So Im new here. I suppose a retired RA mod creator and mission/campaign creator. I still have some old projects and I thought I could share them with the community here. 1st, I have the tiberium trilogy mod series I made in high school. Tiberium Wars, Tiberium Destiny, and the acclaimed Armageddon. I suppose looking back they're nothing to spectacular anymore, but hey, I had fun doing it. They were true total conversions, I changed everything Red Alert would allow me to change. I Also have a mod called Wars Extreme. pretty much C&C95 with a few added things. And then I have Nemesis, this is a bit more complicated. I have been randomly working on this on and off for about 4 years... yeah. Its a mission campaign that makes the transition from RA to C&C95 (omitting RA2 and all that BS). The campaign also includes new graphics and sounds. The missions are all highly detailed, im a bit OCD with them. To this day it is not complete. I would love to finish though, now that I know there are still people out there who might play and enjoy it. We'll see. Last I checked all the missions were functioning and you could play straight through. You can get my mods and Nemesis by clicking the link below. Give em a try, and be sure to give some feedback mediafire.com/RobsRedalertFiles
  20. Hello there, I'm Rob. I heard some old members from the RA Tech Center were hanging out here. I've been feeling nostalgic with some old C&C's lately so I came here recommended by Nyerguds. I'm interested to see whats going on here.
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