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  1. wow, UN work and a stage show . I'll be up for a game, not too busy usually, not for another 2 weeks anyway. I'm not sure how to launch Arda through CNCNET but i'll worry about that when the time has come. Have you scene this for urban theater? I could not even imagine getting that to work in Red Alert. http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=16117
  2. ROB

    New Missile Truck

    Xcc to extract the mgg and ssm turret as .png frames. I use the old paint shop pro 5 to edit png's. All it really involved was cutting and pasting the turret and some minor pixel editing and touchups. The hardest part was lining up the turret the same way for all ammo counts. Editing 3 facings at once for the ammo image count was the best way
  3. ROB

    New Missile Truck

    No longer a concept, see above
  4. I bet you could find them from YouTube and convert them. Might be something I am interested in doing.actually.
  5. ROB

    New Missile Truck

    Missile Truck The finished product The GIF frames are out of order in a couple spots, but the SHP is fine The ammo frames will work with Arda or OpenRA. Wont work right with regular RA. I still have the frames if anyone wants a regular V2RL version. Used the MGG base with a Shadow made by reaperrr from the OpenRA forum. Then added the SSM Launcher turret fixed with 3 ammo frames. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?i3c9wjmf5m4vkdj
  6. Couldent you just convert the tracks to 22050hz 16bit mono, convert to aud then throw them in a mix with original file names?
  7. It was, I just found it in my own archives... but mine is better It has shadows and less frequent gas puffs :laugh:
  8. I converted the Tiberium Blossom tree from C&C to fit the Red Alert Gap Generator frames. I am not the greatest with image manipulation, so it is bigger than the gap generator, it could use more centered. I also made a mine.tem that is blank temperate terrain, then place a Neutral Gap Generator on top of the mine, and it appears that you have a Tiberium Blossom that generates tiberium Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2nrqv0754o7m1eo/gap.shp
  9. I had to enable it in each mission for it to work. Now I remember, I read about this in the Red Dawn thread XD
  10. Is it possible to have the aftermath units buildable by the player in the solo missions campaigns? I read about it somewhere before on some forum but don't remember where or what it said...
  11. Everything has been fixed. I used the build linked to above. I had to make a 5 second silent audio track for all the songs. Had to re-pack the mix files too because one I was using must have been corrupt, it was about 5mb to big of just nothingness.
  12. I might have to call it off. Arda will not run stable now no matter what I do. My base install is screwed up now too. I did a fresh install, then put all the mod files in and it still crashes. There is no good reason why other than an incomplete Beta program I think. The only thing I can think of, was integrating aftrmath.ini entries in to Rules.ini, but should not cause Arda to crash so often.
  13. i suspected it had something to do with music. That and videos was the ONLY significant change between builds... thanks. EDIT: I'll have to thank White for providing a scores.mix file with all blank music tracks , in the Classic Revolution mod that is.
  14. I am having trouble getting a small & portable version packed up. Cant imagine what is going wrong, but Arda crashes constantly. When I run it on my base install it works fine, that is portable too but about 1G, and no one wants to download that. I'll keep working at it.
  15. I have completed the basic mod framework for the newly titled mod Red Alert Empire Rising. I am in need of a couple testers before the next phase. Specifically checking for balance and making sure nothing is to overpowered. A few skirmishes should do it. It is about 100mb, standalone. The mod needs to be launched from Arda. Link removed after 24 hours.
  16. great mod white. Played it a bit this week but need more time to fully explore. Question: this is on cncnet with Arda? I would like to do the same with ine when its ready. What did you have to do for that? Wwould I have to talk to??
  17. so here is an FYI on mod progress and also a few questions, requests for input, and possibly some help. To do: Re-Order cameos using Arda cameo sort feature tweak a few weapons still need a few new units and structures A few new music tracks. (Found some very C&C like music on Pandora) Ideas/Input?: Make units really expensive to avoid tank spamming? Add Desert theater? What is the status on this anyway, is it working? A.I. Improvements? I heard Iran's patch has the capability to tweak AI more so than in Rules.ini? Solo Missions. I have 3 completed and 3 more in works. I would like to include at least 6 for each side. Would anyone be interested in solo mission creation? I plan to release this as a standalone like Whites mod. Would there be any advantage to either of these methods? 1) Include new Mix files, or 2) Integrate and replace everything in Conquer.Mix and RedAlert.mix
  18. ROB

    old mod Ports

    cant if you dont know what the file name is supposed to be according to rules.ini.
  19. Ra archive needs some updated downloads. Would be nice to see Allen and whites mods posted. There are tons of new shps that can be added too. I may ask Razor to give me control panel access again so I mah post updates to the archive.
  20. ROB

    old mod Ports

    yeah I thought of that too afterwards. I took a look in some of the mix files and it looks like most were made with RAMixer with unique object names, meaning there are tons listed as something like 244C26E1.shp. It would involve looking through rules.ini then guessing as to which name belongs to which graphic. However, hopefully a lot of new graphics keep the original object names so XCC would recognize. It is still something I would like to do but probably not as many mods given the amount of work.
  21. http://postimg.org/image/4fkuz1am9/ Check out some new cameos i made yesterday!
  22. and the frogfoot, wheres the edit post button... XD ...EDIT Found it. So Its the Medium Tank with Antennas, the other Medium like tank with the longer barrel, and the frogfoot that I have.
  23. White, I have your modified light and medium tank in my mod. Permission to use?
  24. Looks awesome! Better than what I have in my mod. Permission to use, Allen, Kilk?
  25. ROB

    old mod Ports

    I think a stand alone version of the Mods would be cool using portable RA. Could just repack everything in one mix or integrate into Conquer.Mix and RedAlert.mix with the original names. I'm not really a programmer or I could make a mod launcher like the RA launcher for the FunkyFr3sh patch. I think I want to Port Armageddon, Project Revolution, and Bad Ra. To me, it seems not possible to load mod files from multiple mods after RA95.exe has executed, if a launcher was created wouldn't the proper files need to be initialized per mod selected? For example different title screens, cant change them when the game is loaded. I'll need to finish Red ALert 1.5 mod before I get started with this. Anyone else interested?
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