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  1. @Grant Should add this to CNCNet's FAQ!
  2. He seems to think that what he just said makes him look cool. Rather ironic really...
  3. Here's a list of the currently proposed maps in the ranked match map pool. QuickMatch Map Pool.pdf Please post your opinions regarding the balance, map diversity and explain the reasoning behind it as well.
  4. Yeah, I found out who it is last night.
  5. Thought that FalseGod was Sunny's nick. Believe he used this nickname on XWIS in the past.
  6. Noticed this after I played him twice.
  7. I think language options would be a great addition. Unfortunately, I only had language files for RA2 and not YR. As far as I know, there are translations for the following somewhere on the internet... German French Russian Chinese Philipines Arabic @Grant what do you think?
  8. 2 shots if you don't notice, hit and run.
  9. Done it before, where's my £500?
  10. Really? First time I hear that you must have invented that seeing how convenient it seems.
  11. Actually, seals and seal IFVs are great vs Terror Drones, heldro suggested to me to use drone to kill seal IFV, at which point I laughed. Also, seal IFV can usually take out 1-2 deployed desolators.
  12. With one of the recent updates that introduced the hotkey configurator and the addition of a new KeyboardMD.ini there are some issues. Encountered from version - 3.67 (Current) The hotkey configurator introduced in version is missing the following options under the selection category: Next Object Previous Object Ingame hotkeys corresponding to the same options are not assigned to their defaults (infact a recent update unassigned these keys) N = Next Object M = Previous Object? @Grant @Rampastring
  13. Boris is already limited to one per player... What do MCV crates have to do with Boris? Get XCC Mixer and extract rulesmd.ini from ra2md.mix, localmd.mix and edit it with notepad, you can open map files with notepad and copy the settings from rulesmd.ini.
  14. RaVaGe


    Seems like the new Keyboardmd.ini @Grant added in a recent update is not the original one.
  15. That sentence doesn't make any sense. With the extra speed the same tactics apply and many more become viable, the player just needs to be faster to execute them perfectly.
  16. "what r u talking about" if you clicked the link you would have known.
  17. I never said videos were deleted. What I said is what youtube told me, which is why my sentence is followed by (youtube), but you're too damn ignorant to realise that. Here's what the youtube link in first post shows. He's a diehard keyboard warrior, he won't rest till everyone thinks he's right.
  18. And you need to start making such inflammatory posts straight away... geez grow up. Yeah the second link worked, I took a glance at the channel but there were too many videos to filter through so I didn't bother to waste 5-10 minutes just on search for a replay. I think they should have supers on, Marko excels at SW timings from my experience.
  19. Yet his link didn't work on my pc, just because it works on yours doesn't make it work on everyone's. Don't be so simple minded.
  20. It's pathfinding that causes the lag. Even in multiplayer games where very large armies are involved, once they start moving. It causes massive lag. Which is also increased due to poorly optimized voxel graphics.
  21. Use the command /framesendrate with a value 5/6. It helps with pings up to around 150.
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