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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/MatyMDQ
  2. Maty

    Clan Ladder

    Hi, Wowo i agree, amazing idea bro!. Regards, Maty.
  3. I don't have new videos because in the last three months I was not playing, but I can share some videos of my channel in case you are interested ((Maty) CnCNet videos).
  4. Hi all: I think the restart was necessary, but the new map took me by surprise. Very good idea ^^. @FunkyFr3sh: can you give me the medal by auth account, as before reset?. My account is "maty". Regards, Maty.
  5. Hey commanders, I wanted to share with you my modified maps. 2K13 GTK 3 way: - Start locations fixed - Larger sea 2K13 GTK 3 way (desert version): 2K13 GTK 3 way (snow version53): 2K16 GTK-2 WAY (left vs right): 2K17 P4 1x/2x (isle version) Download: Maps edited by Maty.rar
  6. Maty


    Hi, I have some files and a video to send you, but you have locked the private messages. I can't even talk to you in the lobby. Regards, Maty.
  7. Hi commanders, |NC|-Faust^ won the gold medal challenge: https://youtu.be/gT_5Z5cFnUE Spectators: cousinclaus and me. Greetings, Maty.
  8. Hi commanders, Fury win the gold medal challenge: https://youtu.be/6ar_7Dog7OU Greetings, Maty.
  9. cause you are using keyboard express too!! that is why:). evryone knows how noob lordy is but they still play cos he still suck even when he cheats..lordy has been caught cheating once and the leopard never lose its spots. andrewford for you do stop or you will be in wall of shame instead of fame. here is the video of Andrewford using keyboard express..and no worries many does anyway..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3p_zUzvVd0 one more player who also cheat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQpRgJFiMfI Genuine shift let me show you 2 videos are difference when pros really use W E R button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQT6YsQ5NpI one more my number 1 idol : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjEOvFreQCc These videos are recorded at very low fps. My videos are recorded at 30 (or 60) fps. You are talking without knowing anything, but i will show you everything you need see: W E R shift 1 control 1 - Are you the master of Q?
  10. I like the idea, i would like to participate! .
  11. Hi Iran, Thanks for responding. At the time of the crash we accumulated an hour of play. The map chosen was "x187-GTK-3-126x126 Way Wideopen P4", actually a edition edited by me. At that time there were five players in the game. Sorry for my bad english . Greetings, Maty.
  12. Hi everyone, Moments ago in the middle game of 6 players, RA95 gave me an error and notified me that a file was created with information about it, which is why i come to share the same with you. I attached to this message, i hope it is of help. Greetings, Maty. ra95crash.rar
  13. Amazing, nice work Funky!. I'm testing =). Greetings, Maty.
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