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  1. then let them set it or have it in their map pool. i dont care lol, my point was more about the original maps not being included on the ladder. i cant think of any game where the tournament ladder has 0 official maps. they didnt include any, instead theres just a bunch of modified maps. if you can find a single game ever where the tournament ladder has not a single official map for the game id be impressed.
  2. for the millionth time for the reading impaired. durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i said i dont care about the veteran option being there, there should be both. but the fact that there isnt one singular official map on the ladder is sad. and that no mods. do i need to write it in crayon?
  3. go back to trying to freewin on the ladder and just hush. the poll clearly is bending toward exactly my opinion. add both vet/non vet (which i voted for ) and 25% or no mods. im sorry the majority agrees. i have the benefit of being a far better player with a far better understanding of this game than u. its ok ;[
  4. the new ff is not more balanced. lol. and i am not mad about the vet stuff. keep it, but there should be both. i was saying its absurd that theres not one official map on the ladder. doesnt that seem ridiculous to u? as for my personal life, thats all information ive freely given you, and poked at myself for, how do u think that effects me HAHA. the debate wasnt over the right way to expand anywhere, there is no right way. the point was about removing patches of tiberium and changing a map that was fine for 20 years. black was just making up arguments to himself, i never said anything about a proper way to expand or terrace only. i said there should be OFFICIAL maps on the ladder, because there isnt a single one. and that i personally think the map pool is trash black is a nobody on this game. u go back 15 years ull find my name included in every top 10 list, and playing with the best players head to head. meanwhile he follows me around looking to pickup my poop n sniff it
  5. i never said one thing about wanting just terrace. id rather there be every official map but terrace than the map pool that exists now. for a magic comedian youre not very funny . honey please. food stamps? lol i didnt live at home til i was 25 or w/e. get off my nuts madam i was talking to black. what the hell r u even talking about ....so obsessed damn. u think about me a lot i can tell. every post, ur logs. like hot damn son. u dream about me? yall r arguing with me about shit i didnt even mention. i said put official maps on the ladder. nobody said anything about just terrace. nobody was talking to u about better than anyone. my post was clearly directed toward black.
  6. i support qm, and have no problem playing on official maps of all varieties. wtf r u noobs even talking about, i was playing them when wuss was setting cheat bbg maps. there mere fact u think that u have to expand a certain way on this game shows why u suck balls. u wanna 1v1 me on ff u cuck? with watchers? ull get dominated. care to 1v1 on any official map? ull get dominated. i dont need gimmicks or a spot to whoop you up n down. theres not a single player on this game that has or will ever think ur a better player than me. lol why r u even posting. u follow me around, everywhere ...seeking me out. look at how many of your and wuss posts include my name, u guys have a fetish. its trz this trz that, making trz names. lol y u so obsesseeeed with meeeeeeeeeeee . cuck ur the one trained like a monkey. what i do arent gimmicks, its creativity, ingenuity, not cookie cutter, like your oh you must expand right for bl forest fires. u dont even know what ur talking about. u take tr how about that ill take bl and expand up n toy with u
  7. also is the ladder like autofixing itself? i notice some of the bunk few second games that it counted as losses are now gone as if autocorrecting. DKEETON ^?
  8. black my point was about modifications. a patch is a modification. seeing as its not an official patch nor do i remember there being a community vote or input on the matter its a MOD. and the votes for non MOD map is what i meant. the vet poll question was for terrace, i dont mind if people want to play it like sky said though there should be both. there are 0 official maps on the ladder and thats a joke. and ill play u on any official map black, u dunno wtf ur talking about. well versed in all those maps u cuck. sky - i try to give constructive criticism. aimable sams was my idea if u remember as was the tournament rift map which we collabed on. but as far as editing Forest fires - and some of the other maps and dumbing them down. FF isnt any better . look at bottom left. i went to expand one day and the tib that was supposed to be there - gone. spots have been moved, tib. pfff and theres no option to even play the original on the ladder. ts was mostly fine for 20+ year. i play NOD more than just about anyone except maybe MOLA and i choose the original terrace, always, and do just fine on it. yall can play ur edited shit thats fine, but when theres not one official map on the ladder thats a joke.
  9. clearly the poll says otherwise lil fella and the majority agrees. strike 1. the veteran options are modifications to original maps aka modified maps (MODS) strike 2. (man youre dumb) and i have played all of those maps to a great extent i listed. strike 3. now go back to being a plague on the game and ignored
  10. I would say Forest Fires, Tunnel Training, Grand Canyon, Seismic (CRATER), and Tib Garden Redux
  11. dkeeton doesnt know what hes talking about clearly. disregard
  12. The mere fact that there are 0, repeat 0 official maps on the ladder doesnt seem ridiculous to you? Terrace Forest Firest Grand Canyon Tunnel Training Pentagram Tiberium Garden Redux Night of The Mutants "Seismiuc" before the name change to crater? -_- Etc all maps that were played competitively for 20 + years. They really put some of these official maps up edited to shit, and removed tiberium from spots etc.? LOL
  13. ill tell u right now that whoever chose these maps isnt the brightest. and per the poll results i was spot on ... majority doesnt want this bs
  14. Well honestly who chose these maps? A river runs near it? Lol? There are literally way better 1v1 maps from the official maps pool. Area 51? trash. The Pit? Trash. Some edited noob version of forest fires? Trash. Who did this shit.
  15. also who is in charge of the ladder and fixing things? somehow a game got counted where i wasnt even on...and lasted only a few seconds, and counted as a loss. lol. wasnt even on the game, and it shows me losing to someone after barely any time. incredibly fishy
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