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  1. That is actually a great fucking idea. Mobile obelisks. Id keep them exactly as powerful as they were. And lower the power (energy needed) a tiny tiny bit, and make them non carryable ^
  2. 600% decrease in activity . Apparently it does matter. I know yall cant wrap your heads around the variables that smurf logs bring to activity . I've gathered as much. Now the ladder that was booming after years of no activity is dead once again. If you cant understand smurfing and what it entails I'm sorry. The 2 best players maybe ever on ts were huge smurfs. Schaf. Obvious and kapa on testnewbo log and others to practice And now same as then mola is the best prob 1v1. Its part of rts.
  3. nod is fine. as one of the 3 people that play it. i say its fine. me and mola agree on most not this. few changes maybe. but its good
  4. C0rps u wish u were me Then u could throw a ball 😂
  5. Just once david copper fieldcan u not post wit my name FUCK, and no1 cares about that lil ra noob Sorry to burst your bubble btw but there were a lot of active players believe it or not. It domino effects. One doesnt play the others dont get a game. C0rps ur a noob I suggest highly u keep practicin and u come back when u can beat mola more than 30% of the time. Kk
  6. Blame for? For what custy? Lol. Wtf
  7. In the end activity will not be near same level on ts with this rule. If thats what yall want so be it .
  8. Different games. Rules arent the same. Anyone who knows anything about competitive games esp rts knows it will kill activity this rule. I said as much and look just like magic ladder died the minute of the rule change
  9. I actually just pieced together who dkeeton is and he should know better. Hes actually done a LOT A LOT! for this game. But this was a dumb decision and the ladder took a huge hit right away. Nobody is playing now. And c0rps u literally made a topic crying about this very matter then boom change to the rule. The ladder at more activity than it had in years YEARS and then u guys went and changed it. Now nobody is playing... -_-
  10. theres been like a 600% decrease in ladder games since this rule started.
  11. the jacker should just be able to pop out of vehicles and reqlinquish control back to the opponent or make it a neutral ai unit
  12. To avoid dodgers as u can still see who u r playing in game and people r surr n leaving. To play with friends on ladder. To get matches with other people than who you are usually matched with, or to practice the other factions or different strategies. Really there are lots of reasons, smurf logs exist in any major competitive game especially rts. look at sc, or LoL. and how many pros use smurfs. Tiberian sun itself had 9+ logs since wol, to xwis, etc then a few people cried about getting beat by mola on various logs and now we have 1 log and i think ull find ill be right and activity will dwindle at an increasing rate.
  13. A zoomer? Most tiberian sun players are not on discord
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