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  1. i honestly forget what the issue with them was, was it the movement animation? or sound effects? are the images available for multiplayer use right now?
  2. thanks for the update , i guess DinoDefense and Jurassic Park Co-Op will have to wait you can delete this thread if you want, it was the only way i could think of to try and contact you lol
  3. hi did you ever add the certain prehistoric things you were gonna make available in RAED?
  4. Since I recently started playing Red Alert again, a number of people have asked me for help making defense maps. I created this map to demonstrate to someone the very basics of a defense map. The heart of every defense map are the Triggers and Teamtypes under the AI tab in the RAED map editor. I don't feel like typing out a full explanation of how all the triggers and stuff work right now, but at least here is a VERY basic example of one method of getting tanks to constantly spawn and attack the players, and for the difficulty level to increase after a set time period. Sorry this is very brief, but I just went through explaining how it all works to someone and don't feel like saying it all again right now. But the best (only?) way to learn how to make maps is to screw around in RAED with all the different options and setting in order to figure out how it all works. If you are confused about what all these different triggers and teamtypes and options actually do in Red Alert, this page has good explanations of all the different options you can use. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/196962-command-and-conquer-red-alert/faqs/1701 DefenseMap.mpr
  5. i did, the link was in my last post. thanks to funky for retrieving all my maps from the database after i lost them btw
  6. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ra/c6a078f9bccc675807c66a3e95725fd11e98f549.zip There you go
  7. My homemade Tower Defense map. (OFFICIAL VERSION) 10 Waves of increasing difficulty. 1 to 8 players. Amount of players will determine the amount of enemies (up to 6 players, then enemies are capped, so 7 or 8 players is easiest) Text/Visual guides for what towers are best for the current wave. And Much More!!!! . . . Also stay tuned for my EPIC Tower Defense map "STAR DEFENSE" Where you will defend against 20+ waves of ALIENS in a unique, creative, and dynamic setting!!! ff tower defense official.mpr
  8. All made by me a couple years ago, have fun! It is kind of a campaign if you want, in the following order to be played... Defense -> Evacuation -> Retaliation Defense has maps for 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 6 players, and 8 players. Survive Time Limit to win. Evacuation and Retaliation are both maps for 1-4 players with objectives that must be completed to win. (also i added my ant defense maps cuz why not) zombies retaliation.mpr zombies evacuation.mpr zombies defense 4 player.mpr zombies defense 2 player.mpr zombies defense 8 player.mpr zombies defense 6 player.mpr zombies defense 3 player.mpr Ants vs Zombies.mpr aerial ant defense.mpr
  9. sigh, okay i guess its my fault for adding things like FINAL to my maps when they were not final XD
  10. hi, i make many maps, and am always updating/fixing them (as is necessary with maps that are heavy on the triggers/teamtypes/AI) but the problem is not for me, it is for other people, they go to search "FF Tower Defense" and they find like 30 different versions (because sometimes i need to make 1 tiny, quick change by accident), the game should only remember the original version (ZTime.MPR), instead of creating a new random hash (92a34r90jwf90qdgsaj49g0j90.MPR) every time i update my map. When I update my map ZTime.MPR, and play it with someone, it should overwrite THEIR ZTime.MPR instead of creating 50 new 239gfm389fnnd783n2mfjf9.MPR. Sure i could add new version numbers everytime i update, but it gets tedious, and the result is everyone STILL has 40 different versions to sort through.
  11. Can Migs or Yaks be set to follow a route through the map without glitching the fuck out and getting stuck at the first designated cell or waypoint? i tried spy on bldg at waypoint, move to cell, move to waypoint, attack waypoint, surely there is a way? I have a feeling there isn't Thanks for your help, though i feel like it may be impossible.
  12. good work on maps GDI, sure they look a little messy, but they play well for the most part
  13. Ok so I tried it all again copy pasting my map into a new .MPR file and now it works again, not sure what the problem ever was but at least its fixed now.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Well I removed all triggers from my map and still get a crash. Also I cannot startup RAED unless i move the map into a different folder, then i have to copy and paste it from notepad into RAED just to edit it. Attached the new dump file Is there a way i can read the dump files myself for next time? ra95crash.dmp
  15. Hi, I have been having a hell of a time trying to pinpoint the problem with a map I am currently making. My last hope before abandoning it is to read the crash.dmp file from when I try to play it. It says something about contacting Iran, I don't know where he is or how to find him, but here is my crash.dmp file anyways. Anyone know how to read these things or know where I can find Iran? thanks ra95crash.dmp
  16. Hi, I checked out your co-op mission to see what they were like. I just tested in skirmish with an AI teammate. Ant Mission 4:extermination and the Legacy of Tesla both instantly failed when I started them, maybe cause i had AI teammate Ant Mission 1: Discovery was super easy for me to beat just playing by myself without a Co-Op player Ant Mission 1 and 2 both had very little role for the Co-Op player, since only 1 player actually had a base. Those are problems I found in short time of testing. I like idea of Co-Op mission though.
  17. maybe real life scenario? a real battle or invasion, with attackers and defenders being well balanced and each having their own goals, IE defenders win by time limit, attackers must destroy objective i dunno, i really like the heavily scripted scenarios but thats just me and definitely not everyone
  18. Red Alert... Hi, So I have a bunch of teamtypes who are patrolling areas of my scenario. But sometimes they will all freeze and stop following their orders. Sometimes they will be moving around following their orders, but as soon as I kill one of them the rest will all freeze. I assume that there is some type of buffer I am overloading but I cant figure out what. I'm well under all the heap maximums in the rules.ini Any Ideas?
  19. First person to cross the road will win! Lots of traffic, watch out! Up to 4 players! Fun for all ages! Frogger.mpr
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