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  1. terrible news, was always cool, always was fun to play or talk to. condolences to the family, rip Jason.
  2. eagles on ra2 mode has x2 attack power, maybe harriers too didnt tested it
  3. Hugs and kisses you are doing the right thing! You should come once a while say hello and have some ggs. Goodluck mate.
  4. you have no idea what you are talking about, end of story.
  5. yes, such a shame I couldn't tought of that earlier.
  6. That's actually worked. thank you both s much for the help
  7. seems ddwrapper is not my problem, when I delete it its slowly and laggy but I also get "main execu" (2-3 min into the game). tried win98/winME compatibility all same. also I did try to switch to ts-ddraw and ie-ddraw before, I'm having cncnet for a few month and before win10 it was perfectly fine. thanks for all the help looks like YR just don't want to work, I'll note you when I'm up to something. edit: I'm getting "main execu" when I'm moving the mouse down - "outside of the window" :laugh:
  8. some progress. I found out that when I run (all windowed) cnc launcher using ddwrapper.dll the game works just fine, but gets "main exuc" error after a min' or a half. if I delete ddwrapper.dll, and run the game using default setting, the game will run but too slowly and laggy. tried reinstall yuri and cncnet all clean other directory, same results. many thanks
  9. I'm using laptop which support 1368 766, and apparently since Win10 update support only that resolution. using xwis version of YR it seems to be the most stable one, and i have one in my program files. about the cnc launcher, it seems it is the only one who gave some kind of results, running the launcher and in options->display I changed to IE-DDRAW, then instead of giving me "unable to set video mode", i got "main exuc'". I would mention that in RA2 I've been able only to run game.exe and not ra2.exe many thanks.
  10. ok, did it, the same INI file appear and again same message as i try to run the game "error - unable to set video mode" many thanks
  11. Good Morning. I've updated my win8, to win10 just recently. I found that running RA2 over win10 is pain in the ass, but been able to fix it. however, when trying to run yuri i get that message over and over "error - unable to set video mode". I setted my reso', fixed the INI file for RA2md (videobackbuffer), used compability mode, ddraw, (everything I did in order to fix RA2) and nothing - just that message "error - unable to set video mode" over and over. what is the different? why does RA2 works (using game.exe) and yuri doesn't? Help will be appreciated.
  12. 1. sorry for my English, i meant damage. 3. the time required to produce a tank in yuri is longer then the time require in ra2. please double check it. for example, (1 war factory) in ra2 to make a rhino should take about 8:70 sec', in yuri it will take about 11:30 sec. 4. as hard it will be to accept it, i will have your judgment here 6. that does change allot of the gameplay.
  13. -all planes have x2 strength then ra2. (and yuri btw) -GI (yuri GI's) are stronger then ra2 GI's -tank building time should be changed back to the way its in ra2. soviet should be 1 more war factory (approx) faster, if you have 3 in yuri, you produce tanks as if you have 2 in ra2, and so on. allied are more complicated, but i can try and look deeper into it. -fixin tanya issue as zigzag said. -attack standing mirages no longer requires using the Ctrl key. and you can just attack them by pointing mouse over them and order "fire". -also, in ra2 tanks can be chosen while inside war factory- in that sec' they ready. in yuri tanks can be chosen only while driving out of the war factory, this one sounds really minor, but actually its really makes big difference. i don't know if this one can be fixed though.
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