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  1. If i cant put honey, i put maple syrup, if i cant put maple syrup i just go for brown sugar. I hate sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. I love me some ice tea flavored with honey. Also: How to make some of the best oatmeal according to my book and actually many others. 1. Get a pack of quaker oats (Its a brand) preferably with sugar dinosaurs (Sadly, canadian only. Or maybe even quebec only. You will have to import it if its not in the nearest supermarkets.) 2. Open the pack and put some brown sugar. 3. Add maple syrup. Preferrably the fresh kind even if its hard to get. 4. Add some milk if you want and taste to see if its good or you should add more things like maple syrup. And now you have made quaker oats brown sugar and maple syrup but with better quality and maybe dinosaurs. I should try stevia and see what it tastes like. It can maybe help to make the ambrosia of the oatmeal world.
  2. Hey people? Do you want the fat stacks? Do you want rare apocalypse tanks? Do you want to do match fixing? Do you want to be more corrupt than Hillary Clinton? If you said yes, Heres a site for you! CnCNetGamble! We have multiple modes of play such as: Spin to lose! Slot Machine! And our personal favorite: Blind luck! If you are a youtuber, we will say to you to sponsor us every second for 15,000$! We will also give you pre-recorded clips of you "winning" 5,000 dollars! Questions! Is this illegal? No, because we use units as a intermediary that can be traded for money. You can even get rare units like a green and pink apocalypse tank! What is the minimum age? Its best if you are under 5 years old. As soon as your finish building your tiny bases with your father you can learn to hate yourself. Theres no minimum age for depression. Will CnCNet get sued? Probably. Because they will "help" us do stuff illegally. THIS IS A JOKE. THIS IS NOT SERIOUS. THIS IS A PARODY ON CS:GO GAMBLING SITES.
  3. "You kill one, it is a tragedy. You kill one million, it is a statistic."
  4. Okay first off, lay off the posts and make a big one, not 50 small ones. Also, the reason you are popular is not a good one. You are known for being pure asshole. More asshole per gram than normal asshole product.
  5. First off,the link has alot missing so i just got the client from the site itself. Works absolutely great. The only real issue i had was that the results screen after i won lagged alot. Also,when i played i decided to build around 60 initiates as yuri,i had cloning vats so the number became around 120. Combined with 40 vehicles it did stress the game and maybe even my PC.
  6. I wanted to play this game again recently but... It glitches. Badly. Before this, it was working fine. Its probably a windows 10 update. 1) It shows nothing in the list options in the options menu. Thus i cant change resolution. 2) Staying in options for too long crashes the game. 3) Launching a skirmish makes the loading screen just black but still has the music. I cant close the game with task manager in this case and i have to restart my computer.
  7. We all know what to do with chem. Forcibly install OSX on his PC. That or an update that simply makes his computer delete a random file everytime he says a chat message. Its easy anyway,we all know is less than 1 nanometer.
  8. Im pretty sure my GPU is stronger than those consoles. Its the Nvidia Geforce 640 GT. Everything else is worse. But im probably planning to upgrade my RAM,change power supplies,get a new card,more cooling and then overclocking my Athlon X4 II.
  9. Jokes... The most important thing in the universe for us. And also the worst. The Candy Kane! Its a candy cane, but in the shape of Kane's face. Truly charismatic with white and red stripes.

    red alert 2

    how 2 fix:Buy the game. No money? Just burn your house or kill a family member for the insurance money.
  11. I want a CnC desktop background but... I cant find much of any. Do any of you know any CnC backgrounds?
  12. Build a psychic radar and yuri clones. Not only is the desolator infestation ended,but you have them on your side now. Or as a nice cash boost.
  13. They have Tanya because... Volkov was not finished due to time constraints?
  14. Undertale OST - Death By Glamour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHL_Bk60F_4
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