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  1. Roooo

    MCV disappearing bug

    My only guess would be that the map is moded or edited, so that the mcvs would disappear as soon as the mcvs is undeployed or existed on the map. Or it's could be just a glitch x)
  2. Just name your map file ALL01t.map then put it in the ra2 folder and then open ra2 then go to the campaigns and start the allies first mission. and you will start with your map.
  3. That's a Single player map, not a multiplayer mission map. and you can't play single player maps on skirmish.
  4. Roooo

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    So. Lets say that your playing a 4v4 tanks map(Rhino's and Grizzly only) or just a normal map i guess, where 2 players get 2 allied War Factories while the other 2 team mates get 2 soviet War Factories and the same with the enemy. Both of you are fighting with tanks. Here's the question. ---> Would you put the Rhino tanks in the front and make them take most of the damage because they are tankier, and let the Grizzly tanks to attack from behind because they are more in numbers since they cost less than Rhinos? or would you put the Grizzly tanks in the front because they are more in numbers and let the Rhino tanks to attack from behind because they have more damage than Grizzly tanks? Just ignore the thread if u find that the question is not important to answer 🙄😅
  5. Roooo

    Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]

    FILES REUPLOADED FINAL TIME! Map name is changed to [4] Builders vs [2-3] Destroyers [Final Version-2] A gap generator is added in the middle of the map to prevent builders from surrounding miners with walls before the timer ends.
  6. Roooo

    Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]

    FILES REUPLOADED AGAIN! This time! : Map name is changed to : [4] Builders vs [2-3] Destroyers [Final Version] To avoid confusion in knowing which map to create when having the same map more than once with the same name. If a player decides to "Observe" Before the timer ends. he will not receive an MCV!
  7. Roooo

    So many odd changes

    @Grant Yeh i'm the one who complained about the ra2 soundtracks not being in yuri's revenge. I clearly remember them being there. I used to play one of my coop maps on cncnet and in the map editor and i specifically put a trigger that makes a ra2 music starts in the game instead of any other. That was long ago too, but i do remember hearing the music trigger that i put. But now all i hear is yuri soundtracks.. They are not bad, but i liked ra2 music more.
  8. Roooo

    Hunter's Forest - Infantry based RPG

    Played this map and had a blast! Very well made map. Finally some good rpg maps! Hope to see you make other awesome maps!
  9. Roooo

    Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]

    Files reuploaded ! Found bug : Using Chrono Legionnaire on Slave miner will cause map to crash. Chrono Legionnaires Neutron Rifle can only Freeze the target without destroying it. Found bug : Soviet War miner has the same damage as the slave miner, but not anymore. FIXED.
  10. Roooo

    Defend the Fortress [MAP]

    JUST FOR FUN MAP! This is intended to be like a Moba game. It didn't workout like it, but i managed. This is a 4v4 FUN map. Where 8 players ------> (1 yuri"Base" and 3 Allies) VS (1 yuri"Base" and 3 Soviets). There will be no creep waves in this map. Map is in High Resolution Preview on CNCNET! Objective : Destroy enemy's Fortress to win. [Map will auto crash if there isn't a player/AI in position 1 and 5, So make sure there is someone in these positions!!! A Warning message will appear at the first seconds when the game starts.] GAMEPLAY INFO: All Soviets and Allies will be given all their special and non-special units! Except : Chrono Legionnaire. Each Soviet and Allied player gets 3 War Factories(just to speed up the production of units) Position 1 and 5 will not be able to make Infantry. Position 1 and 5 can only make 5 tanks. Which are : Lasher Tank, Gattling Tank, Chaos Drone, Magnetrons[Limited to 3 Magnetrons] and Master Mind[Limited to 3 MasterMinds]. Position 1 and 5 can use Psychic Reveal while others can't. Psychic Reveal recharge time is increased. Each Mayan Tower has a different Health except the third tower and the fortress tower. Each Mayan Tower has the same Damage. Added Back-Door System, which a team cannot go through the next tower without destroying the first one. Each Jungle has 3 Pill boxes and 1 Prism Tower which can rebuild in a specific amount of time. Force Shield will still be in game even if Superweapons mode is turned off. Each Player can use Force shield without losing power. Force shield recharge time is increased. Both Teams can make a spy[Limited to 1 spy] War Factories, Power Plants and Tesla Reactors cannot be spied. Only Tech Power Plant can be spied. Tech Power Plant Is immune and cannot be destroyed. C4 is removed from tanya and seals. MCVs and Miners are removed from crates and war factories. Trees are immune and cannot be destroyed. Day time switches to Night time at a specific time and vice versa. IRON CURTAIN INFO: Iron Curtain can be captured. Iron Curtain rebuild After being destroyed in a specific amount of time. Iron Curtain recharge time is 7 minutes(in game time) Iron Curtain is guarded by a heavy Tesla coil and Flak Cannons. Iron Curtain will still be active even if Superweapons mode is turned off. DOWNLOAD : dtf.ZIP
  11. Roooo

    CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours!

    [4] Builders vs [3] Destroyers FUN MAP! If by any chance this would get up vote. bvsd43.ZIP
  12. Roooo

    Builders vs Destroyers [MAP]

    I Fixed death sounds. I disabled Bio Reactor occupation thinking bug might be from it.
  13. Roooo

    CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours!

    [4] Deserted Mountain. A 2v2 normal custom map! Some people played map when i hosted it and they enjoyed it. deserted mountain.map
  14. Roooo

    Can we have new colors please

    How can u not visualize brown on the mini map?