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  1. Hi every one Are you there ! any one miss me ! Life is a game, Play smart
  2. Hello every one any one can tell me where can i download Yuri's ravage Free support CNC NET i am back! just buy new computer want to play ? Killer-GR
  3. Hello, any one tell me how to download Yuri's ravage support cnc, file
  4. For me KillerGR , the first i know him is in in server GameRanger. i have been learn more skill to play about this Yuri and Ra2 i used to vs him more game... but he always win me 85% i always lost him miss him too, i am very sorrow that saw news like this RIP
  5. i want to say miss all friends E10= EAZEMEE Hamid Boris Wind1337 [email protected] T99 T98 JC=WOW and more....👨‍👦‍👦
  6. Hello every one why play Soviet why on SW cant'build modern yard please tell link free download Yuri to me From KillerGR
  7. Hello every one any one miss me ! KillerGR come Back! to play Yuri's Revage online with you please dotn' call me noob again!
  8. KillerGR

    Record video GAme

    man i used window 10? How to record it ?
  9. KillerGR

    Record video GAme

    How can i record video game mood while i used Bandicam and Camtasiastudio can't record video, it only record Client cnc ? Please tell me how to record video game !
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