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  1. Mine is territorial imperative. I don't have a reason though.
  2. Well, i would be more than happy to mod for you guys. Also, you might want to explain what flaming infantry actually is. A lot of people will get confused. I know myself and furinkazan/dubstar and few other's got confused with that first time we played. I know it means you can't put c4's on yourself but that doesn't matter again people will get confused with that.
  3. Ahh ok. I was also thinking about somthing. You want another mod for the server?
  4. Thank you. Anyone ever in the channels?
  5. Whats the public irc channel for te renegade server?
  6. Whats the public irc channel for te renegade server?
  7. Nice I love renegade. But do you really think this was such a smart idea considering renegade is dying slowly? not a lot of people will play the server. More interested in rencorner.
  8. AMAZING FEATURES There will never be a better time to play Red Alert 2 Online... 100% Implemented Cheat Prevention 100% Implemented Custom Map Sharing 100% Implemented High Resolution Pre-game Map Previews 100% Implemented Improved Speed, and Reduced Lag 100% Implemented Tunneling Technology. No port forwarding required! 100% Implemented Multi Engineer & Non Destroyable Bridges option 100% Implemented Easy installation, Download & Play 100% Implemented Fully featured Chat lobby 95% Implemented Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Support On the main page there is absolutly no windows vista support. Why is that?
  9. I take it it is a AMD then since thats the graphics chip.
  10. How do i "update the graphics drivers" in windows 8.1?
  11. OK Guys any idear on how to fix this this isent my pc its attully my dads which runs windows 8.1 i would like to know how to fix this.
  12. EM Yeah don't call people an idiot if you can't spell it.
  13. Can you even run RA2 and YR with a mac operating system?
  14. With the "game config file" if you mean the "RA2.ini and RA2MD.ini i goto create thos emyself and for windows 10 that won't be the best idear DAMN IT! I hate windows 10 with a pasion.
  15. It's more or less just it stop working as soon as i double click the icon and click YR i use origin like i can run it through CNCNET its just the original game doesent load. Also how do i change the resolution i think any windows 10 user would experience this. The problem is that when i click the resolution botton i only have one box but it is black the drop down box is also blank is there away to fix this and play in my desktop resoulution 1920 x 1080 or do i have to just stick with 1020 x 720? or whatever it is.
  16. look windows 10 doesent the "freaking" game as i have already said why just ask bloody westwood if you can add this i will never be able to continue my RA2 and YR LP without this but if you can't i will never understand DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!
  17. I would love the campaign here can you get this in the game yes or no?
  18. If you are useing CNCNET and loading the game from in a game Load save is the only way. However if you have accsess to the original game you can load them up through that thy are th onyl ways i know and i dont see any other possible way thats another thing CNCNET creaters ADD this.
  19. YO Guys i use windows 10 thats why i am asking it am struggaling to record the missions useing he game
  20. I should mention that you can play single player in it aswell it isent only multiplayer plus these come with a few new maps.
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