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    Black screen when loading

    Did both of those and still the same problem. And just tried xwis/ra2 and it still works fine. Pretty sure something was changed to cncnet that's causing this since I don't have issues with anything else on this computer. Starting to get tired of trying to fix this shit tho. Might have to take a break from this game

    Black screen when loading

    Looked at that and it was set on Windows XP even tho I have windows 7. So I changed it to windows 7 and it worked for part of the day and now it's happening again regardless of the renderer. Some renderers get a black screen right when loading, some freeze when I go to menu screen, others get it after I quit the game.


    Grant? Any idea why I'm still getting that message after an update?

    Black screen when loading

    Never had this problem on xwis And I have no idea what "windows XP/98 Compatibility on the spawner" means


    That worked EDIT: It gave me and update but when I join a game it still says I have different files?

    Black screen when loading

    I've had the same problem with most renderers. Even if when I switch it starts to work for a while, it eventually happens again. It either gets a black screen and freezes when going to load the game, or right after the game finishes. I use a smaller reso for the game than I do for desktop, but I've always done. I just tried changing game reso to match my desktop and I still encountered the same issue. If switching renderers sometimes provides a temporary fix, then I guess that's somehow related to the problem? But I don't get why it wasn't an issue for 2 years or so and now it's a huge headache.


    Says my YR is up to date but it's not. Don't have any new maps etc. Why doesn't it offer me the update?

    Black screen when loading

    Changing the renderer helped for a while....now it's doing it again. So I try to change it to diff renderers again and it still does it. Did some update cause this or? Never had this problem until a few weeks ago

    Black screen when loading

    I saw you post this in any topic that says "freezing" but the render is not the issue. When I had a render issue it would freeze in game when I went to menu tab, but I switched to default render and that's fine now. This is a black screen right when the game tries to load and then it freezes. No1 has had this specific problem?

    Black screen when loading

    Sometimes I get black screen when the game starts to load, and then it freezes my computer. Most of the time I can't even go to task manager to close the game and have to restart computer. Never had this issue until the past couple of weeks. I got Win 7. Any other ppl had this problem?

    The "Who is...." topic.

    You're not sure why players flame or bail you when you only play yuri? Think you answered your own question. If you want to pick yuri then deal with the trash talk and laming


    Why did you remove the noise a PM makes? Now I don't ever hear when someone messages me. Fix that shit Thx, Matt


    Hopefully it's not legit. But if it is, sad news.

    Who is the best player ever?

    No best ever cuz it depends on the settings and if you include 2v2 in the equation. Moon3 won with their maps, SW always on, and alt/engi allowed. Totally diff than what xwis players were used to. Never saw how he would do with other settings/rules. Tomi might have a lot of ranks but he also has bailed a lot. Can argue there's a difference between being good at getting a lot of points and being able to actually slap everyone. He also sucked with allies and at 2v2. To get Tomi to 2v2 me when he was in Sexy I had to d/c my nick in Lobby so it would freeze, log on another nick and have my m8 tell him that he got a new m8. Then we won 5-0. Plenty of other situations like that w/ Tomi as well. That's the best ever? I don't think Marko is the best at any one thing but he's good at everything. I personally found Latof harder 1v1 and 2v2. Marko prob has the edge If SW is on and if there is a larger map pool. Would go with Latof for sure if SW is off or if there's a lot of maps like heck/caverns where you can split a lot and still easily defend. None of this is debatable so get off youtube thinking you guys know what's up. TOPIC CLOSED

    The "Who is...." topic.

    Who is: 1) Shogun: big time lamer noob. Would like to go out of my way to slap this kid around. thx 2) r(hello): ez win that don't respect the superior player. Would like to go out of my way to slap this kid around. thx