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    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    What evidence do you require for someone to get proven for pushing then?

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    So you're saying nobody got banned for pushing on xwis? How can someone push without it being any MORE obvious? lols Do they need to take 40 free wins instead of 29? Basically you're saying any1 can push and it can't be proven without an admission. So your ladder is worthless

    New Twitch Livestream page live

    What up Mr. Gu Lang

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    -Knowing who you are up against would help with laming. You will learn who the lamers are and then can prepare for it better if you see you're matching them again. There's no reason not to know who you're up against when you have already randomly matched them -Last month I would also keep having losses after 3sec just because the other person didn't load or something. Should fix that shit too... -Doing something about pushing might also be important. Otherwise you get garbage ass noobs getting rank 1 and the ladder become completely meaningless -Still waiting for a clan ladder

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Saturday afternoon? Will have someone stream me humiliate you =] Non Yuri, each of us takes turns picking maps?

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    DC'd after I lost? LOL. The only game you actually played vs me you were Yuri and still lost. The only other time we matched it showed you not load and then the game error'd and it gave you pts. Hilarious that you try to tell people I DC'd after I lost. The game was 3sec long. You also logged off once you saw you were matching me. Took the free pts and ran. I mean I could say we could both put up money, and winner takes all....but people like you will always have an excuse to avoid playing people you know are better than you. You're terrified of getting exposed but everyone already knows you're a very average player. Except most average players don't lame/bail/push. Not to mention claiming they're the best ever lol....

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Nothing worse than an average player who cheats/lames/bails but still tries to convince every1 he's good

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    On xwis this would have been obvious enough to be removed from HOF etc. It's up to cncnet to decide if they want their ranking system to mean anything or not

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    You keep ignoring all the other suspicious shit. How you beat a decent/good yuri player 29-0 (who walled his mcv each game I matched him) with allies. much of the time in 2min while he has beat other players better than you. How he beat you on one of your other nicks with 1 miner, 0 tanks? There's so much here that points to pushing and I probably only spent 2-3min looking at your games. That's not coincidence. Why not see you play someone's Yuri on stream with allies? I mean I think we would expect you to beat them most games in a few minutes?

    YR QM November

    😭 LOL

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    You beat a decent Yuri player 29-0, many of them in like 2min with allies? When I played Zen he walled his mcv every game. You're saying you managed to engi rush him or seal him most of those games? All of which are very easy to stop with yuri? AND it just happens that you lost to this guy 12 times on your other nicks? Because you were "drunk"? Lol And tons of the individual games between you two look very suspicious also. One game he beat you while only making like 1 miner, 0 tanks? I don't think you're fooling anyone. You tried to prove you're not a 1-trick pony with OP Yuri. You then noob bashed, lamed everyone, and pushed. Pathetic. My yuri is horrible. Beat my yuri even 5-0 on stream? Or vs Any1 else? Should be easy after 29-0 vs that guy. Should only take you 10-15min with your awesome rushes

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    I played that guy's yuri and he is decent with it. He wouldn't beat that guy 29-0. And you don't just beat a yuri player with rushes over and over lmao. I should also add, that the only time I matched Andy on his main nick this month, it showed him not load, then I got some error at start of game that resulted in me just losing pts in 3sec. Don't think he caused it since it happened to me vs other people also, but then I tried to match him again and he was gone. Then I started matching Zen right after lols

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    No idea if they're both his nicks or not, but if "Zen" isn't also him then that just means he's getting free wins from some nerdy friend of his. Lots of other issues too. Tons of laming. And now there are lots of errors at start that result in you losing pts in 3sec. Or opponent doesn't load and somehow you lose pts. Think zigzag woulda been the one to deal with this stuff. Not sure any1 else has taken his place

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Zain pointed this out to me and it's super obvious. Andy loses to "Zen" every time when he uses his i7j nick, but somehow beats him every single game very quickly with his main nick. Many of them are like 2 minutes. Really did not think people still cared this much but.....

    How to make a Clan Ladder

    Better than nothin