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  1. I get this error when reinstalling I get

    Cant download yr

    After I did the latest update it said it failed to override the existing file or something, and now when I open the client up I get this popup. Someone fucked something up obviously.
  3. Yeah, great idea. Except I was pushing for this on YR years ago and it got nowhere. GL =]
  4. I think losers should pick maps but not spots. That will keep people from picking unfair maps and then picking the better spots. Not a big deal really but would be less boring that way And we can just whoop every1 tomorrow and wrap this shit up in a day 😁
  5. I think the admins have made it clear in previous topics that their current staff can't/wont be taking any of this on in the near future
  6. It'd be nice if you can set QM up where any time you match Yuri, you are also Yuri. But vs other ppl you're allies/sov
  7. WTF? I responded and uploaded that file and now my response has been removed? LOL So which admin removed my response and why? qm-log.txt
  8. Does the chinese server have a clan ladder? Maybe you guys should post instructions on how non-chinese players can get on there
  9. Just had a few games with this same guy....now 2 games in a row it shows him d/c at the beginning of the game and then this error pops up. Is no1 doing anything about this? I mean 1 month we have a super obvious push from Andy and no1 did anything, now there are errors and bugs all over the place and no1 is doing anything? Even in custom games there are a shit ton of errors and I haven't seen an admin comment about them one time?
  10. Huh? I was going to post link to the games but it looks like someone removed them. Maybe Edd since I messaged him about it. No. Does that fix it?
  11. Tried to qm again today....and ofc it still gets errors. One guy would not load over and over when I match him, and it keeps giving him pts. We tried hosting a game and we loaded fine. I've made posts about this before and got no response. Anyone doing anything about this....? Cuz I wont be qming while this continues. FYI The first couple months I qm'd I had no issues. And this seems to happen with lots of people, not just me.
  12. Are there lots of chinese teams? Max and I might be up for it
  13. Still no response? I mean you guys have it set up so my posts have to be approved by admins who never come on here apparently so it takes forever for my posts to show, then weeks later there is no reply anyways lols. This is worse than s-t. Like 50% of the time or more when I QM it shows my opponent not load and then one of us loses points. I connect fine in lobby games so obviously something is wrong with QM
  14. So we have to go to QQ for this? Last time it was hard getting it to work for me and then when it did work, after a week or two it stopped working.
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