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  1. The "Who is...." topic.

    Who is: 1) Shogun: big time lamer noob. Would like to go out of my way to slap this kid around. thx 2) r(hello): ez win that don't respect the superior player. Would like to go out of my way to slap this kid around. thx
  2. 1v1 Tournament. Are you interested?

    Can't we all just agree none of this matters cuz max and I was just gonna whoop everyone? And Win4 took a lot of time to stream for people. Lot of ppl couldn't get on at same time, etc. Win4 tried. Other ppl tried. Shit happens - move on. This was months ago And I don't think a 1v1 tourny is in demand because there is a QM ladder. Even tho I think tournies are better because ppl are less likely to lame when being streamed, and you don't get advantage for noob bashing and playing 200 games. But it is what is. I support clan ladder...
  3. I said what I had to say. Don't need to repeat myself in multiple topics
  4. IDC if it's anonymous but there are too many maps with oils in = distance from each others base which will always result in one person having a big disadvantage from start. I don't see how that adds anything to gameplay. Unless there is someone that enjoys dog vs dog? Also don't get why so many Yuri maps need so many oils. Eco is already super easy on this game
  5. I think it would decrease the amount of laming. Not having a ton of maps with a ton of oils would also do that tho
  6. QM issues

    I don't want to bother looking through the games but it happened in 2 or 3 so far. Just pointing out the issue...don't really care about getting pts back
  7. QM issues

    I've had a few cases where I pick a country for qm and then at start of game I'm a different country. Also a few times now someone has d/c or not loaded and then they have gotten pts and I've lost pts. Sup?
  8. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Current states? You have never been good at either game lol. You were known for laming people. You apparently still lame people. You have always and will always be a scrub. But you're the one that said you look forward to kicking my ass? So why not make it a series?
  9. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    How about you do a 1v1 series vs me while someone streams? Easy 5-0. And all the noobs crying about activity and then right when there is a QM they are laming every single game lols. Fkin idiots
  10. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Funny. You're talking about ladder activity when your still an engi rushing noob lols. Hope I match you a lot in the future so I can make you realize what a scrub you are
  11. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Except you want to do SW off on very campy maps to accommodate your low skill level lols. Do supers off on maps like heck etc and it's fine.
  12. Pro Plays Pro: Iraq vs Yuri

    I'll never understand why people wanna watch videos of a scared lil noob
  13. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    This tournament is a wrap. Clan -1- is the winner. If you want to challenge us for our world championship title on YR or ra2, you can post a topic asking us to set up a time to whoop you. Only serious challengers who can win at least 1 game will be considered. Thanks, Matt
  14. Lets talk about noobs

    Actually he played in like 2003/2004 but had just come back after being gone like 10 years so appeared to be "new"
  15. As allie how much miners do u need?

    I prob teched faster on ra2 than you do on YR... vs better players without a BF or a shield. You type a lot of stupid shit Why wouldn't a sov player get a fast IC on YR? Are you playing noobs or something? And if it's 2v2, your opponent can just go slap your ally while you camp in your base. YR players are 1 trick ponies on easy mode and that's why you all get slapped by ra2 players