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  1. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Appreciate the love from this allied OG
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Allies are easier on YR than on ra2 by far. Para is much stronger, and BF can fk a whole army up and basically eliminate desos, which is huge if you have a bunch of mirage/prism tanks. I'm guessing that's why SW have always been on for YR, and why they are usually off on ra2. And most people just 3v3 anyways, which makes controlling the map/splitting a non-issue in most cases because the map is already full, and you have 2 people to help you vs a rush. If SW is off in those cases then allies have a huge advantage. And there is no reason you shouldn't be able to play both sov + allies. If the map seems to favor sov, then either go sov or don't cry. If the map seems to favor allies, then go allies or don't cry.
  3. MX mod maps

    When your m8 doubles me, and chandler comes to cover his own guy, you call that saving me? Never once did I need help with you, since you're ez pz. And I even asked you if you want Chandler as your m8, since you kept blaming Marsh and Kireek? Or whoever the other person was that you played with. I should remind you when you teamed with Buffalo vs me and Westnz, and Buffalo kept saying you are too weak lols. It doesn't matter who your team m8 is. YOU ARE TRASH
  4. General talk (RA2/YR related)

    It's called the superstar effect. My skill level is hard to replace. You have no skills so no1 fkin cares about you. BYE Kindest Regards, Matt
  5. MX mod maps

    Your struggles with the English language continue. I specifically said it consisted of the 1v1 AND 2v2 games, which were back to back. 3-1 1v1, 3-0 or 4-0 2v2. That's 6-1 or 7-1, just like I said. Your single win came from moving to mid on heck. Didn't you struggle to remember the wins/losses when you played Buffalo as well? Lmao. So, do you still think YOU are always factual? Or are you still the same fuck-up that can't do a god damn thing correctly? Learn to read and fucking count, plz. Nothing worse than a hypocrite. You run your mouth on the daily lols, and here you are crying about me. Any time you try to tattle, some admin should check your chat logs and see all the garbage you type, and then tell you to shut the hell up. Bum. Andrewford: Random noob wanting some spotlight by posting 1 silly win vs me. Prob his biggest and only accomplishment...ever. Martin: No1 can take you seriously. You're a male secretary. That means the only thing your employer thinks you can do right is answer the phone and get coffee. And you suck at this game just like ^these other losers. Kindest Regards, Matt
  6. MX mod maps

    There is nothing sophisticated or special about you. You spend all of your free time modding a game you suck at and talking on discord to a group of misfits. Notice how your whole posse of nerds consists of the biggest pussies on this game? And the one time you were feeling brave and finally did 1v1s and 2v2s against me, you lost 6-1? 7-1? In front of all your internet friends. You are a disgrace
  7. MX mod maps

    Discord is for pussies who ain't got no friends IRL lol ! Ignore that shit. After a bunch of those losers asked me to join their lil chat group over and over and I repeatedly laughed at their worthlessness, they now don't like me either ....And because I own them
  8. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

  9. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Oddly enough, while you hosted the other day, you put kireek and ic0 on a team vs me and quix....first game on Offense/Defense. A very campy map, and you put SW off. We won. Next map you put some map that's even campier (dunno the name). But basically we had to attack again, through some very small entrance where they just put mirage and BF on a cliff and sat there all game. We still won. But then the next game I asked if you can turn SW on, or preferably put a map like heck that's not campy, and you refused to do either one, and kireek and ic0 were crying about me asking to have those settings changed as well. I recall you telling me to leave if I was done doing your maps/settings lols. So who is being forced to swallow who's playstyle? =]
  10. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    There's a huge difference camping on Heck/Jungle and some of the horrible maps people play. You can camp on any map. But if you need a map where you can ONLY camp, then you're just trash. I don't know the names of the YR maps. An ra2 map that is similar to some YR maps is MayDay. Maps like that are ok sometimes, since the gameplay is different. But it eliminates much of the multi tasking and early pressure etc. It's simplified. I mean you can play noobs on Mayday and have a good game because you don't have to be great to camp at a bridge and make navy.
  11. Any Proz on Cncnet? (Sep 2017)

    You want some of this ?
  12. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    There are still topics like this..? At start of game, allies is very weak. Allies usually has to rely on hit/run and using distractions with para and air units to be effective. this shit costs money that you don't have at the beginning of the game. Rhinos can target pills while being out of range from griz. Allies basically has to cause sov to make mistakes to survive a good rush. On yr, allies have a free rush stopper called a guardian, tho. Ra2 = hard mode. If you get to tech, which is allies main strength, you are very vulnerable for a short time, because sov will usually have 1 or 2 more wars than you prior to you getting mirage or prisms out. Very hard to cover splits or any kind of attack at that time. If you survive that, and are able to build up, now you have to worry about expanding your base for more ore because it still takes only 1 deso bomb to kill all your shit. It's much easier for sov to expand their base. If you survive that as well, now better hope SW is off cuz IC usually makes games vs allies a free win. Oh, and sov can make multiple mistakes and still recover, while allies can potentially lose from one mistake. That being said, if you're boss as allies, you will overcome all that (vs most people). But if you're playing on YR, many people play retarded campfest maps where you really only need to sit there while your opponent has 1-2 tiny entrances they can attack from, in which case. the skill level involved is so diminished none of what I said even matters really.

    #Mustache shut the hell up you BUM

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  15. Yuir`s Revenge wonderful moment[Yes vs 3M]

    Hehe I was telling everyone to make flaks and camp for like 3min before this using backspace so it was frustrating to lose that way =]