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  1. Well don't bother Playing EVB ever again please and thanks. jk Welcome back you dirty Onion!
  2. We're not even talking smack. we're Discussing Game re-balancing. You came in here yelling Blasphemy. Note this>>>> "We will accept a challenge from you when we feel like it but sorry we prioritize playing with "friends". This is not the place for it or your trash talking! You could of easily I mean so EASILY started an entirely separate thread to indulge in your desires to trash talk to us. You could of made the Thread "KRAZY and Mustache Bailled"! For all I care and we could talk there. But no, what do you do? "Like a big Frigging Child" you came here where we are trying to have a civilized discussion about re-balances on mx maps and you persistently TRASH talk. Like grow up a bit man? Are we asking the world from you? is it too much to ask? We'll play you this weekend if I don't have to work but enough talk on here unless you have something to say about MX Maps. PLEASE respect the rules of the forums. Stay on topic. You aren't respecting our forum thread by harassing us.
  3. Stay on topic stop being a child 24/7 Matt. It's getting old quick. I get it, the internet prominent for not being taken seriously but you literally came here just to trash. If you have nothing to discuss about the "Forum topic" please mind your attention elsewhere unless you have something truly to discuss. This isn't a place for minds of 12 year olds! I think the changes are good, and on the grizzle tank note. You can buy tier 3 units to fight Apocalypse tanks. Even with Germany. Germany alone you can put up a good fight too with Rockies. at much cheaper price with a better tank overall. I don't quiet know the changes that were made to the TDessy on mx but I know they can shoot on the move facing the right direction. And P.S we didn't refuse a challenge. YOU left and joined another game. When I smashed the lobby chat to get you to join our game and you Ignored us. Stop being such a kid and taking this out of proportion on this forum, your digging a crater here Matt.
  4. Okay so just to bring up something on the topic. Have any of you ever played any other RTS like Starcraft2? you'll notice how many Re-balances they have done. I think a re-balance is good for yuris. so many factions out-power others "Before skill" of course. Yuri is the most un-balanced I wouldn't say its beyond REPAIR lmao anything can be re-balanced. In the end it makes the game more fun. remember these maps are Options. They are not pushed on you. Join mx lobbies if your interested.
  5. I forgot to reply to this a long time ago. Running the program as Administrator had fixed this issue.
  6. KrazySenpai


    Korc is just Like that. He is trolling and yes He is a kid btw. Hes not of age yet.
  7. Add my channel! https://www.twitch.tv/krazymarc
  8. I'd like to be added please I play almost everyday.
  9. When I started the Client it did update. However, when it tried to start up the new client I received this error. My OS is windows 7 ultimate My game is installed Via Origin
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