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  1. Oh thank you so much! :3 and.. Is that you Holland from PPM forums?
  2. I never wanted to bump this topic, sorry, but I have a question related to cheating, I made a heavily modified custom map for TS, I played offline in the official CnCNet client of TS, but I didn't try it online with someone else yet, will I get banned for playing on a modified map? My custom map changes include: -Low cost for faction-specific structures and units. -Infinite ammo for all units with rechargeable ammo. -Added campaign only units for specific faction. I'm not using cheats like custom rules.ini in the main folder nor using any trainer, I don't tolerate cheating at all, however, I wanted to make something new, like a mode where one player "cheats" and others (6 players) try to defeat player #1 (who's dominating), I'm asking this because I can't guarantee the consequence, I don't want to risk myself.
  3. As the title says, My IP has been listed at DroneBL, I viewed the listing, and the section "Why?" says it's because my IP address is an 'IRC Spam Drone', Nothing suspicious happened to my IP since the last year, i played Mental Omega online today and when trying to connect, it worked really fine several hours ago, but few hours later, the 'Your IP Address has been listed at DroneBL' has been present everytime i connect to CnCNet, not only that, the exact same message is on Yuri's Revenge's CnCNet client too, what should i do? should i request removal? I'm not sure if this will result in something much worse like deleting my IP or being unable to use some servers such as Valve's matchmaking servers, Any idea what to do please?
  4. - firewall allows gamemd.exe / gamemd-spawn.exe - no ip or router modifications, checked for the ipv4 and 6, nothing changed the ip - firewall allows all applications and their dll files too. - HMIPCore.dll turned out to be not affecting those applications or anything to do with online games. -So what is the problem?
  5. Anytime i launch the game online especially YR & MO, the game waits for all players to enter, but the connection bar goes to red slowly (gradual). EDIT: i think i know why i can't play, i tried to open valve's steam client week ago, and after that, i got something shocking, i had a message saying: "An incompatible version of HMIPCore.dll (related to HideMyIP / My Privacy Tools) has been detected inside of the Steam process." "We suggest updating or uninstalling this software if you experience crashes or network shutdowns while running Steam or Individual games.", Maybe this has something to do with CnCNet5 too.
  6. Missing details: Which game? If Yuri's Revenge, see below Please upload client.log [*]Are you placing your maps in \Custom\Maps folder, with a .mpr or .yrm extension? 1. No, It's Mental Omega. 2. I will upload it. Maps\Custom: All extensions are .map, with .yrm maps, the 13 maps were saved as .yrm and .map.
  7. I don't know where to post this, But i wanted to report something, my 13 maps cannot be uploaded to cncnet map database, Why do this happen?
  8. Same goes to All games supported for CNCNET 5.
  9. I have not been here for long, But i wanted to report this: In game, when hosting a peertopeer or tunneled, Or joining a game, When in game, Game waits for connection of players, no matter how many players, And no matter is the gameroom tunneled or peer to peer, This happen to me always from the beginning of yesterday for the first time. Is there something wrong with my connection between internet and the game engine?
  10. It didn't work for me.
  11. My old PC crashed before CnCNet 5 gets released since 2013, I only have a laptop until now, And i also changed my router cncnet 5 comes out.
  12. He is not trolling, there was a message pop up network error, it says there is a network ip conflict, at least 2 people are using the IP. That doesn't sound like a error on cncnet since we don't have such a error message "network ip conflict". If you play with more than 1 player on cncnet then you could have been kicked from the server when the connection limit was reached The message was "A Windows Network Error" someone is using my IP, And i think HMK was the reason.
  13. It happened to me before, my small sister uses my PC when she was 8 years old. Now she is 13.
  14. He is not trolling, there was a message pop up network error, it says there is a network ip conflict, at least 2 people are using the IP.
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