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  1. Enjoy your break! I never considered you one of the toxic one's bro. If your getting heated, try meditation to detach yourself from the result
  2. I was playing rasta today and laid down mines where the ore trucks were going. I laid them on the ore, they exploded but zero damage was done to the trucks! Is this a glitch?
  3. NDiaz

    Case's Ladder

    I remember playing on Westwood before Cases...
  4. I've worked with New Zealanders, and cunt is their word of choice. Much like the small British island of Alderney, where cunt means mate. That said, I'm not advocating the use of cunt when the majority of the world prefer alternative terms. I'm passing the time at work replying to amusing forum posts.
  5. Yo guys, I'm making a comp stomp map in red alert 1 and want the AI to automatically use engineers if needed. I've tried various triggers but no luck so far. How to either add engineers to the map as infantry or call a reinforcement team of engineers and set them so that if a building reaches less than 50% (or even is just attacked at all), they repair the building? Cheers!
  6. I suppose you could switch around every single unit?
  7. Hey thanks Nyerguds! It's a nice trip down memory lane. I found robskate so far, but shame it doesn't go back further than 1999.
  8. To Funky and admin, There's a certain player going by the name of "UNDEFEATED" who plays using the BAT clan tag. He's abusive to other players, and I get complaints from other clans. Let it be known, he is not in BAT (confirmed with our boss). Is there a way to stop this? It's hurting our peaceful reputation. Thanks!
  9. Yo guys, I've tried using archive.org to find the old westwood rankings for red alert 1, but can only find tiberian sun: http://web.archive.org/web/20001018094553/http://games2.westwood.com/tsun_ladder/ranking.html Can anyone help? I can't remember my old username, and it would be cool to see the old ladder and if anyone there is still playing... Cheers!
  10. Hey guys, UFF-Santiag beat the GMC, screenshot attached. Good job bro! NDiaz
  11. Hey guys, This is a shout out to all who helped me get the medal. The community is full of friendly helpful players, and literally every player I asked had the time to spectate my challenge and give advice. First and foremost to Oldrog for his patience with my many fails! Also Conquer who luckily watched me pass a lot sooner, but also had a lot of patience. And Hvrats for giving me lots of practice with a spectator. It's surprisingly more difficult with someone watching! Thanks also to the following players for advice and spectating: Claus Whip Fury Kronic Beast Bravo And finally, thanks to all those who have uploaded GMC videos to youtube! Cheers NDiaz
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