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  1. Yeh there's lots of clans in RA, some of which aren't on the website. You don't need XWIS style clan organisation to make a clan official. It's just a group of players, sharing ideas, training each other and battling other clans.
  2. Thanks for your message Funky, I'll give it a go.
  3. Hey Funky and friends, how you doing? I've got a computer issue, if there's too much action in game e.g. too many units, the game lags (not in a jumpy way like connection lag, but a slow and smooth decrease in game speed). Do you know what I should be fixing? I have an intel core i3, 4gb ram, dell laptop standard graphics card. Is my computer just to slow :O Cheers Diaz
  4. snake passed the GMC with me and VoLKoV, please give him a medal
  5. VoLKov passed the GMC with me and Fluffy, please give him a medal
  6. Here's a link to my tank test for Germany, Spain, England and France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BFbMSPfyYI I think it's clear to see that the countries are not the same. For example, France is firing at a different rate and England has the weakest tank. I've reproduced this a few times with the same results. Germany always wins.
  7. NDiaz

    Case's Ladder

    New Cases ladder started here: http://www.myleague.com/redalert1/free-signup
  8. NDiaz


    It's here! http://www.myleague.com/redalert1/free-signup
  9. Ok guys, I tried your suggestions but save still doesn't work. - The file doesn't have zero bytes after saving - The game isn't installed in program files - With admin permissions makes no difference It's not a big deal for me, I just use save as. But happy to help fix the bug...
  10. Oh right cheers Allen! I'll give it try...
  11. Windows 10 (got forced into it! :ranting:)
  12. Thanks for the info Funky. So if all allied countries are the same in CNCNET, it must be that some maps have been altered. In my test, France visibly fired faster, but did less damage (using gold rush).
  13. I've always had a problem saving in RAED. The save function never works, only the save as. So I have to rename the file and use save as each time I want to save.
  14. Interesting stuff thanks! In that tank comparison table, France has the strongest tanks, so why does everyone prefer Germany? So I ran an AI test pitting England, France and Spain against Germany with 1 stationary medium tank each. Here's the results for damage done: 1. Germany 2. Spain 3. England 4. France So in first place is Germany! The German tank killed all of the others without dying. It's also arguable that Spain are the strongest, because when their tank was destroyed a man appeared and destroyed the German tank! This however seems to be random, because in multiple tests a man didn't always appear for Spain, and sometimes for England but never for Germany. I couldn't see a value to control this randomness in the .ini file, just either crewed or not. So in conclusion, it seems that the cncnet version has changed the tank values a bit, making Germany marginally the strongest for damage output. And as for damage output for each tank, the heavy tank comes out on top, followed by light then medium. But in a tank fight it's still unclear because there are a lot of variables to account for. Assuming an equal number of tanks (ignoring any build speed/economy advantage), when you factor in speed + splash damage + range + rate of fire + damage done per shot + durability, which tank is stronger? Is it even testable?
  15. I understand the problems with people avoiding matches etc, it was always a problem in the past. Administration of it could also be time consuming. But I know a lot of people would love to see it created! So share your ideas guys, keeping in mind minimal admin and a fair system. Here's some for starters: -How about a league as used in football/soccer? Instead of it being once a year like football, perhaps monthly to keep it fresh with new signups? -I saw cases ladder was attempted again, but only 6 or so people signed up. If it was advertised more in the lobby, perhaps more would join; I only stumbled upon it by chance. Who organised this? -Regular tournaments, with rankings based on performance. Entry fees could be used to make a prize kitty, with the tournament organiser taking a cut for his time and effort. -Was it in Cases ladder there were "bux" to spend on tournies? -How about similar style games with ladders, how do they get around the problems? -If it's a lot of extra work to implement the forced fixtures idea, could any of this be outsourced cheaply on a platform like upwork.com? What kind of work is involved? I think any of the above (and especially if money/tokens are involved) would attract and retain new players. That's all that comes to mind right now, but between us all surely we can find a solution?
  16. For a man of your knowledge about the game, Nyerguds, I can see how it would be a simple thing to pick up from the manual. But it's been donkeys years since I read it and so genuinely thought it was a glitch!
  17. Yo guys, I did some .ini file research on tanks, but the numbers don't clearly show which tank does the most damage over time. Is it a simple maths calculation, or does the rate of fire follow a non-linear scale? ; light tank Damage=25 ROF=40 Range=4 ; medium tank Damage=30 ROF=50 Range=4.75 ; heavy tank Damage=30 (x2) ROF=70 Range=4.75
  18. Well I don't know if anyone had a word with him, but he's changed his name thanks. But recently 2 more have attempted to be fake BAT's, it's as though this thread has made things worse! lol
  19. NDiaz


    Bump Something like the chess sytem? Or even regular tournaments for rankings would be cool...
  20. oh cool I forgot about that! Thanks for the info
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