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  1. Well nevermind guys, i just trolling Ezer 2000. He is my old friend. i play with out any problems on CnC 😀 Здорово братишка, как ты там , как Челябинск, как Россия-матушка? 😂
  2. Hello everybody! I still can't play online. I'm already tired of playing against the computer and in the campaign. I do not know what to do. I cleaned my C drive, did defragmentation, I even downloaded CCleaner and cleaned up the registry. But nothing helps. these are the characteristics of my computer: Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Intel Pentium 1.9 GHz RAM 4GB DDR3 HDD 320 nVidia GeForce 920M Does anyone have any idea what to do?
  3. I agreed, This game have alot dumb units. Red Alert 2 better in this
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a Turk. And I am studying in the USA from my friends and Ireland. I send all the rays of goodness!
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