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Tiberian Son

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  1. Tiberian Son

    Is this game freeware?

    Admin, can we make these link to the following in Community? http://dune2k.com/Duniverse/ https://www.dunenovels.com/ https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Dune_2000_(video_game) https://forum.dune2k.com/forum/11-dune-2000/ It links in CnC Communications Center https://cnc-comm.com/dune-2000, Yet no downloads, it would just seem easier in one place. Just trying to get a Dune 2020 into The Remaster.
  2. Tiberian Son

    Is this game freeware?

    Only 1 person could say something Brian Herbert. Will he, no he is still writing, we are waiting.
  3. Tiberian Son

    Why do people still play TD when there's DTA?

    I blame Frank Klepacki, his music made me play. But really I play, because I liked the game, that is why I have so many different copies, to just do it up. Original, Patched, Newer Patched , And Even Newer Patched, Modded, Playstation, PC Desktop, Laptop, Emu`s, Canceled Games, etc... all Command & Conquer. I came on this sight because I want more Games. And maybe get rid of some?
  4. Tiberian Son

    Pewter Command & Conquer

    I would like to start production, but uncertain of real world Command & Conquer. Need more thoughts on this topic. Pewter Figures Priced From The Manual Would you buy it if I make it? All based on the Original Figures, created, designed & made by me and my friends. I have three pages of Pewter Ideas: Soldiers & Units - Minigun Infantry $100 1 Soldier, 1 M-16, 1 GAU-3 "Eliminator" 5.56 Chaingun, 1 Ammo Can 5.56 Full Metal Jacket Stealth Tank $900 1 Chassis, 1 Mount & 1 Turret Mammoth Tank $1500 1 Chassis, 1 Turret & 2 Barrels Buildings - Advanced Communications Center/Ion Cannon $2800 1 Center, 1 Antenna Tower, 1 Mount, 1 Radar Dish, 1 Uplink Center & 1 Ion Control Ion Cannon $ ? Obelisk Of Light Temple Of Nod $3000 1 Temple & 1 Nuke Extras - Tiberian Patch Green Tiberian Patch Blue Crate Ion Cannon Module, Wire Hanger & 3 Solar Panels Space Station Module For Ion Cannon Module, Ion Cannon Connector & Wire Hanger Prototype X-O Suit General Sheppard, Kane, Seth, Greg Burdette etc... "We have waited years for this moment. The banks will flow with the green of those who oppose us. " Tiberian Son, suspected leader of the Command & Conquer Pewter Army - Global Net Interpol File # GEN11:18
  5. Do not change anything or your mission will be a failure. A Remake of Command & Conquer - is not Red Alert, Generals, Renegade. It is Dune (Shai-Hulud) and Command & Conquer. This game is old free ware, yes but still very profitable. The Past: Original, Windows & Foreign Editions etc... Collectors Edition, Gold Bundle Assault Pack, Pewter Figures, Posters etc... The Future: Command & Conquer 25th Anniversary = Dune 2020, Command & Conquer Remastered (Big Box, 4 DVD , Pewter Figure & Poster etc...) With Command & Conquer 5 Demo? Red Alert Promotion etc... "And all of you future generals and dictators who waited so patiently while we finished this game! " Right out of the manual. I have already spent thousands of dollars on this game series, and now do not play online (do to wrenching on things or making things). He who conquers the past controls the future, and that is why I am building my Army of GDI & NOD Pewter Figures, Vehicles and Structures. Tiberian Son P.S. Will post some pictures of me, and one will be me dressed as the GDI Soldier just like on the cover after I go to the Veterans Day Parade.