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  1. I just wanted to see if anyone out there is like me. I love the aspect of base building in all the command and conquers. I also try to build a base, with defenses that is pleasing to the eye, and very hard to get into. Anyone else like doing this? I get the whole attacking and defending thing, but i just feel there is an art to base design. For example I love using the walls to actually contain my base instead of walking. My problem is i get to fixated on the order of the base i forget to add extra defenses. Case and point when i put alot of power plants together and forget the air defense hahaha. That is an easy way to take out my parameter fast haha. Just wanted to see how others enjoy the building experience. Seems like everyone is just offensive now.
  2. I like the idea of having a similar side bar as the newer C&C games. For example, Have 4 tabs, Structures, Defenses, Vehicles(Planes), Infantry. I think that was a great system, which made C&C even more friendly to new players. Obviously want to be careful with that system since the old gameplay didnt allow that, it could cause an imbalance. The Maps would have to be larger to support that style of play. Quick tip on that, Only one building at a time in the structures and defense tabs. The Vehicles and infantry could cap at 5 or 10 for this one. No need to jump to 30 like C&C 3 did hahaha, That was kind of overkill.
  3. awww, don take the Visceroid out hahaha, That is a classic creature!!!! They are rather annoying though
  4. Honestly the game was perfect the way it was. Glitches and all is what made the game. They can remaster this all they want, but I want more continuity in the story line, and a real ending. I know they left the ending open to interpretation. I feel like the remake of this was already done in C&C 3. Either way, i am interested in what they have planned. Loved the entire series. I tend to enjoy the Tiberium saga much more as there is a deep story line that spans all 4 games. The red alert saga was great, but scattered. It was more like what if this happened instead of this.. They to me are their own standalone games. I am curious what they would do with the graphics, Like i said, this "remaster" has been done in C&C 3, All updated graphics and storyline. Either way, I hope they send picture soon so we can see what they have in mind.
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