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  1. I won't say goodbye because I believe you will be back, even if it's only in 1, 5 or 10 years. I understand your departure because sometimes we need a break from things, change the routine or life simply gets too busy. We all know how it is. I know you had your divergences with this community but believe in me when I say, you will be missed, not only for the person you are but also in terms of competitiveness. TS looses. We go way back and we had so many games, GG's, we seen TS change and we "grew up" together, it's safe to say that you will always have a special place in my memory Anyway I just wanted to leave you a few words, and tell you what a pleasure was to know/play with you all these years, you're not an easy guy to deal with but I think we got along pretty well I learned a lot from you, till this day you kept teaching me and I'll always thank you for that. Don't forget that you will always have this special place to return, called, Tiberian sun. Keep strong in life, hope to see you soon mate.
  2. So building a MCV to expand isn´t good enough? It´s a different tactic/way of expanding. Why do people go for 1 ref Dizz or do 1 ref to eng rush, it´s a risk you take. Back in the day some good players had the problem that they couldn´t expand from TL in Terrace and they would make a MCV and send it to TL expansion, isnt that the same? Ok you can´t expand with silos or whatever ,adapt and change the tactic. I don´t think i´ve seen anyone playing it lately but since you want to edit everything because it´s "unfair", then edit the map HEXTREM or whatever it´s called where BR is surrounded with ice and water.
  3. Like I said in the other thread, you guys don't want to play TS, you want to play these new RTS that everything is symmetrical and equal. TS isn't that way, wasn't meant to be that way and you can see it by the maps for example. I totally agree with Steel on the previous posts. Delusional? Well some of you want to "fix it", I don't see any need in fixing it. I love how TS is, irregular maps etc etc, this game differentiates from any RTS because of those exact things. We will never meet eachother on this matter, and I don't think anyone is wrong here. I only see a few options here, either you guys keep playing the maps with the VET PATCH and we play the original like it is now or if for some reason this VET PATCH goes permenant just give us an option where we can still play the game on original mode.
  4. Everyone's opinion matters. I'm not saying you can't have your changes implemented, to a certain extent of corse. They saw that maybe was a mistake and they are trying to fix it. This is just an ideia but instead of trying to fix tournament games why not bring back clanners? Maybe you're right , but that's a choice everyone has to make, maybe 50% of all the people who plays GDI just likes the faction more than NOD It's not 100% guarantee that with the update people will start playing NOD, but now I have to ask you this, imagine that the update is implemented and everyone starts playing NOD, will you guys buff GDI too? Here you go again lol😂🤦‍♂️
  5. I don't see why my argument isn't valid, care to explain please. Jesus mate but I'm not complaining that the changes should be in a way or another, do all the changes you want, just make possible to the ones that want it original to play it that way, I also play a ton of mods and like Steel said before it's a lot of fun,just don't want the changes permanent. That's exactly how we feel about you guys, except we prefer the original 😊 Corps made a big fuzz about it because in his opinion something wasn't right like everyone here has the right to do it too. The mods in my opinion did the right thing (right or wrong doesn't matter) gave him what he wanted, and we witnessed how it ended.
  6. Sorry guys but I have to laugh😂 This thread just proves exactly what we were saying, minor changes etc etc, now you guys want to edit the maps too, because you have to make MCV's and it's unfair. In a few years, You will end up changing the hole game and I can bet anything on that, there will be no stop to this.
  7. Didn´t he implement that rule beacause Corps and others made a topic about it? If so he HEARD a part of the community , just to see how it would work, in this part i don´t tottally agree with Corps (sorry mate )because i never cared if someone was namehiding, i just wanted to play 😄. As for the "ALT" and " V" i never "cried" about it either, people just made a "verbal contract" to not do it, i also remember a stupid rule(in my opinion) between the "pros" back then that you couldn´t trade MCV´s, because it was noob…🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Mate, in my opinion, you are confusing bugs with changing units abillities. I have to be honest here , no i didn´t but that´s not the point either.A minor change or a small change it´s still a modification… So you saying that the "VET patch" it´s because only a few want/can/ manage to play NOD? I already said this in the other topic, there has always been top NOD players, the names i mentioned in the other topic could compete with any elite GDI player, GDI players that were much better than 95% of the actual GDI players and i never saw them asking to buff NOD. They simply learned how to do it, like you did. NOD is hard , you got that right but didn´t you learn it?How many losses you had all these years?Today you are the top player and your main faction is NOD, why the others can´t learn it too?People just want the things facilitated.They can´t play it (me included) , so what the hell let´s make it easier. BINGO! Finally! I agree with you on that 100% but not just in the ladder, we´ve been trying to explain that to you guys all this time. Just make na option where people can either choose to play "VET Ts" or "NON VET Ts".
  8. Ok mate , i believe theres more people playing "VET" than "NON VET" version, does that mean they like it or simply want to play and theres nothing else?because theres a difference there. It´s not only us 3, a seen a few more voting for a "NON VET", en3rgy for example. Ok, if that´s true why DKeeton (sorry if i misspelled your name ) a few minutes ago made a pool asking the number of logs per person, why all these posts and forum?Well if it´s like you saying then just change the things and don´t ask anyone about anything , just implement the rules they want. As i see it , it´s possible. What´s easier? change the game engine now and im certain that more "updates" will be made in the future after this,( because this will have no limit), and possible make an option for those who want it original or just keep Ts as is and you guys keep playing your map? As i see it ,everyone is happy, im happy that way. Corps is on till end of this month correct? Been able to get games? You and humble seem to be having alot too, so why not keep this way? In the end, will be a choice of eachother to play whatever they want.
  9. No no no,i´m sorry to disagree mate It´s not democracy when you write this: and this: or this: The " small part of the community" how you call it, has always to be heard on this matter and it´s not happening. I think you are only seeing your side here. I´m not complaining about the stars or the ranges of the sams or whatever changes may have been done, if i dont like it, i simply dont play your maps, end of story. Now all changes when im obligated to play with your rules and i think it´s in this point where we don´t meet eachother. I´ll say this and i think im speaking for Corps and Steel here, what i could understand from they´re statements, and it´s also my stand here, is that, you guys can have all the changes you want, everything, JUST don´t make others like what you like. Since you guys want those changes implemented permanently in the game, speak with the mods of the game and see if it´s possible to creat an option where you can choose between the "VET" and "NON VET" patch, that´s all.
  10. Sorry mate but that seems a little selfish and egocentrical of you. Even if it's only 1% of the community that doesn't agree with the changes, that 1% still has a voice, is this a dictatorship? Hope not... And Corps has a word in this matter like everyone else, even if he doesn't play anymore. In my country we have a saying, dunno if you guys have it too, that says:"your liberty ends where the others liberty starts". So now we just have to accept the permanent changes because you guys say it's better? As I see it, noone has the right to change the game to this extent, like I said before, change it but give the other part of the community the possibility to play the game like they know it. Don't forget , that you guys need that "small part of the community" (I don't know the numbers but I'll trust you guys on this one) . Ts community isn't stable, has ups and downs, in those 5% are players that kept the game alive (majority of them pros or good players) , if those guys leave, will be lesser competition for you guys, can you imagine playing everyday the same guys? Like a few here, I was here since 99 and seen a lot of changes, seen servers completely empty, wanting to play and having like 2 more guys(fatboyeno, damn I miss that guy, and cactuar21) to play everyday, sad times to be honest, hurts just to remember lol, and now I see you guys wanting to devide the community again. If those changes go permanent I think Ts will be over for good. What humble said its true, but to whom? Me, you, everyone? I don't think so, you guys can't talk for everyone. Just to finish my thought. Today the people that want the changes are the majority (like I said I don't know the numbers) and you guys implement those updates because you have more votes than the rest but imagine that in a near future the majority of the community want flying oblisks and subterranean disruptors? Makes sense? Will you guys that want the changes today also agree?You are doing your own changes today why not make other changes tomorrow? Because in a few years you might aswell change the name of the game, as soon as the changes start will be no stop to it.
  11. Everything stated above is valid, just don't agree when you call people stubborn or close minded, some people just like the game how it has been for the last 20 years or so, it doesn't matter if it's unbalanced or unfair. As for the updates WW would make, I guess we will never know right? Like I said in the other topic, make all the changes you guys want, just give the other 5/10/20/30% whatever,the right to choose if they want it patched or not, making some option or something . As long the changes aren't permanently it's fine for me. In my view, no one is right or wrong on this matter, some people just want a different game(updated) and others want it original.
  12. This is a sensitive matter, because the community won't be unanimous on this. Mola you're the top player nowadays, no argue about that and you obviously don't need any buffing in your game. What I see is that if you keep the game original, we will always have the same people playing like we been having all these years, if you implement these changes, with a tick box , you will devide de small community left. With a no tick box and the changes being permenantly, some players will leave, that's for sure. It will be you guys choice.
  13. Change this, change that. It seems to me , what you guys are looking for, are these new RTS games, where everyone has the same type of units, the same economy, where the maps are all symmetrical , etc etc. If I may give my 5 cents in this subject , you guys should stop all these changes to the game ,I speak in my behalf and I may say ,it ruins the fun for me. I consider myself a player that plays all types of mods and all but this is going a bit too far in my opinion. You guys created the VET maps, which I play when I have nothing else to play, and which i’m not against because I see it as a mod map, but I don’t agree if you guys implement those changes to the game permanently. I also don’t think NOD is weaker or needs any buffing .In my opinion, NOD needs more skill and patience to learn, as in my years of TS I have encountered a few guys who mastered it and could beat any GDI player around or at least give them a hard time, such as inaccurate, anac0ndaX, dach, stef, Seb, TRZ, Corps, no1irco/ (hark? I´m not sure of it) and now moiajax or [NEM] (I know there are others players worth to mention), they had the courage to try to master NOD and in my opinion they did it, they proved NOD can rivalize with GDI anytime. Tiberian Sun, will always be my favorite game because of all these things, NOD being the “underdog” ,the different tech tree, the maps not being symmetrical , some spots being harder than others, so what if it is harder to expand from a spot than the other, just adapt and don’t make the things easier by editing it...so what if the CC misses shots against Titans, maybe CC isn’t meant to defend against Titans…like I said adapt, the players i mentioned above would/can work this around and win, the various tactics such as harvester bombs etc…If you guys want to make any more changes , make as a VET map not permanently please. I don’t think TS was ever meant to be even, just different from any game that we know and I’m sure that’s why some of us play it since 1999. Now if I may make a request to the moderators of the site and game, bring back clan games or at least a 2vs2 ladder. Ps.: I´m not against namehinding or having 9 logs either…
  14. I read the link you posted, i had no idea :o ...Much appreciated for the info , thanks! :)
  15. Great job with the videos made me laugh haha. Mate just one question, the name of the song in the Tiberium Ecstasy video ;) Thanks in advance!
  16. Considering the number of active players, each clan should have a limit of members, be affiliated for a few months and the number of nicks limited also ….
  17. Is donating Money mandatory to participate in the tourny?
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